YU unveiled YuFit band at Rs. 999 & HealthYU Fitness Tracker at Rs. 4,999

YU finally entered the market of wearable technology by taking wraps of its latest devices – the YuFit and HealthYU. While the YuFit is a fitness band, the HealthYU is a small cassette like device which will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and will monitor your health. The YuFit will hit the market with an initial price tag of 999INR whereas the HealthYU will be available for 4,999INR.

YuFit Fitness band
The YuFit is accompanied with the YuFit app which is specifically made for the YuFit band and supports you with features like sleep tracking, distance walked, calories burnt which will work with HealthifyMe service to give you results based on the data collected by the band. The app also gives you access to your calories intake based on its database. The YuFit band also gives you notifications about the incoming messages and calls. It has a OLED display which makes this band better than the already available bands in the market at a similar price tag.

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YUFit Diet Weight and excercise tracking

The YuFit also acquires a Find My Phone feature which let users to locate their smartphones. According to YU, the first 1000 users with get a free person trainer which will guide you and motivate you for your health issues. The band also let you connect with health experts (dieticians and fitness trainers). The band is waterproof as well. A competitor to the Xiaomi’s Mi Band, isn’t it?

YUfit sleep tracker

Price of YUFit band:  Rs. 999.



As for the HealthYU cassette, it will allow you to take reading of body vitals like ECG, heart rate, skin temperature, blood oxygen saturation, etc. The users will also be able to share their readings with their family and all the data will be stored on the cloud.

HealthYU Sensors

The device is small enough to fit in your pocket and can be easily connected to your devices. One of the best things about this device is that the data can be stored whereas there are few costly equipments that doesn’t even provide this feature.

HealthYU ECG Calculations

The device can be used to measure the following:

  1. Respiration rate.
  2. Body Temperature.
  3. Blood oxygen levels.
  4. Blood pressure.
  5. ECG.

The price of this tracker is Rs. 4,999 and registrations are up on the official site of YU i.e Yuplaygod.com

Along with these two devices, YU also unveiled Yuphoria, an affordable 4G device at Rs. 6,999. To know more about Yuphoria refer to this post. Share your views about these launches via a comment below.

UPDATE: The YuFit band will go up for registrations from 21st July and the first sale will be on 29th July. Amazon is going to handle the flash sales.


  1. Pradip Chouhan says:

    My query is that do this fitness band is compatible with other mobile devices?

  2. Ravi says:

    I want to buy this band but there is no windows phone app please make this app

  3. Ashvin Parmar says:

    from Which Site we can buy and sell start from which date?

    • Ashvin Parmar says:

      I am asking about Health YU fitness band. Sell start on which date and which website?


    Hey guys send me a link where I can order this YU-Fit band please.

  5. Archi says:

    When can I buy this band? And which site will it be available. I have already registered in Amazon as I brought the yuphoria from there.

  6. The sale was suppose to start in the month of June. It’s almost the end of the month. When will the sale start?

  7. Nitin says:

    When will it release?and on which website it’ll be available? Pls respond

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      The registrations will be started on July 21, 2015. First sale on July 29 (Amazon India).

  8. dhruv says:

    I want to buy the yufit band .
    So from which site it can be available. ..
    Thank you

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