Micromax Android Phone Rooting FAQs : Why & How Root?

We’ve been posting rooting guides for Micromax phones on our site and on those guides we constantly receive lots of queries based on rooting method. How do they root and why they should root their phone. We used few tools to root a particular phone now people ask what are these tools are used for? So here we will answer all your queries based on Rooting Micromax Phones. We’ve tried our best to answer all the frequently asked questions but if you’ve any more query you can ask us via a comment.

Micromax Android Phone Root

Today we are going to address many question about Rooting to our users.Since most of the Micromax Android Phones can be rooted there arise a lot of questions.
Today we are going to Address many of it in a FAQ structured post.

Micromax Android Phone Root FAQs

  • What is rooting?

Wikipedia : Android rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphone and  tablets, and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as “root access”) within Android’s subsystem.

  • Will it void my warranty?

Yes , rooting will void your warrenty but you can always get your warranty back by unrooting your device.


  • How will you unroot your device?

Unrooting is very easy as comparing to rooting your device.  Open the superuser app ( see point 3) and go to settings , slide down till you see “full unroot” . Touch and follow instructions. After a restart your device will be back to normal state.
Note : If your device is heavily modified then just a simple unrooting won’t help


  • What is superuser app ?

Superuser is a small utility that manges access to the root permissions, kind of like a gate keeper. It makes sure that applications can’t make changes to your device without asking you first. Most roms come with some kind of superuser utility installed, but when rooting the stock Android rom one is necessary.


  • How to know if you are rooted?

The presence of superuser app itself is the sign of knowing you are rooted. However you can download Root checker and then check your rooting status.


  • Is it safe to root ?

Rooting is completely safe if you know what you are doing. Granting access to apps which can harm your device will of course end up badly, but knowing what you are doing and using root permission cautiously.


  • What are the things I can do after rooting my device.

There are many basic and many advance things which can be done after rooting.

Basic things:

  1. You can install new fonts into your system . Suggested App : Font Installer
  2. You can freeze or Completely disable applications. Suggested app : Greenify
  3. You can backup your system applications or any other applications along with data.Suggested app : Titanium Backup


Advance Things:

I. Upgrading your Android into a new version unofficially if available or using a custom firmware.

Suggested : Go to XDA forum of your concerned device to find out more.

II. Adding themes, framework tweaks, changing status bar transparency and many more changes with a very new application XPOSED Framework with this you can heavily tweak your device and add many features with the Xposed framework and its modules (Downloadable from the app itself).

III. Adding build.prop tweaks.
The build.prop file is your android handset’s ‘ID card’. It tells applications the specifications of your device, so that apps can change their interface or function for your specific device. Editing the build.prop file is most commonly used for changing LCD density, build number and your device’s model or manufacturer. Changing your ‘fingerprint’, model or manufacturer can trick some apps in the market to become compatible with your device.
Suggested apps
You can try searching Many tweaks in XDA
Suggested app : Pimp my ROM

So like this many things can be done after rooting your device. However  The advance section is risky as comparing to Basic section.

  • What if I mess my device ?

Messing device is said as “Bricking” when it comes to android. There are two types of bricking , Hard brick (From which you cannot alter back and have to either change your device or go to service centre).

  1. Hard-brick can be caused by many ways, such as flashing a wrong kernel .
  2. Flashing a firmware which is of another device.
  3. And/or flashing a wrong radio image and many more reasons.
  4. Softbrick (from which you can recover)
  5. Softbrick is the most common thing many user come around .
  6. However you can always flash back your stock firmware using sptools.
  • What is SPtools?

Many Micromax users came across this question, Sp tools is a tool with which you can flash new firmwares or recoveries. Or fix your Phone if it is soft bricked. Sptools

Rooting Micromax Canvas Phones

We’ve listed below the guides to root most of the MMX canvas phones. Chose the guide and root your phone if you want.

As soon as we post more guides on Rooting Micromax phones we will update this post with the guides or you can check under our Root section for guides.

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