Whatsapp now available on Desktop/laptop via Chrome Web Browser

Whatsapp on PC? No doubt everyone wanted it badly! Whatsapp the most widely used instant messenger has made their desktop version live. The app can be used on the web browsers however currently the web version is only accessible via Google Chrome so if you don’t have this browser in your desktop/laptop you would have to download it first.

Whatsapp on Web Details

The web version is currently available for the following operating system users: Android, Blackberry, Blackberry 10 OS, Windows and Nokia S60 as well. What about iOS? As per officials the web version won’t be available for iOS due to iOS platform restrictions but it is expected to be available soon.

Unofficially Whatsapp could be used on desktop but the whole procedure is way too clumsy and since the company has officially made this available so no use of the unofficial way.

How to run Whatsapp on PC/laptop now?

Users would have to follow few things before proceeding ahead. Firstly, Google Chrome browser on desktop/laptop. Secondly, the latest version of Whatsapp is required. Either users can download and install it via Play store or by visiting Whatsapp.com

Google Chrome for Whatsapp on Web

We would be guiding for Android OS, open the app and tap on [Menu] three bold dots option listing the menu  (present at upper right corner) and select “Whatsapp on Web”.

Open web.whatsapp.com and scan the QR code using your Whatsapp app, just to remind you again chrome is required.


Note: Your device will be Synced with the browser via internet connection so make sure your internet connection is working fine.

Once you open the web Whatsapp on chrome you’ll be pointed towards the screen as shown below, scan the qr code using your device and use the web version of this messenger.

Whatsapp on Web QR code scan

You can read the official blog post by Whatsapp here for more details. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the same below.

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