How To Upgrade Canvas HD OS from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 Manually

Micromax rolled out Android v4.2.1 for Canvas HD and even its rumored to be testing v4.3. Canvas HD is a great phone with 1gigs of ram , a HD big screen and PowerVR GPU. It is a very good buy under 13k, Today we will show How to Update Canvas HD to Official Jellybean v4.2.1 manually with the help of SPtools!
As a bonus we will also help you root your device (optional) .

Micromax Canvas A116 HD OS upgrade Tutorial

What is new in Android 4.2 :

  1. Phone storage = 0.91 GB free.
  2. You can move apps / install apps to external storage. Nova 3 game works.
  3. 598MB free RAM out of 1GB.
  4. Quadrant score = 4055
  5. Nenamark =  37fps. 2nd time it was 46.1 fps.
  6. Antutu = 13202.
  7. New app Micromax game Hub and Software update (OTA) powered by Micromax.


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  • Do I need root for this?

No you do not need rooting.

  • Will I lose my data or warranty?

Yes You will Lose your data and phone will not lose its warranty.(Unless you decide to root it)

No need to visit the service center as you can update your canvas HD android OS at home .


Note If you follow steps you won’t risk your device, we are not responsible if you don’t follow steps properly and brick your phone .


Micromax A116 Canvas HD OS Upgrade from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 Guide

So We need bunch of apps and drivers and we are good to get v4.2.1


  1. Sptools [Download Link](
  2. Firmware file [Download Link]
  3. Mobistel Cynus T1 drivers [Download Link].
  4. A brain with common sense and your hands.


Steps to flash through spTools


  1. Install Mobistel cynus T1 drivers.
  2. Extract the “S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_09_FLASHER_USER” folder from 116 4.2 all.rar
  3. Extract sptools an open flashtools.exe as administrator.
  4. On sptools chose scatter loading and choose the scatter file from the firmware zip .
    Canvas HD OS upgrade guide
  5.  Go to option > Usb Mode selected
  6. Click On download
  7. Switch off your phone , pull the battery off.
  8. Now insert the battery and connect it without switching it on.
  9. Connect your phone and wait for sptools to find it.
  10. After detecting sptools will start flashing , be patient. Takes couple of minutes and a green circle will come after that.
  11. Now you can switch on your device..


After Flashing and updating from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 there will be a TP UPDATE pop up which will update the TP automatically. So it is advised that we should not touch the touch panel of the phone while the TP is being updated. Otherwise there may be some TP problem.

This second part is for those who want to root their device and install Clockwork Mod Recovery.

Note: Warranty goes from here.

1.Clokwork Recovery [link]
2.Sptools (link above)
3.Scatter file [Link]
6.SuperUser Zip ( The root package)



  1. Set up sptools like in the previous part
  2. Put the SuperSU zip on the Root of your phones sdcard.
  3. Put the scatter file and recovery.img in a folder and choose scatter loading in sptools and use the new scatter file.
  4. When It loads make sure only recovery module is selected and others are unticked.
  5. Click on download mode.
  6. Switch off your phone , pull the battery off.
  7. Connect your phone without switching it ON and wait for sptools to find it.
  8. After this, it will flash a green circle will come.
  9. Disconnect phone and now Boot in to recovery mode by processing (Volume Up) + (Volume Down) + (Power Buttons).
  10. Phone will boot n recovery mode (Use volume buttons to control and power to select) .Canvas HD guide to update os to 4.2.1
  11. Chose zip from SDcard. And Flash the SuperSU zip.
  12. After Installation,reboot.
  13. If You find the SuperSu app . Its done!


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Thus from the above mentioned two methods you can get android 4.2.1 on MMX A116 canvas HD manually . No need to visit the service center for OS upgrade . We received lot of queries regarding the OS upgrade in canvas 2 and canvas HD manually as people don’t like to visit the service center for this .

