YU Launching on December 18 – ARE YU READY?

Few days back, we reported on our website that soon Micromax’s founder Rahul Sharma would be launching a new smartphone brand YU!. We have watched the official forum and the social media pages of YU – they seems to be active on these sites and have shared the images and providing a glimpse of what could be the first device from YU. YU brand is already creating a buzz because of its entirely new approach.

YU endorsement on facebook by officials

This will be the first time when any company will give priorities to the user needs; this is why the Company has launched YU forum which will help the user to recite their requirements so that the YU brand can work on it.

YU brand will unveil its first new smart phone on 18th December 2014. Going by the pictures, we can say that this smart phone will have quite sleek look which will appeal most of the customers. Company is posting the updates related to smartphone  regularly as the date of launch is commencing.

Officials are quite active on the social networking sites and the images posted by the officials on the Facebook as well as twitter page are creating a great buzz among the viewers. It will be quite interesting to watch whether the smartphone itself will be able to create such a stir or not.

Two of the pictures shows that in this smart phone, one will get the surety of high security which means that now your data will be much safer. Nothing much has been revealed about the specifications but one thing is sure that apart from good specs, one will have the assurance of affordable price as well. Since till now the popular handset maker Micromax is known for its affordable price range, we can expect the same from this new brand as well. We can expect this handset to be a mid-tier phone.

Yu Phones security image shared on facebook by YU

Apart from that, through other pictures one can get the idea that this smart phone will have a fast processor which will completely change the way a user uses the smartphone. Fast processor means that multitasking will be much more easy and fun. Camera has been placed at the rear panel on left hand side of the top, and the picture has been uploaded with the caption “an oncoming storm coming for YU”, which gives a slight idea of a high MegaPixel rear snapper.

YU Rear camera pic shared on facebook

YU brand has already commenced a contest in which it tried to bring all the developer of India under one platform. And the winner will get the whopping prize of INR 1,00,000. YU brand is already adopting new approaches to grab the attention and make a way for itself as one of the leading brands in the market.

Since Micromax has collaborated with CyanogenMod, we can expect this smart phone to have customized Android System. One can also have the access to regular updates which is currently not possible in the android handsets provided by the company.

Once we will get the verified updates related to the specifications of this new handset, we will update it on our website.

Update: On the official YU forums few members have posted that the first device could be a re-branded version of coolpad f2, it isn’t confirmed yet nor YU officials have disclosed this on the forum so it’s better to wait for the confirmed information.

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