Download Best Music Player for Micromax and Yu Android Phones

Android has been home to a lot of users since after its launch and credit for that goes to the wide array of features and functionalities offered to us by Android OS. We are free to make use of the features to modify and theme things to our liking, such that the user always holds the power.

Music Player for Micromax Android Phone

By default, Android comes with lot of pre-loaded apps, and these are all necessary ones like Launcher App, Camera App and a lot more. Every OEM have their own different overall theme or skins for their devices like MIUI for Xiaomi and thus the apps also come to support that theme and styling.

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Thanks to Android though, we are not limited to only those default apps. With so many budding apps on the Google Play Store one can choose any among them, while some are feature loaded, others like to be minimal and in case you were looking for another Music player for your phone, today we will help you out sort some of the top music players on the market for your Micromax Smartphones, so that you can find the change you were hoping for.

List of Music Player for Micromax Android Phones

Phonograph Music Player:

Phonograph music player is one of the best looking music players out there and even the app developer thinks same. It is a Material Design themed music player, thus looks very catchy. It is easy enough to use for any person, and thus has a clean, neat interface overall.

Besides normal features like Playlists, homescreen widgets etc Phonograph offers a built-in theme engine, Last. FM support and use of Dynamic colours thus maintaining the impressive UI with which it comes.


Pi Music Player:

Pi Music Player is not a new app in the market either; it is a well designed application with some wonderful features implemented in it. The app has a rating of 4.8 on the Play Store thus making it one of the most impressive Music Player apps out there.

It has a lot of features, the one that stands out is the built-in Equalizer that Pi Music player offers. It also takes on the lines of Material Design and even provides a powerful Folder View to help you view your Music Library and maintain it easily. It is a simple ad-supported app, but the functionalities make it worth that.


Pulsar Music Player:

Pulsar Music Player is a tiny, but feature loaded Music Player and also ad-free. It is one of the minimal Players that are out there today. Also featuring Material Design, it is a candy-looking music player that has a rating of 4.6 on the Market.

Some of the main highlights include Smart Playlists, Tag Edition, Sleep timer, Last.FM support, lyrics support, Android Auto support and a lot more. All of this is bundled into a tiny yet powerful application.


Shuttle Music Player:

Shuttle Music Player is yet another simple, lightweight Music Player. It offers as it likes to say a Modern outlook of Material Design and is home to quick, smooth and fluid interface.

It also comes bundled with an Equalizer and have some outstanding features like Artwork download, theme options, Gapless playback and its an Open Source app. It comes both in Free and Paid variants, while Paid offers some little extra cherry on top features.



BlackPlayer takes pride in being an easy to use and one of the fastest music player out there and it deserves so too. With a 4.5 rating and the features offered, it is another must-try app.

BlackPlayer provides all standard features and offers other advance ones like Equalizer, Gapless Playback, changeable themes and even widget support. So, if you are looking for feature-loaded yet fast app, BlackPlayer might be the one for you.

With this, we conclude this, it is true that there are a lot of other apps out there too, that is what Android is popular for. The above-mentioned apps though are widely used and recommended, so if nothing the above should help you make your search a little bit narrower. So go ahead and try them at your ease.

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