What to expect from Micromax Bharat Go Android Oreo Go Phone on Software Front?

Back when Android made its debut in 2008, no one would have thought it’d grow so big that it’d become an essential part of our lifestyle. It started as a little budding sapling and indeed has now grown to a full tree and has become more impressive with time. Lots of things have been added, lots of new design has been implemented and it has improved overall.

Micromax Bharat Go Android Oreo Go features

Google has really put some effort towards Android and the results have paid off for them and they are even continuing to do so now, with one of the recent highlights being the custom tailored version of Android OS for lower-segment smartphones and it is now available, namely as “Android Go (Oreo Edition)”.

It aims at providing a powerful experience for budget-devices, so that they can enjoy the sweetness of Android and can make the most of it even on entry-level affordable devices. We’d be soon seeing the Go Edition of Oreo in action, credits to the upcoming Micromax smartphoneMicromax Bharat Go that will be bundled with the Android Go (Oreo Edition).

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The question that now arises is what or how is Go Edition different from the normal version of Android we get running on our smartphones. Basically, in a nutshell if you are familiar with the lite family of apps available on PlayStore like the Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite, Go Edition can be called upon as Lite version of the full-fledged Oreo OS.

It will come up with “Go” versions of Google Apps – Google Assistant, Maps, YouTube and the others. These are optimized editions of app designed to run smoothly on lower specifications and thus will offer up to 15% faster performance. So some of the main features that Go Edition will feature are as follows:

  • More Storage: Lite apps mean they’d not be heavy on storage, thus providing more free storage to use which will further lead to faster and smoother performances. With a 50% less app size, Google promises up to 2x storage available on Go Edition as compared to normal ones.
  • Go Apps: The Go Edition will come bundled with just 9 Google Apps – Google Go, Assistant, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, GBoard, Chrome and the all new Files Go which is a new app from Google to help quickly locate files and all of these apps are said to be under 5MB of size.
  • Data Savings: Since storage is a big part in the Go Edition, it is no surprise that one would need to save up on Data too, thus the data saver will be turned on by default and even the Chrome will feature an inbuilt saver providing optimized results using Google Server. Thus ensuring you never end up low on data.
  • Security: Even though this is a Go Edition, but there will not be any compromise on your Security and it’d still be a large factor in play. Android Oreo will be coming up with a 24/7 mobile security for your device tagged along with features like Find My Device in case your device gets stolen or lost. Regular app installation scans are also going to be part of the routine now.
  • Revamped Play Store: The Play Store on the Go Edition would be customized to provide users with the most efficient apps for their budget-smartphones so these apps would be the first to show up. Obviously, all the other apps would still be there, but this step would help user to opt for a healthier app considering their device’s performance one might say.

For more details, check the official Google’s site.

The upcoming Micromax device, Micromax Bharat Go is rumored to be launched around Republic Day i.e 26th January, so if you are low on bucks, this might be the device you’d be looking to opt for to have a smooth user experience. Keep in mind, Go Edition is different from Android One devices, which are aimed to keep up to date some smartphones that Google has partnered with. So ready, steady, Go.

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