Essential Apps for your Micromax and YU Phone

Sometimes finding an app best suited for your handset becomes cumbersome. Today one can find an app for everything starting from a great weather app to some new internet browsing app, there are dozens of apps which one can easily find on the Google play store.

Categorized apps for Micromax and YU Phone

Smartphones have become an essential part of human life and this is the reason why we need it even for the smallest of the reason. Gone were those days when smartphones used to be considered as the luxuries for the youngsters. With the advent of companies like Micromax, Xiaomi, Lava, etc. increased competition in this segment has led to the availability of smart phones at the most affordable price tag.

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Today we have listed some of the really interesting apps for your Micromax and YU smartphones that is definitely going to make your day.

Best Job search app:

Have you ever though that there can be an app for the Job seekers as well? Yes there is an app for job seekers. There are various apps like, etc. All the popular websites have their own Application, so one just has to fill in their details and he can find the suitable job anytime and anywhere.

These apps also track your history so that one can be able to view the results which you haven’t viewed yet. One can also upload the resume hence making it easy for the employer to look for the probable candidates.


Best weather app:

There are plenty of weather telling apps which are best than what you have pre-installed in your phone. There are apps with the names like 1Weather: Widget Forecast radarWeather & clock Widget, etc. that provides weather detail for all world locations. Apart from that current weather conditions, humidity, atmospheric pressure is provided.


Best launcher app:

Launcher apps help in making the interface of your smart phone customized according to your taste and preference. With new icons, new wallpapers, new app drawer layout one can have the feeling of using a new smart phone when they are using the same old one.

Action Launcher 3NovaGo Launcher are such apps that delivers clear and intuitive interface to your smart phone and one can easily bring the changes in small things like the app drawer layout, changing app icons, altering the way you can use your home screen button, etc.


Best Fitness and Lifestyle app:

With obesity on the increase people are adopting different measures to stay fit. And if you have an opportunity to shed your extra kilos with the help of 7 minute workout app what else can be more tempting. This app focuses on a 7 minute work out that focuses on high intensity routine which is scientifically proven as well.


Best security/anti-virus app:

There are many situations in which you are forced to download the apps or any documents, etc from third-party like recent example is of Pokemon Go, increasing craze of this game forced many to download the game via third-party. This makes your handset prone to certain malware and viruses. Though you may find many apps to protect your handset from a malware but Mobile Security & Antivirus by AVAST software tools that keeps your handset safe from potential threat by searching through your browsed history, Micro SD card and internal memory.

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