How to check Job Sheet Status of your YU Phone submitted in Service Center?

YU Televentures provides doorstep service in which customers can just call/email the officials to send the technician to their home to repair the device, with the increase count of sales this support had to be increased and in order to meet the service demands of the users Micromax service centers (Micromax CheckPoints) are now taking care of the services of YU Phones. If you’ve submitted your device to any service center then you must have received a Job Sheet number or case ID and to check the status of the same a portal has been created by YU officials.

YU Product Jobsheet tracking

If you would like to check the list of service centers by YU company, then you can go through this webpage on our site which provides the detailed information about the service centers availability and Onsite service.

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There are minor issues on the device which are repaired/resolved right away while some of the cases require time to resolve. If you visit service center just to update your smartphone then they take at most 1 hour in most of the cases while if there is any major internal hardware issue for e.g. Motherboard failure or any similar problem then the service center ask for sometime that could be some days ranging from 5-30. We don’t have any idea how much days service center usually asks for.

Once you submit your device to the support center, they provide you a job sheet number which is unique for every case. The service center reaches the customer when the device is repaired or the issues are resolved. But what happens when they do not contact you? Then obviously we, customer has to contact the support center to check the status of the submitted device.

When you are reaching the service center via phone call or email, we have to provide them the Jobsheet# which was provided to us during the submission of device.

What to do if they are not available via phone or email? Check Job sheet status online.

Check Jobsheet status of YU Product Online

To check the Job Sheet status of your YU product, visit the below link and enter the IMEI number of your device or the Job Sheet number to track it. YU is currently taking care of the following products: Yu fitness band, YU Power bank, Phones, bluetooth speaker, printer, etc.

Check Job Sheet Status Now

After adding the required information it will present the status on the screen as shown in the below image. If you’re unable to find the status of your case (status not available), then you should contact the officials via phone call or email. Check details here on how to contact YU.
YU Product Jobsheet trackingNOTE: This is not the official website or YU or Micromax, please DO NOT submit your complaints on this page.

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