Why Micromax Need to change the design of Canvas Smartphones

Today we’re writing on a crucial topic – “Why Micromax Need to change the design/look of Canvas Smartphones” that may be decreasing the sales of canvas smartphones . Like we have seen ranges of canvas smartphones launched by Micromax . The first phone which was introduced to this series was Canvas Pixel but it didn’t performed well in the smartphone market and then the canvas 2 was launched which changed the whole scenario of smartphone market and this was a turning point of micromax firm in smartphone market . The company is well known for the budget android phones which have become very popular among Youth .

Micromax canvas smartphone Doodle

The above image is of Canvas Doodle which has bit different look as compared to other phones in canvas series . If we compare out the front look every smartphone in canvas series then you will notice that the look is almost same , however the placement of sensors is bit changed but overall the design , sleekness is almost same .

Canvas Doodle has bit different look as compare to other smartphones launched by Micromax . First of all it has a 5.5 inch big screen and the look is bit comparable to Note . Rest of the phones looks similar despite of the change in Price and specs .

Micromax Canvas Smartphones Design/Looks Comparison

Front Look : Front look of every phone is identical . No further change has been implemented till date not even in Canvas 4 . The placement of sensors is changed in case of few smartphones but overall the look is almost same .

Side View : Each phone has a sleek look which is desirable these days . Again no change in design is being introduced till now in the smartphone if we compare all the phones then again they look almost identical .

Back Look : Since we can’t show the back look of each smartphone so we have shown the image of two smartphones – Canvas 2 and Canvas HD  . If you look careful just the placement of Flash light is changed , rest the look is identical . The main thing of pointing all this is that if we are spending money on a different device we must get  the device with different look too .

Micromax Canvas HD A116 Vs Canvas 2 Camera

Talking about Canvas 4 now , if we compare the other phones with canvas 4 , then you will see that the look/design has been changed and that’s a plus point . The camera placement has been changed , the LED flash light position has been changed . So overall the phone looks good and people will not compare the looks with other canvas phones . If we see smartphones produced by HTC then you will see that they consider looks while manufacturing the phones , most of the phones comes with a different look .

Final Verdict :

We usually don’t like when people compare our phone’s look with any cheap phone that’s a human mentality . So in order to overcome this issue Micromax has to change the design a bit so that all the phones must not look identical . Like they have changed the look of Canvas 4 w.r.t to other phones we expect a better and different look in the upcoming phones .


  1. actually these phones are not manufactured by mmx itself..the OEM of the phones is in china and same phone is sold with diff names under diff brands like canvas hd is sold by fly in africa witha diff name.
    also the canvas 4 is sold as blu one by company blu in brazil..

    thats why the canvas hd has two looking models..one black n white. with one sensor in front
    n one pure white with three sensors in front.

    this is coz of the Original equipment manufacturing by the chinese company.

    yet i feel mmx is doing a gr8 job for us indians n providing a good phone @ 13000 bracket while internationally it is sold@200$ .

    but anyway its not like samsung who is charging so much for a phone like grand.

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