Rajan Sharma


In 2018, I got the idea that I want to encourage more people to build a business with little resources. I have been building a small brand in the e-commerce space as a solopreneur. I started this one part-time.

In the process, I first discovered what you can now do on your own with a solo business with the help of software and freelancers.

On the myCanvas website, I want to inform you about business-related content and software & tools that you can use to build and automate your business.

Meanwhile, I focus on this website to provide you with editorial content with my team to support you on your journey as a business owner. Always with the goal of adding value for you as a reader of our website.

Enjoy reading and exploring the content.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

rajan - writer of micromaxcanvas.co.in