– Micromax YU Brand Developers Forum Launched

In our previous segment, we mentioned about the Micromax plans to introduce new YU brand through which company will interact directly with the customers and will let them design their handsets according to the individual’s requirement. The popular Indian Android maker has also successfully signed the deal with Cyanogen which together will offer handsets under this all new YU brand. Now the news is that the Micromax’s new brand YU is also anticipated to establish a forum on which users will have freedom to put forward their ideas and whatever updates required for the operating system.

Micromax YU Brand Express Yourself

And the company will pay heeds to all these discussions and will eventually add all these suggestions in their upcoming updates. So over all it is a great step which will help the Indian Company in understanding the current mind of the customers and their requirements. Moreover the customers who always complaints against Micromax not providing any updates, this is definitely a great news ahead.

Currently a domain has already registered the domain under the name: and this website is under construction right now. This website is registered under the name of Divanshu Thakral who is the head of Consumer Electronics Engagement and Services in Micromax. With this new brand YU, Micromax is all set to step into the shoes of developer and community friendly company. Micromax is also ready with their official forum i.e Through this forum, one can share their personal ideas and views on any handset or update which they wants in their handsets.

Talking about the YU brand, then it will be completely Micromax collateral and will bring the products under the two brand Micromax and Cyanogen Company. We all know that Cyanogen is known for its best custom based ROM and before Micromax, it had tied up with One Plus and was about to launch the One Plus Smart phone before the collaboration with Micromax.

The official pages have also been created on social media:



This is not the first time any Company has adopted this path, before it One Plus had gained popularity with the similar way. And with forum and website, Micromax is all set to trace the similar popularity and it is a big step against its competitor like Karbonn or Samsung, etc. These websites and forums will be made available for the users in these coming weeks. Moreover in the coming weeks Company will also launch the first handset under the YU brand.

Now with all these innovations and ideas in hand, Micromax is ready to set a new trend. Till now customers has to accept what all was provided to them by the makers but with these forums and website, Micromax is providing a new platform to its customers through which they can put forward their ideas and what all problems they face with the current operating system. Since it is a news step, it is expected that Micromax will gain fame since this is the first time any company is taking such step.

Credits: iGyaan

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