How to Register a Complaint about Products to Micromax Online?

Wondering how to register a complaint online that actually reaches Micromax officials? There have been many instances when customers post complaints/feedbacks online on various websites however they don’t actually reach Micromax as those are not the official websites. We also often receive feedbacks/complaints on our website in spite of several reminders that this is not the official site of Micromax. Customers must be aware of the proper channel that they should use in order to contact the officials.


One of the common waysto contact Micromax is to call them however you might have noticed when you try to contact any company via phone call you need to wait/hold for sometime and we have observed that in this busy lifestyle people prefer to contact companies online via chats or with the help of emails.

You can reach out to Micromax with the help of this email address and they would get back to you with their consent.

Micromax Online Complaint Registration Guide

Now, we would be discussing how can you register a complaint to Micromax online with the help of a form provided by the officials on their site. You can register a complaint about LED TVs, Canvas Smartphones, feature phones, ACs, laptops, tablets, power bank, sound system, monitors, etc.

There is one page on Micromaxinfo website where you can register your complaint:

Register Complaint Now

The page would look like below:


Enter your name, address, mobile number, purchase date, model number and your query description. Don’t forget to add the attachments if any.

If you just want to check the status of your jobsheet then there is a separate webpage on the official site.

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NOTE: Please don’t post your complaints on our site, this is not the official website of Micromax. Follow the above guide to contact Micromax officials.

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