10,000 units of Yureka sold out in 3 seconds on Amazon’s Third sale

Again YU disappointed the users by importing less number of stocks! only 10,000 units were made available this time which is quite less if we take the demands and registrations into account. YU needs to understand the market and its interest and We believe importing just 10,000 won’t make them beat other players. While Xiaomi is importing more than 20 or 30k every time, 10K won’t make a big difference.

Yu Yureka sold out 3 seconds  - Third Sale

The flash sale no doubt makes people crazy to buy the devices and the marketing strategy makes a good move in fetching more customers

but it sucks big time. Yes! it really does. Lot of customers today itself were not able to buy the devices because of less number of imported units.

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Seeing the review of the users who posted online about YU Yureka, the users did have issues with its battery and the camera which is not very much impressive. Also, many posted about the issues they have faced with the proximity sensor. The device features a Snapdragon 615 processor which is not that impressive looking at HTC devices which boasts the same processor has some heating issues however the same has not been observed in Yureka. Rest, users would post it online if they face any issues related to the heating of device.

Yureka offers high-end specifications at a very affordable price and Rahul Sharma also notified that customers would get door step services from the company which is good. let’s see how it goes!

Today, 10,000 units were pushed to the flash sale (the third flash sale) on Amazon and as per the officials the phones went out of stock in just 3 seconds. We remember Xiaomi used to tease the same and stared posting online about the sales on the devices.

Expected: We have been expecting the company to provide more stocks on Amazon for the flash sale however they have not done so. We expect at the fourth sale they come up with more units so as to meet the demands of the users.

Update: The next sale (Fourth Sale) will be on 5th February and the sale starts today from 5PM.

YU Yureka fourth sale 5 feb 2015

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