If you have any kind of doubt , just leave a comment below this post we will answer asap!


  1. Arya Ajgaonkar says:

    Recently bought a canvas HD, it was running great

    now it will run even better i hope…I’m downloading the files..Very excited to finally get 4.2 on my smartphone

    Could anyone give me even the vaguest of idea as to when 4.3 will release for A116?
    I have read the articles about how Canvas 4 will get it first…but even if you could give me just an idea like a month…or maybe two..I’d be delighted

  2. mainak says:

    when i try to load d scatter files it says
    Error: Initializing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal.

    please respond

  3. Divyesh says:

    Today i visited mmx service center they said 4.2.1 update is not available and then i called mmx service center and they said because of some lags the update has been taken back. So i m confused tht i shud use this tutorial and update my phone or wait for official update at service center?

  4. Kangkan Goswami says:

    I have downloaded the required files. Proceeded with the steps, but paused in the process due to following.
    When I tried to load Scatter file after opening Flashtools.exe , following sentence comes up: “Error:initializing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal.”
    So, I am unable to complete the update. Please help me!

  5. Abhishek Goyal says:

    Hello Admin,
    I’m using canvas HD running on android OS 4.1.2… I’m asking could it be harmful for my device after updating to android 4.2….or can it hamper the quality of the phone…?

    • No hamper no harmful, Updates are meant to make phone better ! And its an official tested update!

      • Ravindra Singh says:

        i have downloaded the file and want to know that if i download 4.2.1 then after releasing 4.3 can i directly update or need to take help of service center.
        Which os should i use ti update my phone.

        • 4.3 will be available via OTA . if not then manually you can do or by taking the mobile to the service center .

          • Ravindra Singh says:

            i have followed all the step but still i am not able to update my phone.i am using windows 7 32 bit.
            So i want to know which os do we have to use to download update kindly help me asap

          • SPtools work best in 64 bit system but u can install cynus t1 drivers and then try on 32bit pc’s

  6. Error:initializing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal.

    Please Respond

    • Try running it in administrator mode. and also if it doesn’t work re download the scatter file from links above.!

  7. Abhishek says:

    For those who are getting error message ““Error:initializing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal.”, please use the SP Tool from the folder 116 4.2 all and the scatter file works without any issue.

  8. Ravindra Singh says:

    After inserting usb i am not getting any thing .i ahve tried som many times please help

  9. samir singhal says:

    not working it is s trucked on 0 % not moving ahead please help

  10. Ravindra Singh says:

    my computer is not detecting the device i have tried this but not working .so do i need to use windows xp.coz i am trying this in windows 7 and 8.
    please if possible then upload the video so that we can get correct idea.
    Thanks #admin in advance

    • 32 bit pcs don’t work well unless u install cynus t1 drivers . I advice you to install it and try again.

      • Manish says:

        Mobistel cynis t1 is not getting installed on my win 7 PC ! It gives warnings of no signature but after forcing it the phone is not getting detected !! Help me !!!

  11. my phones is completely hanged..after the update..!

  12. sumit mittal says:

    after switching off and inserting battery..there is nothing coming flashing in sptools..please help..!

  13. rakesh shukla says:

    hello Admin,

    All these setup file will work on window 8, 64 bit??? plz mail me..

  14. Gaurav sarup says:

    Bro i have already rooted what to do?

  15. i updated my phone to 4.2 acc to steps..all i m
    facing is a display flickering n blackout to remove that..or should i downgrade to 4.1 .
    my phone is the initial black n white one..n mostly after unlocking the screen goes blank multiple times..
    pls help thanks

    • Dear friend change the brightness option from auto to manual your problem with flickering will be solved

  16. Can I directly install games from Google play to my external SD card after update plz reply me as soon as possible

  17. its not moving from 0% what to do help me

  18. I recently upgraded to Jellybean 4.2.1 on my Canvas HD A116.
    Those of you facing problems, two things:

    1. You will need a more recent version of the Flash tool. Can be downloaded here: www. moulnisky . com/index.php?dir=Micromax/A116/Tools/Download%20Tool/&file=SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119.rar

    2. I could not get the thing to work on Windows 7. Worked on Windows XP!


  19. Is it possible to update MMX canvas A92 lite which has 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 through this same firmware file manually?
    Is it tested on this A92?
    If yes?
    Did you find any bugs??

