YU JYuice 5000mAh &10000mAh Power Banks Now Available on Snapdeal

Stepping in to the market of power banks, YU which is a subsidiary of Micromax has launched two power banks. Online subsidiary has launched this accessory with the name “JYUice” and users will get to see this power bank in two variants. One will offer power capacity of 5000mAh and will be tagged at the price of Rs 699 while other variant with 10,000mAh capacity will be priced at Rs 1,099.

YU JYUICE 10000 mAh Power Bank Image

Since it is an online subsidiary only, one can own these power banks through faddish online retailer Snapdeal.

YU JYUICE 5000mAh Power Bank Details

The power bank proffering 5000mAh battery capacity can charge a smart phone approx. 2 times (output is not exactly 100% and the charge count of devices depends on battery capacity of the device) while its kin can charge the phones Approx 3-4 devices (Again it’s just an assumption). The former one (5000mAh) incorporates one USB output while its other variant (10000mAh) proclaims two USB output so that two smart phones can be charged simultaneously.

YU JYUICE 5000mAh Power Bank Image

To alert the users about the battery status of the device, there is an LED flash accommodated on the device. There are different colors to show the different status for example if the battery percentage is above 70 green light will be flashed, if battery is within 30 percent to 70 percent yellow light will be flashed and below 30 percent red light will be flashed.

To prevent any form of rusting, degeneration or corrosion, it is shelled under the aluminum body. To give it a better hold and to add-on to its looks Yu provides round edges and is comparatively thin.

Talking about the specs of the 5000mAh variant, then it features one USB 2.0 port while one Micro USB port. It just measures 139x70x7.9mm in dimension and can power the device up to 92%. It provides 5V/2.1A output. It just weighs 250 grams in weight.

YU JYuice 5000mAh:

  • Measures 139x70x7.9mm in dimension
  • Weighs 250 grams
  • Can power smart phones up to 92%
  • Provides 5V/2.1A output
  • Can charge a smart phone having 2000mAh battery
  • Can charge up to 2.3 times
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YU JYUICE 10000 mAh Power Bank Details

Coming to its kin i.e 10000mAh variant, then it encompasses two USB 2.0 port and one Micro USB port. It provides the maximum output of 5V/2.4A. It measures 139x70x12.5mm in dimension.

YU JYUICE 10000 mAh Power Bank Image

YU is always known for its offerings which are priced at the lowest value so that maximum customers can afford them. Keeping their legacy on even these power banks are priced at the lowest possible value. There are also many other companies which offer the power banks at similar prices like Xiaomi, Honor, Asus, One Plus etc. So YU JYUice will be competing against this lot in terms of price. But its sleek looks and appealing design definitely gives it an edge over its contemporaries.

Summing up the specs we have:

YU JYuice 10000 mAh:

  • Measures 139x70x12.5mm in dimension
  • Can power hand set up to 92%
  • Can charge the handset up to 4.6 times
  • Available at the price of Rs 1,099
  • Provides output up to 5V/2.1A output
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  1. Pavneet says:

    Can We connect The Unite 2 Device With Power Bank

  2. Shivam Patil says:

    YU Power Bank 10000mAH
    My Phone iball Winner+

    Yu Power Bank Full Charging From My Phone Battery 1100mAH
    1Time Full Charging And 2nd Time Connect Phone Yellow Light On

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