Buy Micromax Canvas HD A116 Battery Online

One of the most frustrating thing about Micromax smartphones is the poor battery which doesn’t last long. Actually you would find most of the Android phones from different mobile companies coming with low battery capacity resulting into a poor battery backup. Most of the Micromax phones comes with 2000mAh battery capacity which is less taking the specifications into account. Even the newly launched canvas knight device comes with just 2350mAh battery. Today, We’ll let you know where you people can buy the battery of Micromax canvas HD online.

Micromax Canvas HD battery

We have been receiving loads of queries regarding the battery availability of Micromax phones. The common thing which we have been seeing in the comments is that replacement batteries are available (in stock) at the service centers but spare batteries are not available. Irritating thing observed at service centers.

So we searched a bit on the online shopping sites and found few batteries on different sites. No idea whether batteries are the original (genuine) ones but they do offer a 3 months vendor warranty.

The batteries are not the official ones, the original batteries are available at Micromax officials stores and at the service centers. If the batteries are not available there then you can think of buying the batteries mentioned below. Buy at your own risk and yes the batteries (some of them) comes with 3 months warranty.


One of the battery comes with 3000mAh battery capacity which claims to power more backup than the original battery. Some of the reviewers disclosed that the battery produces the same backup as that of the produced by the original one.

The battery is available to buy from Rediff at Rs. 475 with 3000mAh battery capacity here. And the other battery coming with 2000mAh battery capacity is available to buy from Rediff here for Rs. 457.

Review from customers – Don’t buy the battery from Rediff, we’ve removed the links from this page.


From Snapdeal:

El Dorado Li-on battery is available for canvas HD from Snapdeal at a price tag of Rs. 353. The battery is compatible with canvas HD smartphone.

Buy Now – Snapdeal Link


The battery we found on Shopclues claims to be the genuine one but we’re not sure if it is actually the original one. Battery capacity is the same 2000mAh and comes with a 30 days warranty available at Rs. 478.

If you want to increase the battery backup of your device then you must look over some corrective measures which we have already mentioned in one of our post.

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If you have any kind of doubt, kindly post a comment below.

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