  20. Shaurya says:

    pls tell will i lose all my data afyer the update
    becoz i hv many paid apps!!
    So shud i update

    • You can re download your paid apps from Google store. They store the data with accordance to your mail and yes u will lose your data.

  21. darshan says:

    system update option not found in my settings.. what can I do pls help

  22. Helloooo… Admin tell me what to do to detect my device……

  23. ankur srivastava says:

    sir i installed cynus t1 drivers and then open sp tolls and then while selecting MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc
    it shows” initializing scatter file failed.please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal”
    kindly guide me

    • For those who are getting error message ““Error:initializing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal.”, please use the SP Tool from the folder 116 4.2 all and the scatter file works without any issue.

  24. Dushyanth says:

    I am struck at 100% red bar some error message came up, no green circle appeared what to do.

  25. Dushyanth says:

    SP TOOL ISSUES; Sp Flash tool error (8200): load to be downloaded is MT6589
    please select a correct load according to the target to download.

    Please help to solve the problem

  26. RajSekhar says:

    Getting this error can you help me out of this…
    Smart Phone Flash Tool
    Common Hint: For SP Flash Tool issues:

    Please supply your tool version, GUI screen shot, and tool logs when you encounter trouble with the latest tool.
    How to obtain the tool logs?
    1. Run the tool;
    2. Press Ctrl+Alt+t(Tool Title Hint: Runtime Trace Mode);
    3. [Menu]Help-[SubMenu]Open logs folder.

    SP FLASH TOOL ERROR : ( 8200 )

    [Platform Error] The load and target are inconsistent!

    The load to be downloadeded is for MT6589;
    The target platform is .
    Please select a correct load according to the target to download.

  27. rohit mittal says:

    Hi I tried to update using the above steps but when I connect the phone, the flash tool does not automatically detect the phone..
    I am using windows 8..
    Please help..

  28. kunal pant says:

    Will it install on canvas lite?

  29. i bought a canvas a116 from snapdeal yesterday……….its build with 4.2.1………i found an issue that screen brightness is blowing nd up down upper side of the display…………..any 1 can say me wht is the main prob?……… this is OS prob or hardware or display prob?

    • It means that you have put your display on auto brightness mode, it does’nt mean that os problem, if you change your display brightness to fixed mode, the problem is solved..

  30. MOHIT AGARWAL says:

    flash tool is not searching my phone. how to connect it.sir plz help me

  31. SP FLASH TOOL ERROR: ( 8200 )

    • Hi Admin,

      Any update on 4.3???

      • Hi Anuj,
        The update will be available within few days.

        • Hi Admin,

          I heard from one of my frnd that 4.3 updates are already out now, is that true? however i did not get any information on internet.

    • Ajitesh says:

      hi deepak,
      use the latest version of SP FLASH TOOL, you won’t face this issue.
      but take my advice wait for some time to get some more feedback on this new OS before upgrading it.

  32. Ajitesh says:

    Hi friends,
    i have been using this phone from quite long around 5 months.
    Earlier i was facing few issues with 4.1. v as it was frequently getting restarted and when it was restarting again, it was taking around 30 mins to catch sim signals. Memory card of 16GB was working fine but if any folder in external card was getting exceded by 1GB that entire folder was getting deleted.
    Now have updated my phone with version 4.2.1, few days phone worked tremendously awesome, but now it is not able to memory card of any size , my 16GB MC got corrupted,then i used 2 2GB cards,they both too got corrupted. And now it is not at all loading any external cards.
    Second issue with this new OS is now many of the android applications are getting hanged are not even getting started which were running absolutly fine with previous version,like : subway surfer, clean master and many others

    ADMIN : kindly let me know if there is any solution or suggestions to these issues.

