YU Thermal Config App Controls Heating Issues on YU Phones

Before proceeding further, let me tell you this app is for rooted YU smartphone users. if you’ve not rooted your YU device don’t install this apps as it would be of no use. As per the listing of YU Thermal Config application on the play store this application works for the following YU phonesYU YUREKA, YUPHORIA and YUREKA Plus.

YU Thermal Config App

The company says that they have been receiving feedback’s about their devices’ heating issues and battery drain. You know we expected it from Yureka and Yueka plus as it runs on Snapdragon 615 processor and most of the SD615 devices have heating issues. So, to relieve the users from such issues they have introduced this app.

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Since we don’t have any of the YU devices with us so we are not really sure if this app works or not or this just is for collecting the data (Feedback) from Yu device’s owners. You can install the app and let us know if this works fine or not.

We have a guide posted on our site to root Yureka however the same is not yet posted for Yuphoria and Yureka plus but we will ensure to post the root guides for these two devices as well so make sure you use the search option provided above to fine the guides for your device.

The application promises to solve the heating issues on selective Yu devices and so the battery drain issue. There are three modes (thermal profiles) available under the app as mentioned below. For minimal heat, use the optimized performance option however if you feel the performance of your device has been degraded chose Medium or High performance option.

  1. High performance : Awesome CPU performance but heats up the device.
  2. Medium Performance : Good CPU performance and balanced heat dissipation.
  3. Optimized performance : Best battery performance and least heat dissipation.

Download YU Thermal Config App – Play Store Link

You can also download the apk file of this app from web, I’m sure the users must have extracted the app for others on web.

You can try out the app and leave a feedback about the same via the comment box provided below.

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