Whatsapp Common issues faced by Micromax Canvas Bolt Users

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and widely used instant messaging app available on various platforms. Talking about the Android phones particularly in this post, the app is available to download either from the Google play store or from the official site of Whatsapp. Whenever a user install this app, the app ask the user to enter the respective phone number for verification. If you’re unable to complete this verification process you can’t use this IM app. User can bypass this verification either through SMS or Voice call verification.

Whatsapp for Micromax

I have seen people accusing Micromax because of this application which isn’t working on their phone. I don’t think there is any kind of problem with Micromax handsets. I am specially writing this post here as I’m getting lot of queries on my site related to this.

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Whatsapp Phone Number Verification Failed?

There can be various reasons behind the failure of the phone number verification. The first thing you need to check if there is proper connection of the network provider.

Secondly, try the voice call verification if SMS isn’t reaching your end. If still this issue persist download the latest version of whatsapp from the play store and try again.


Other apps working fine except Whatsapp?

This is the main issue which people are facing. All other apps like opera mini, Facebook works perfectly on their phone but Whatsapp isn’t working.

This issue can be resolved very easily and is associated with the internet settings you have selected.

Follow this method to check the selected internet settings:

Settings–>Mobile Networks–>Access Point Names–> ?

Let me explain this with an example of TATA Docomo connection.

Tata Docomo provides two internet settings by default. One is the Tata Docomo Dive In and the other on is Tata Docomo GPRS. If you have selected the Dive In one then you won’t be able to use this app as that settings doesn’t works with IM apps. So to use whatsapp you need to select Tata Docomo GPRS setting.

It doesn’t depend whether you are using 2G or 3G, you must follow the above method.

So, next time whenever you see whatsapp isn’t working on your device do check your internet settings.


I also noticed users complaining that they are facing issue while sending and receiving multimedia items like Videos, photos. I suggested them to download the latest version and the problem solved but few of them had to contact the whatsapp officials. Whatsapp officials provided a new installation (apk) file and the problem got solved.

There might be some cases in which still the app may not work so in that case you should contact whatsapp officials by mailing them at this address: support@whatsapp.com

Let us know if you’re still facing this issue.


  1. Dinesh Naik says:

    I purchased Micromax Canvas HD in the year March 2013. Now i am facing network problem. I could’t find any network. now my phone is useless. please anybody help me to come out of this problem

    • admin says:

      Get your phone checked at the service center.

      • siddharth says:

        When I am downloading something in my Micromax A114 canvas 2.2 massage prompt choose an action .

        Not able to download or upload in whtapp only massages are receive and send

  2. Deblina Nandi says:

    I have the following phone
    Set: Micromax Bolt A58
    SD Card:16Gb (currently free 10 GB)

    Initially I could not use Google Playstore to install Watsapp but I could use Google Playstore to install games like Chess. So I went ahead and downloaded the .apk file onto my computer, transferred it to my phone and then installed it using the File Manager. It was working fine till it asked for an update and I could not update it and it stopped working.

    So what I did was I deleted it and all other apps. Then I have downloaded the Watsapp .apk(the latest one) file onto my computer. Then I transferred it to SD card and then I am trying to install it with the phone’s file manager(just like I did last time). However it gives me the error that I dont have enough memory.
    I have uninstalled all other apps and stopped all services. Now it is showing that I have 21MB of internal memory free. Even after that I am unable to install Watsapp 1> from the Google Play Store 2> from the file manager. Although I am able to install other applications on my phone from Play Store.
    Can you please help me??

    Is there any workaround that you can suggest me please.

    • admin says:

      ROM is less in case of your phone. Can you transfer apps to your SD card? Try installing the app directly to SD card by choosing External SD card as the primary storage location.

    • Dinesh salwane says:

      Dude truelly i was suffering from same probleme but admin recomnded me to check my mob. Internet setting and i have follewed that suggestion now see i can use whats app on my micromax canvas 2 color A120.

  3. suhas s shinde says:

    myself m using Micromax Bolt A61 handset. i was using whatsapp application for few days. due to new update i uninstalled the software. Now when i want to install it. its gets downloaded and while installing it shows an error INSUFFICIENT MEMORY. AND IT STOPS WORKING.


    • admin says:

      This is not the official site of Micromax so it’s of no use posting your number on our site. Regarding your issue transfer few apps to SD card or install the app directly to SD card.

      Settings–>Storage–>select External SD card as primary storage location.

  4. Sanjay Bhardwaj says:

    I bought A61 Bolt, 2 months ago. Today it switched off and hanged. it shows “Android is upgrading and optmising the apps…..” it repeating it again and again but not starts. what could be done?

    • admin says:

      Visit the service center and please post your queries to relevant articles.

  5. Rajesh says:

    I buy a new micromax mobile.install mostly all app.its working smoothly.my problem is whatsapp,viber, we chat and hike ,these types of applications can’t working in this device.what happening.
    Pleaae help me.i mean my mobile investment is waste.

  6. Tushar Pasalkar says:

    I purchased Micromax Canvas HD in the year January 2014 and I am using TATA DOCOMO sim in this phone. But in that I am facing a WhatsApp Problem my Internet is working but WhatsApp is not connect in that phone???

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Are you using TATA DOCOMO DIVE IN internet setting?

      • Tushar Pasalkar says:

        No I am not using TATA DOCOMO DIVE IN am using TATA DOCOMO INTERNET.