  33. Dear admin after update will I be able to play games like the amaz spider man nova 3 etc on my phone using external card and will the sandisk ultra class 10 16GB memory card works fine on the phone or not(supporting all the high end games) plz reply me faster

  34. Utkarsh says:

    hey admin,
    Iam so excited to know about the new software update i.e jelly bean 4.2.1 . But i wanted to know that is there any problem updating that like i have read the above comments that there is a problem using wifi etc…pls respond ASAP..

    • This is an official Update from Micromax so it is thoroughly tested, if u follow steps correctly… You won’t face any problem.

      • Rajendra G says:

        Dear Sir,

        I have got the firmware updated for my mobile at service center. Since then I am facing tremendous battery drain on Wifi and also Android System. Requesting your advice please.


  35. i have followed your steps but it doesnit working. so plz help me

  36. alex rider says:

    its not working with my micromax hd i follow the complete process but when i connect my switched off mobile to USB downloading does not starts

  37. Jeason Thomas says:

    SPtools are not able to find the phone … waited for over 30 minutes, does it really work… looking for an elaborated answer please.

  38. raashid ahmed says:

    i have upgraded my canvas had with 4.2.1 a month ago. working like a charm.i was having charging problem when i use to charge my used to hang while charging before update. but after updated to 4.2.1 its like one of the best phone in the can find various installation videos as well as download links in youtube like i did. best of luck

  39. Download links above are dead?

  40. Rhtpatil says:

    Hello…. admin please can u rpy the steps how to upgrade from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 I have just downloaded the file can u mention all the steps properly from 1st to last I want to upgrade

  41. suraj says:

    thanks for the official ROM,but after upgrading with this update do my warranty will void and if by mistake it didnt work how should i revert my phone to original older android virsion.

  42. abhishek pawar says:

    hello admin
    i’m trying to upgrade my cell (canvas hd) as per your given info. But after scatter loading the suggested files it displays a error viz. sp flash tool error 8200
    (platform error) the load and target are inconsistent..
    Please reply me with the solution.

  43. Dear Admin,

    I am facing a problem while going through these steps. The SP Flash Tool shows error code 8200.
    So I am not able to update my canvas hd phone. Kindly help me.

    Thanks and Regards,

  44. yednesh says:

    hey admin can this process work for my canvas music..??
    if no then can you post any article for update canvas music to4.2

  45. mahesh gole says:

    Hello Admin,
    I completed all the steps 2 upgrade. Even green circle with 100% completion appeared but when I tried to restart my phone, it didn’t start & went dead. It is just couple of days I bought this new phone canvas HD & this tragedy happened to me. Please help.

    • admin says:

      Use META mode and reflash
      Try flashing in meta mode
      Meta-Mode is very useful if device fails to get detected by PC under normal Conditions…..To make device fall to Meta-Mode,just do these :

      1) Start SP Tool on PC..
      2) Now run SP Tool with “Firmware Upgrade/Download”
      3) Switch OFF Phone..
      4) Remove Battery..
      5) Connect mobile to PC while holding Volume + button [WITHOUT BATTERY]..
      6) Flashing will be started
      7) Hold the button till flashing completes…
      8) After 100% Flash,Release Button..
      9) Insert Battery..
      10) Start Device..

      • Mahesh Gole says:

        My phone has bricked after following your basic process for OS upgrade. No possibility to use meta mode & reflash.
        Can you please suggest how to unbrick the phone on urgent basis. else, suggest me the authorised service centre of micromax at mumbai.

