Download Android 8 Oreo Launchers for Micromax & YU Phones

Google recently launched Android Oreo which is the successor of Android Nougat, till now there hasn’t been a single device launched by any company offering Android Oreo except Google’s own Pixel 2. Micromax has not been consistent in providing OS updates to its devices however this time while launching the Canvas Infinity, the company promised to provide Android Oreo update for Infinity.

Android Oreo Launchers for Micromax

We recently got to know that Google Pixel has already received the Oreo update and Huawei 6P too. In this post we have listed few launchers that you can download for your Micromax or Yu device and give a glimpse of Oreo to your device.

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Download Pixel Launcher for Micromax and Yu Phones
Before we move towards the launchers listing, check few of the features introduced to Android Oreo:

Reduced Boot time: Now your phone will take less time during boot (On Google Pixel it took half a time w.r.t old time). Restarting or switching on your device will take less time.
It features background limits where you can set the amount of apps/background activity running in the background.
Autofill now allows you to enter the saved user id and password thus allowing the user not to remember the credentials for apps.
Picture in Picture mode allows you to see two apps at once, for example you can work and have a video chat with anyone along with it.
Notification dots appears on the app and allows you to see the notification by tapping on the dot directly, no need to go to the notification panel for this.
Google Play Protect saves you from malicious apps, Google as per the official webpage scans 50 billion apps per day.
Better battery backup = Better software optimization.
Tons of Emoji.
To know more, you must check the Google’s official page of Android Oreo.

Now, coming back to the launchers list that the users can download.

Android Oreo Launchers for Micromax and YU
There aren’t much Oreo launchers at play store since it has been recently launched, We have listed few of the available launchers. Most of the popular launchers Like Nova, Go Launcher would obviously come with Android Oreo features in sometime so you can search for them as well on Play Store. Search for Android Oreo Launchers on Play store by heading to Play store and searching for Android oreo launchers.

Action Launcher – Oreo + Pixel on your phone
OO Launcher for Android O 8.0 Oreo
Search here for more
Do share your favorite Oreo launcher with us via a comment below.

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