      • harsh says:

        I wnaa thnk u…! I read ur cmnt “ARE U USING DIVE IN SETTINGS ON TATA DOCOMO” n den I checked my settings… it was set on DIVE IN and I changed it on TATADOCOMO.INTERNET N my whtsapp finally started working…! Thnk u…

  7. Seema Devi says:

    I have Micromax Mad. When the phone is out of Coverage. I have to restart it to make any call. otherwise it says out of coverage. what is the reason ?

  8. ashish says:

    Thanks a lot admin.. my WhatsApp was working over Wi-Fi only and thought it would some manufacture defect.. But changed the apn, and it worked perfectlyperfectly… Thanks a loott… Would like to contact you personally…

  9. shriram says:

    Thanx. I am using tata docomo and changing internet settings really works!!!!!!!!

  10. jithin says:

    thanks a lot,it works

  11. Girish Bansal says:

    Dear Concern,

    I have 2month old micromax unite 2. Evertyhing still is going good except whatsApp.
    I see this problem that when we sending/recieving long messages or videos, then it starts hang.
    after this i have to reinstall it again and then it works fine but after some time if again sending/recieving long messages or videos, then it starts hang. In a day, i have reinstall it 3times. Whats the problem is this??

    And also in this handset, there are 3 types of memory : Phone Memory, Internal SD Card Memory & External SD Card Memory.
    my internal memory is almost empty but phone memory 200mb free only out of 1gb. How can i transfer to internal memory.
    External Storage i understand, but not the internal storage.

    Please and revert it soon!!!!

    Thanks in advance.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      I used to face the same issue.

      What I did : Cleared all the conversations, cleared the cache memory and freed up some space.

      try transferring the app to the external SD card.

  12. alan kujur says:

    I have canvas 4 nd i use vodafone and tata docomo both…. My whatsapp is registered with my Vodafone no and this app. Only works with Vodafone internet on my fon…. I want to use tata docomo Internet but its not working on this fon i even tried changing no. On whatsapp still…. Any suggestion plz

  13. Karthik says:

    Im using micromax unite2, im unable to download any app from play store. what settings should I change for airtel.

  14. anil says:

    I have Micromax Bolt A58 red
    SD Card:4Gb & internal memory only 12 mb.

    Initially I could not use Google Playstore to install Watsapp but I could use Google Playstore to install games like mario & angry bird. So I went ahead and downloaded the .apk file onto my computer, transferred it to my phone and then installed it using the File Manager. It was working fine till it asked for an update and I could not update it and it stopped working

    I was using whatsapp application for few days. due to new update i uninstalled the software. Now when i want to install it. its gets downloaded and while installing it shows an error INSUFFICIENT MEMORY. AND IT STOPS WORKING.

    I clear all my internal memory but still shows insuffient space in it. kindly hel…..p

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Uninstall few apps and try again.

      • I have moved all my phone data to external memory card and also cleared all the cache, even restarted mybgoogle account but all this stuff doesn’t allow me to install any app from playstore. Ot is still showing me insufficient memory.

        I am facing this problem only in micromax. Why so ?

        I have tried after selecting the default write disc as SD card for installing apps. Doesn’t work at all. I am really fed up with this micromax.

        Please help me 🙁

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Please provide the following information: Phone’s storage (Internal SD card) and External SD card storage.

  15. Vadiraj says:

    Thanks a lot..it is working after changing internet settings..

  16. Monica Mishra says:

    Thanks for the blog!!! Bought Canvas Knight recently n was facing issues wid whatsapp…now its resolved by simply changing to gprs insted of dive in.. 🙂

  17. Deep ramchandani says:

    i hve micromax unite 2 and at the time of watsapp installation this app hangs my phone and makes it slow. can anyone have solution for my problem.

  18. digambar patait says:

    Mobile network setting change to GPRS in BSNL network its really works thanks for ur suggestions……

  19. rafiya says:

    I purchased canvas 2 a120, but try to connect whatsapp and viber but its not working my internet connection is BSNL, pls help me

  20. Thanx a lot…..Was really puzzled with this issue

  21. ashley says:

    I recently bought Micromax Unite 2 and found out that I haven’t been receiving messages in whatsapp, fb messenger, viber in Real-time!!!…… even if my mobile network is always on!. I can see new messages only when I open the app. What should I do. Please help me

  22. Thanking you people.
    Now i am abke to use whatsapp with docimo network.

  23. dear,
    I have canvas nitro …I’m facing a problem for last few days e.i. I can’t save any picture to any contacts of my contacts list.
    my contacts is saved in my phone memory.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      While saving the contact the option comes for adding a picture. How did you try adding the picture?

      • There are two options
        one of them “choose from gallery ” and another is “camera ” I have tried both of them …but then shows “picture edits not support”

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Since I’m not having your device with me, I’m not able to provide you a resolution to it.

  24. Baluster says:

    In my micromax canvas 2 colours mobile, whatsapp images and videos (uploaded and shared ) files r getting delete.. please suggest me to stop this problem

  25. ravi ndra says:

    Am unable to connect what’s app through data connection.kindly post the settings of APN details to connevt .This issue am facing after my canvas mobile reset.

  26. Prajakta Marje says:

    When I use Whatsapp calling in my Micromax Canvas HD, some of my contacts name get erased. This is really problematic for me?
    Do anybody has solution for this?

  27. Nitin Sharma says:

    Thanks buddy…
    This solved my problem.

  28. jerin says:

    Faild phone number verification

  29. Micromax knight a350- whatsapp calls are not connecting. What should I do

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