        • admin says:

          It worked perfectly for others , there must be some reason of it. anyways dude u tried meta mode well?

          and Go to micromax site and you will find the best service center near you. Do not tell them you tried anything just be a noob and say you woke up in the morning and the phone was not turning on.

  46. Is 4.2.1 update is really worth doing?
    Plz let mein know wat new features can i get…
    Reply asap
    N nice job admin_/\_

  47. dushynat says:

    hey….i upgraded my canvas hd but when i switch on my phone it continues blinks….what shoul i do? please reply me soon..

  48. cynus t1 drivers can’t be installed in my system b’coz it’s not digitally signed “my system says that”,
    these drivers are not being installed I’ve tried to install them from the MMX website too they simply did not ,
    kindly help me admin,
    Thanks in advance

  49. Admin, While doing the procedure suddenly an error message occured and the red bar with 100%apperared, now mobile is not even swithching on…help me with it please

  50. Thankzzz….!!!
    successfully updated

  51. Paramesh says:

    Thanks!! Finally updated to 4.2.1…
    But admin dont u think the visual color effects is more, it doesnt seem that good than what it was in 4.1.2

    Any suggestion to reduce the color intensity?

  52. Gurmeet Singh Bakshi says:

    Dear admin ,
    What is root ? N i am going to update my a116 to 4.2.1 please tell me admin that either I update it using the above steps or go to service centre for update .my phone is in warranty n what the term means root? Please support me

  53. Great work Friend done it!!! only question is that my warranty is valid or not please reply…. Done it with SP Flash tool Updated.

    • Yes. warranty is there and even if u root it…You can always unroot n get back your warranty.

  54. gurmeet says:

    dear admin
    how long a TP upgrade process required?

  55. anshuman singh says:

    hello admin
    i’m trying to upgrade my cell (canvas hd) as per your given info. But after scatter loading the suggested files it displays a error viz. sp flash tool error 8200
    (platform error) the load and target are inconsistent..
    Please reply me with the solution.
    i have installed from http:// but still same message mentioned above is coming
    i am using windows 7

  56. anshuman singh says:

    i updated to 4.2 but my phone is continuously blinking

  57. anshuman says:

    i updated my canvas HD phone manually
    i think while tp upgrade was going on i screwed it up
    now the display screen is blinking . apart from this my phone is working properly
    can you tell me how to stop this continuous blinking problem
    please reply as soon as posible

    • Hi Anshuman
      This is the problem which some of the canvas HD users are facing after upgrading it to 4.2.1. Screen blinking issue – that’s why Micromax stopped providing the 4.2.1 update. They are looking to it and soon they will fix it.

  58. hi!

    Now my canvas HD has JB 4.1.2 and doesnt have OTA Update options in the settings if i update it to JB 4.2.1 then will i get that option in my Canvas HD?????

    If not how can i get that OTA settings/option without rooting my phone??????

  59. Shivam says:

    the driver its shows is from unknown pubisher and does not get instaled,when i connect my fone the progress bar gets red with 100%.please tell me the problem wid it.

  60. I followed all the steps, but SP Tools isn’t detecting my phone. Pls. Help.

  61. vrushab says:

    The tp upgrade has not come and the gallery is not working correctly after some time it does not display images

  62. Arjun Sharma says:

    When I called the MMX customer care the told me that it does not have JB 4.2.0 update …….. now also the phone comes preloaded with JB 4.1.0…….
    Plz tell me what to do?????

    • Hi Arjun,
      Users who upgraded their canvas HD to 4.2.1 faced few issues like screen flickering, etc so Micromax stopped providing 4.2JB update.

      • Arjun Sharma says:

        So if I go to the MMX service center…. will they still update????? And if I update it manually and something happens will they repair it???
        Plz reply

        • They have stopped providing the update now.

