YU Customer Support : Service, Warranty & Repair Details

OK! so a lot of people are having query about YU support how they are offering the after sale services and support. YU has adopted a new way of providing the after sale services i.e. they are offering door to door support (Onsite) which implies that the users would have to just contact the YU customer staff and a technical expert would visit them at their home to take up the device once the issue has been confirmed.

YU Phones Repair service warranty information

There are a lot of mobile companies offering affordable gadgets in India, many Chinese companies have also stepped into the Indian mobile market directly like Asus, Xiaomi and many more. No doubt they are providing good phones within a strict budget but at the end what all matters is the after sale service. The same goes with YU, if they want to progress and compete with these strong Chinese brands they need to provide good customer support.

We admit it is really very difficult to satisfy customers however to be at the top companies have to try to gain user’s attention and trust. Service and customer support of YU – Not many of the YU users are still updated with the fact that there aren’t any YU Service centers in India. As stated they offer doorstep service hence there aren’t any service outlets in any of the cities.

Also, Micromax Service centers aren’t taking care of YU complaints hence don’t even waste your time in visiting any Micromax Service centers. We see a lot of people asking us via comments about YU service centers, this question should not be on their mind because YU has already communicated with the users that there aren’t any care centers. Also, we would request the officials to pass this information again so that the users doesn’t face any problems going here and there looking for this information.

YU Email and Phone call support for Repair, Warranty and Technical help:

Getting back to the main section now, if your YU device has any issues or you want to have it or the accessories replaced please reach out to the customer staff either by emailing them at support@yuplaygod.com or by calling them at 1860-212-2122.

Email Support: support@yuplaygod.com

Phone Call Support: 1860-212-2122

From the above contact details you can get in touch with the care staff of the company and they would lodge a ticket for the issue. Phone call support is available from 8AM to 8PM Monday to Saturday (Sunday and Calender Holidays Off).

YU Phones Warranty Details

YU was marketed like Xiaomi that it will offer warranty even if users root the device. You can root your YU anytime and unlike other mobile companies YU will not void your device warranty however under the below mentioned cases your warranty gets voided.

  1. Water/Moisture Damage.
  2. Accidental damage (physical damage).
  3. Damage arising due to wear and tear or rough usage of the product.
  4. IMEI#, Serial#, the accessory date code, water indicator or the warranty seal has been removed, erased, defaced, alterd, etc.

Also, the company offers 12 months warranty for the device and 6 months for the accessories (battery, charging adapter, USB data cable & in-ear headset). The warranty starts from the date of purchase, you need to have the Invoice as the proof that you receive from Amazon. For more details download warranty repair policy pdf by the officials.

Points to be noted:

  1. The warranty is provided ‘only’ to the original purchaser of the product.
  2. Proof of the purchase is required.
  3. Repair or replacement may involve the use of same or equivalent reconditioned unit.

Now the question comes when you call them or email them what they would do? Read below for the answer:

How to Get your YU Phone Repaired/Replaced/Serviced?

  1. You need to contact YU customer support for warranty related queries, technical help for your device.
  2. Support team will do the troubleshooting live to check what exactly is the issue.
  3. Once they confirms the issue, they will raise an incident (ticket) to authorize the replacement of the handset/accessory.
  4. The doorstep replacement of the handset/accessory service is available in various cities of India and you can check the availability either by visiting this page or by checking this pdf file which shows the list of Zip code where doorstep service is available.
  5. For the cities where door step service isn’t available, the customer would have to send the device/accessory to the central service center and the company would also reimburse the courier amount to the customer (up to Rs. 250).

Check the doorstep service availability in your region by visiting this page (scroll down and enter the zip code). I just checked my area’s zip code and it shows that the company offers the Onsite service.

YU Doorstep Customer Service Details

To read all the FAQs visit the YU FAQ’s page.

NOTE: This is not the official site of Micromax or YU hence you’re requested not to post complaints in the comment box. If You have any general query you can post below, we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

Complaints won’t be entertained, kindly contact officials for the same.


  1. Santhosh HJ says:

    Hi I am facing issue in my new yureka mobile. Every time I insert any OTG cable it restarts and wont boot until I remove the OTG cable.

    My question here is, will the issue resolve if I upgrade the OS to lollipop from Kitkat? I have not upgraded it yet if some one confirms that it resolves my issue the i go ahead and upgrade it.

  2. bumoni says:

    I hav a prblm when I call someone . my phone display was automatically turn off why .

    • SUDHAKAR SAHU says:

      DIAL-*#*#7769#*#*,THEN SELECT START,IF “calibration good” appear in green ,then close it.. Now enjoy with YU. Don’t forget to thanx me. If i solved ur prblm. 9967928279.

      • mahesh wable says:

        After diailing *#*#7769#*#* callibration fails appear in screen.problem not solve yet.please sir give me solution.send solution on my whataaap no 9970410853

  3. Rajeev says:

    Can someone inform me how to remove the talk on in micromax yu.

  4. Sanjay says:

    Not sports phone ring with vibration

  5. Pradeep.G says:


    Can anyone help me there is “LINE” exact middle of my mob display…… How to take out that ,,,???


  6. Amit Anall Shrivastava says:

    Sir/ mam,
    The display of my yuforia mobile is not working. please tell me the solution .

  7. chinnaraja says:

    my yu yureka plus was 13 mp came was not good woh to repar in betar qvality

  8. naveen says:

    I have 2 problems with My phone.
    1) one sim was not working .How can I get repaired . say me nearest store in Hyderabad.

    2)can I want to change my phone from kitkat to lolipop

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Please call them to avail the on-door support from the company. For 2nd question, if you’ve Yureka then update was rolled our for the same. Go to phones–>Settings–About phone–>System updates.

  9. When i restore my phone it does not start automaticaly and not erase any data
    what can i do

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Are you talking about Factory Reset?

    • HI,
      i was dropped my phone(yureka) in water, where i want to give the phone for service, pls assist me as soon.
      i was called this no 1860-212-2122, but its not working..kindly give yureka service center contact number.
      I am from chennai-600113(pin code)…

      NOTE: My phone still under warranty period.

  10. My yuphoria phone power button not working properly

  11. how can i take door to door service??

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      By contacting them using the details mentioned above.

      • Manraj Meena says:

        The mobile is not switching on .My mobile got discharged last night after that till now ,i m not able to switching it on .At the time of charging it get heat up.What should i do ?

  12. sanjay pandey says:

    i had purchase yuphoria mobile since last 4 months back but now i m facing front camera problem which is not working.

    very irritating situation for me.
    please suggest further course of action immediate.

  13. a.srinivas says:

    My phone model yu5010. Yuphoria mic problem too mach

  14. Ravindra says:

    I was send my YU Phoria after 10 day’s of buying due to software problem i.e. 26 june but not resend by service centre till now.

    I have contact many time but not respond.

    What i do?please suggest..?

  15. vignesh says:

    i had purchase micrtomax juice 2 AQ5001 mobile since last 2months back but now i m facing my display got color lines..wats the prblm..plz give me solution,,,

  16. virendersingh says:

    YU da camera yureka deek nahi hai.. softwear emry ford YU bad phone

  17. vijayendra says:

    Which place Yu yuphoria service center in my city korba or bilaspur

  18. Ashwin says:

    Purchased yu yunique from sd, 10 days ago. The phone is quite good in its cheap price (value for money). Running properly till today. Today it suddenly goes to lock screen escaping the running app and wallpaper also changed to its original automatically and the Battery backup is also not good. I want to replace it. Or it will be amazingly awesome if you refund me and take the product back.

  19. rajesh jha says:

    My Yureka Mobile is heating and hanging problem and touch screen not working so my problem solve Plssss

  20. Pranav Ajagekar says:

    Bought a YU YUPHORIA . But after some days it battery and Charger is not working properly also earphone’s sound quality is worst. Contaced customer care 8 time by calling and email. But every time they say they wll call within 24 – 48 hours but no call received yet. I was given a ticket id last tiem when i called Reference Ticket id: 1541811

    please Call me and take my details for replacement

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      This is not the official site of YU, kindly reach out to the officials via email, call or on social media.