          • Vipul Nambiar says:

            Dear Admin,
            So u mean to say that the Micromax A116 canvas hd update has screen flickering issues ? That means there is simply no use upgrading if the upgrade itself has bugs. Also to play High end games with such a low internal SD capacity is not possible since I am a Game freak (multiple games 😀 ) . Is there no other way around apart from rooting your phone ? I hope this issue might be covered in coming updates.
            Anyways Great Value for Money phone by MMX.
            Keep up the Good work admin. Hope to see better updates on this phone. It sure is a Jewel.

  63. William says:

    Is it possible to install 4.2.1 on canvas A100 using the above steps, or is it only restricted to Canvas A116.

  64. prateek prasad says:

    ALL users,
    please wait for the latest android version 4.3 on micromax a116 hd canvas,all your solutions to the problems will be sorted. Dont ask me when will they release the 4.3 version. As the admin says “higher updates,better performance”. Please let us know the 4.3 release. Thank you!!!!..CHEERS!!!

  65. prateek says:

    Hello Admin,
    i have just updated my micromax a116hd canvas to 4.2.1 jb. I am facing an issue where my phone sim card is not able to detect it. Please help me what should i do to get my phone sim to detect it. Thanking You!!..eagerly waiting for your kind respond.

    • what is the exact error? if its simply not detecting then reflash the rom or try another sim..

  66. sp flah tool error :(8200)

  67. hello admin
    it is showing sp flash tool issue and it is also showing pls supply ur tool version gui scrreen shot etc.
    plss help

  68. I hv downloaded the files and extracted them successfully installed everything…but that firmware upgrade is not detecting my phone
    i hv downloaded its driver 6 times and installed them successfully but still the problem persists…
    please help me as soon as possible…plz

  69. Sptool is not detecting my Micromax Canvas HD A116.I tried it so many times!
    what should i do now?
    Please help me out with this!

  70. praneet says:

    while updating my phone it was getting error

    common hint : for sp flash tool issues:
    please supply your tool version, GUI Screen shot, and tool logs when you encounter trouble with the latest tool, how to obtain the tool logs?
    1.Run the tool:
    2.Press ctrl+Alt+t(Tool Title Hint:Runtime Trace Mode);
    3.(menu)Help-(submenu)Open Logs Folder,

    SP FLASH TOOL ERROR : (8200)

    (Platform Error) The Load And target are incosnsitent!

    The Load to be downloaded is for NT6589;
    The target platform is,
    Please select a correct load according to the target to download

    • Praneet you need to download the latest version of SP Tools. Google and download the latest version.

  71. Vaibhav Kassrija says:

    I installed the new os however now it shows invalid imei no…. please suggest..i tried to change the imei no …its not working…..i read somewhere to change modem file or some thing however no idea how to do it…please help

  72. Saurabh says:

    I did everything as you mentioned
    but after restarting phone it displayed firmware upgrade failed while TP upgrade now
    TP is not sensing anything
    pls tell me solution. Fast

  73. GOPAL SHARMA says:

    I am facing the screen flickering problem after updating my phone using the flash file.
    Plz suggest the steps to revert back to the older version OR
    plz let me know the permanent soluion to problem.

    • Try a Reflash

      • gopal sharma says:

        Thanks Admin
        Now my flickering is resolved with this update

        I am enjoying 4.2.1 Now, wow………..

        Thanks a lot

        • Great Gopal glad to see that you solved the issue yourself. You followed anything else beside what is written above?

          • Gopal Sharma says:

            Thanks Admin,

            I have download this version (S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_13_FLASHER_USER) and use the above steps provided by you and my problem is now resolved no blinking/ flickering in my mobile, it is working fine with JB 4.2.1, its great experience.


          • Thanks Gopal.

  74. Punith says:

    How much long the TP upgrade will take.? Mine is not moving away from TP upgrade. Please tell me. Thanks.