  21. Sarath lal . T says:

    My YU yureka phone heating Upper position and Battery backup is very low… Plz solve problems…

  22. I bought a Yureka Plus in July 2015. Within 3 months I had a display issue. Complained continuously for 1 month before my issue was undertaken by the company. The waybill which was issued one month after. In this theyare asking me to replace the fresh unit I got for an old repaired one (which they claim is tested “OK”). This is unfair as I wont know if this repaired unit will function satisfactorily post the allowed period of 6 months after which they will refuse to entertain any replacement applications. VERY VERY UNSATISFACTORY AFTER SALES SERVICE!!!!!

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Hi Anita,

      We are not link with YU hence we would not be able to help you out on this, kindly contact them either via email, phone or social media.

  23. vamsi pj says:

    My yureka mobile sensor is not working and I want new charger and earphones

  24. I have bought yu yureka . Now the touch of the phone is not working. I am situated in Delhi and pin code is 110025. Can you help i am not getting any response from support@yuplaygod.com

  25. sandeep shukla says:

    After reeboting my phone is not started…..when im swich on

  26. naveen says:

    am using yuphoria yu5010 .and i have a great problem with phone and when press lock button it is not opening for sometime and sometimes not working and getting over heated sometimes.am not getting yu care local india service centre number please help with website which i can type my pincode number and have service.i live in hyderabad.

  27. suresh says:

    Dear After updation of YU Yureka Phone it started screen off frequently and get switch off also. please advise me

  28. suresh says:

    Button on the phone is not working since purchase however button on screen is working….. please advise what to do

  29. Umapathy A says:

    Hi YU Team,
    Is anyone can help me?
    My name is Umapathy A (Phone no. 9940303859, email id. – uma_pathy0385@yahoo.com)
    This is my jobsheet no. S020251-1115-20338425.
    I submitted my yureka device in Chennai Micromax service center on 18th November 2015, due to power boot failure. They told me that they will replace my device with new one and I will get within 25 days. Micromax informatics dispatched my device on 3rd December 2015 through DTDC courier and the tracking no. is V24480484. At that time Chennai was severely affected by flood due to heavy rain and they lost my consignment. I called and confirmed with DTDC Chennai and they sent me an email stating that they declared it was lost and also they had informed to Micromax also. Now its 2 months over still am waiting for my yureka device. 100 times I called to YU service center they simply repeating the same dialogue that I will get my device within 7 -10 days. I told that DTDC lost my consignment then how come I receive my device. Still they are saying the same dialogue that I will get in 7 to 10 days only. Without dispatching again how can I receive. Now am only suffering. My phone and 9000Rs. lost.
    If any of the higher authority in YU company kindly see this and take action immediately.

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      Firstly, this isn’t the official website of YU or Micromax. You would need to get in touch with the officials. Escalate the issue further and reach out to the on social media like Twitter, Facebook.

  30. Shiv Kumar says:

    delhi mai kha hai Service center plee bta do…………..

  31. is there any service centre of yu in my city
    pin code 144601
    i m from kapurthala

  32. ajmal says:

    jobsheet ( S030404-0216-21886306 )
    i want to know the current status of my handset, itz send for the purpose of repairing the touch

  33. Kajal says:

    I updated the system on my Yu Yuphoria mobile last night but I didn’t get the contact numbers saved in the phone yet…plz let me know what should I do to get my contacts back.

  34. Shashank Gunaga says:

    Have Anyone got back their mobiles from yu service sentre?

  35. Suresh says:

    My YU phone has dropped from my hand and the Screen has broken. where can i repair it? how much it costs?

  36. ashish sharma says:

    its almost 1 & half month to my yuphoria since i gave it to YU regarding display issue but they are day by day making excuses. some they told me 15 days after 15 days they they told me 7 days. then 7 days, then 2 days & told me that your name is on our dispatch list so wait for 2 days now they are telling me that it will take 21 days how can i tolerate this sir. its a kindly request plzz sir help me at your level. & prove me that its not a mistake that i purchased a YU phone. because now i am regretting . my job sheet no is ” W030151-0216-21907586″

  37. Harpreet singh says:

    My yu yuphoria screen is broken where can i repair it ?how much it cost plz say me

  38. Aliasgar says:

    My YU yureka phone heating Upper position , Battery backup is very low and after 15% my YU Mobile was Not Charging
    Plz solve problems…

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      What is the maximum temperature observed? Are you using your device when it is at charging? Are you playing heavy games on your phone? How’s your usage? Please answer all the questions so that I can advise you a solution.

  39. TARUN says:

    My YUPHORIA mobile is overheating.how to resolve the issue.

  40. Yogesh Hotkar says:

    I am using Micromax Yureka & I need battery. I enquired in service center of Andher East, Tamanna Infotech they said it will cost me Rs 950/- with Month Warranty whereas in Vashi Telecom Service center they told me it will cost Rs 700/- with Three months Warranty. If both are Micromax service centre then why there is difference in Warranty & cost?
    It should be same in both service centre.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      There shouldn’t be a price difference, please call Micromax for the same and confirm the exact price.

      • Yogesh Hotkar says:

        I called to customer care on 18602122122 but they are saying that they don’t have such information available on battery price and warranty.

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Please reach out to the service center.

          • Yogesh Hotkar says:

            I came to know about the differences of Prize & warranty in service centre when I visited Service centre only.
            I think they are charging whatever they want.

  41. Kushal sharma says:

    My YU yureka screen is not broken but touch is not working… After 4 to 5 days plz solve my problem…… Kindly request u sir

  42. Kuzru Backer says:

    Is there YU is relation between Micromax

  43. mohd rafeeq says:

    my yuphoriya phone display lcd not working so i open the phone but i can’t correct it ,what i have to do know i have warranty but i open the phone?

  44. Harsha says:

    My playstore and google apps were deleted how to restore them

  45. liyakat khan says:

    i buy yu phoriya but his touch sceen demege please detail for puechase new touch sceen

  46. harish says:

    My YU model no 5010 phone automatically off when I calling is this one as a software or hardware problem plz let me know the solution…….

  47. Ankur Jain says:

    From yesterday, in my yuphoria handset some keywords(e, s, z) are not working. Please suggest me what to do.

  48. tanima says:

    suddenly the pik are not able to download automaticly nd ringtone are not setting nd in the sensor part heating effect is being ocuuring wht should i do

  49. Dharmesh says:

    My Yureka Plus mobile IMEI number is NULL how can set the new IMEI number in Yureka plus mobile?

  50. aakash nayak says:

    my yureka plus phone is restarting again and again what can i do it

  51. Mihir Ahir says:

    I have no any update in my Yu5010 & bettery issues…..
    Plz help me & instruct me

  52. pratik patil says:

    Pratik Patil
    I have yuphoria 5010 it also get hot
    And always gets hanged its battery is also too less it gets down in just an hour or two
    It dose not connect to computer though it is having the option
    How to resolve the problem

    • subodh Kumar says:

      My handset screen is broken, Issue in software. will it be recovered under warranty or not??

  53. Whats the yureka plus battery price and warranty of battery but at service center they are saying that warranty of battery is 3months working warranty then are saying that this warranty is for temporary if its work at the time of purchase good but after a purchase it will be not responisibilty of service centre then whats the worth of 3months working warranty???

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Contact any other service center and compare the info being provided to you, then contact YU officials and get it done. You can also contact the officials directly to confirm about it.

  54. Bijendra singh says:

    Delate contect are reappear and double contect name list.

  55. Shradhanjali misra says:

    Sir…mere pass YU phoriya hai…or yr chalu hone m bahut problem de raha hai…..or iske andar bahut se ESE apps hai Jo play store se download to ho rahe hai lekin open in ho rahe like paytm , esfile xplorer…
    Or iski display apne ap chalte chalte flip ho jati hai or recent apps wala menu open ho jata hai…mne is me ek bar software bi update karya hai…for bi problem khatam ni huyi hai..
    Please help me sir….phle Joe prblm.no this ye recently hua hai…

  56. kiran says:

    my mobile yu5011 (you yunique2) doesn’t support any kind of applock.
    plz help me

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