  75. Gopal Sharma says:

    I have upgrade android 4.2.1 but my phone has blinking continuously pl help me how to resolve it or if no solutions available tell me how to revert it

  76. Punith says:

    Sir after upgrading my phone to 4.2.1 its not detecting both the sims. It says please check sim card is ready. I tried to put other sim also but not working. Please help me regarding this problem.
    Awaiting your early reply.

  77. Punith S says:

    Hello admin please help me after all the process completed and after restart my phone is not detecting sims. Please let me know how to fix it. It says no sim card detected.
    Please admin will be waiting for your reply as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

  78. Hey.Just reflash the ROM and report back.

  79. Hi Admin,

    I have been using Micromax Canvas HD for 6+ months now. It is working fine on Android 4.1.2. Do you suggest it is better to upgrade to 4.2.1 or do you suggest to wait till the next update is released.

    Awaiting your response.

    • Updates are always helpful. The new upgrades always fix all the bugs encountered in the older version.

  80. Punith says:

    Thanks it worked.

  81. Hi Admin,

    Suppose i update the andriod version and face some problems, Can i roll back to previous version (the current version 4.1.2), if yes then what steps i need to follow?


    • Yes you can roll back your device to the previous version. We will post regarding the same soon.

  82. Priyavardhan Potabatti says:

    hello admin
    i recently purchased MMX A116 its the good smart phone but it does not have any PC SUITE to connect to PC directly and take the backup of my contacts or edit my contacts even phone messages, is there any PC Suite available on web,
    another issue is related to UPGRADE the OS from 4.1 to higher, which is the latest supported higher version available for MMX A116
    please reply

    • Android 4.2.1 JB

      • Priyavardhan Potabatti says:

        does the upgrade voids the warranty

        according to one of your answer version 4.2 has some problems has it been solved ??
        admin says:
        October 18, 2013 at 12:12 pm
        Hi Anshuman
        This is the problem which some of the canvas HD users are facing after upgrading it to 4.2.1. Screen blinking issue – that’s why Micromax stopped providing the 4.2.1 update. They are looking to it and soon they will fix it.

        is the problem still intact regarding ver 4.2 or is it solved and is the FIXED / corrected version of 4.2 released ?? till date

        is version 4.3 upgrade available for A116

        can we roll back to the previous version after a upgrade is made ??
        what is the procedure to down grade to the older version.
        for example. if i update my a116 from version 4.1 to 4.2 if any problem peaks out, and if it is not sorted can i return to my older version from version 4.2 back to ver. 4.1 (please provide steps)

        Thanking you for all above in advance, waiting for your reply.

        • Hi Priyavardhan
          The problem is faced by some OLD C-HD users not by everyone. People who bought recently have updated their phone’s OS successfully. and yes you can roll back to the older version again.

          • Priyavardhan Potabatti says:

            thanks admin for your reply

            PLEASE is there any software to connect to pc, PC Suite like that.

            guidlines or steps to roll back to older version

      • There are drivers available for MMX phones.and Update your MAPS app, that may help you.

  83. pritam sankhe says:

    flashtool.exe is not getting downloaded please help

  84. Priyavardhan Potabatti says:

    dear admin (Rahul Mehta) thanks a lot for your detailed steps regarding the upgrade procedure of Canvas HD OS from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 Manually and i am enjoying the latest version of android with its new features.
    thanks again

  85. Mohit Solanki says:

    Flash tools can’t detect my phone …so can’t start flashing …plz help …using 64bit , i5 win08 operating system on laptop

  86. Ramakrishna says:

    My GPS is not working. Navigation point is not moving when i am in jouney . How to fix this issue.

  87. srinivas says:

    I am using Micromax Canvas HD A116 Model phone with Android version 4.1.2. Wish to upgrade to latest android version but finding the Software update option under Settings –> about phone . Please help

  88. When I tried to download the file using the scatter file thing the download bar reaches 100% turns red and then i get a error message saying that this is the wrong file that i need the download and the actual file is something else when i matched the names it was the same please help.

    It Says SP Flash Tool Error 8200

  89. i am using a 64-bit windows 7 os and the sp tools is not detecting the phone. it is just displaying the “”searching”” msg..!! what to do ?

  90. saurabh says:

    sir after i update my avast and 360 antivirus detected malware in game hub and mi live app
    please suggest me what i do

  91. sp tools can not search my device

  92. Adityaraj says:

    I touched the screen during tp upgrade and now the touchscreen is not working.Searched all the forums and still didnt find any solution.Is there any solution to solve this problem or do I have to visit the service center.

  93. surinder says:

    Pendrive is not working in my A116 micromax after updating to Jeally bean 4.2. Plz Help

  94. Abhishek says:

    My Canvas HD Phone has currently 4.1.2 vs. To update to 4.2 We have to download the link given above in the phone only?? Or in Laptop also we can download

  95. Pranav says:

    I tried to update but sptools could not find my a116 even after leaving it for more than 1 hours

  96. helo admin i wnna know if i update my canvas and during update if some fault occur then how can i get back my old version ?? the backup facility provides to take backup for only apps so what can i take a backup of my version ?

  97. Narendra says:

    i am getting the with error code 8200
    100% red bar as progress bar
    what to do ?

  98. priyank says:

    does the same will work for mmx canvas a115 3D ?

  99. Pramod Dalmia says:

    i have Canvas HD phone with os 4.1.2
    tried upgrading os as mentioned on thi s page.
    my pc os is win7 starter.
    how ever my phone does not get detected on sp tools when i connect it through USB cable.
    pl advise whats wrong and what steps do i need to follow

  100. pramod dalmia says:

    it says target platform is for MT6589
    i am using A116 canvas HD
    pl advise where do i ger correct file from

  101. AJAY VERMA says:

    I’v upgraded my canvas hd to 4.2.1. But it is frequently having the issue of wi-fi connectivity. Wi-fi signals does not turn blue and remain white.sometimes it works with browser but doesnot work with any google application. Sometime the wi-fi doesn’t connect at all. I think this is the reason why mmx has taken it back.

  102. ankush sharma says:

    Dear admin
    I was updaing my phone…..all working well…….but sp tool not finding my phone…….it download automatically or internet connection to be provided for download .i am using window 7 to upgrade….neither phone detect not process start…i wait 15 min. But no what happen…..plzzzzz suggest me…..thnks for advance…….help

  103. nikhil says:

    after update has done and when i started my phone it shows firmware upgrade failed nw m stucking in language selection screen plzz help me i tried many times again to update but same happens plzz help me sir asap…

  104. Kevin Bhayani says:

    SP Flash Tool is not able to search my mobile. Status is always searching. It doesn’t go ahead with upgradation. can you help me with that?

  105. sp tool eror 8200
    what to do

  106. vinod says:

    admin my c-hd is not detecting by this sp tools..
    wat to do?
    i even dowloaded latest one and installed.
    t1 also again and again i installed but same issue,not detected..
    help me out in updation. plz

  107. suchit says:

    Already m rooted my canvas HD but how to install games on external SD card please reply

  108. rahul says:


  109. pradip rathod says:

    i have use micromax canvas hd a116 it was working ok but if i conect data has hang pls provid solution

  110. Thangaraj says:

    some time my phone hanging after i upgrade the ios on A116 phone. any on have the default firmware kindly shared me

  111. Dhaval says:

    I am using Micromax HD A116, looking to upgrade the version. I need help to know that, Is it recommended to take the backup of phone memory; i.e. contacts, messages, emails? If needed, please guide me how easily I can take full backup of my Phone?

  112. prasanna says:

    can i use latest SP Flash Tool v3.1328.0.183 is there any issue with this.
    and also i need concern about what is the difference between S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_09_FLASHER_USER to
    S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_14_FLASHER_USER . please help me out.
    thanks admin.

  113. NARENDRA BHOGE says:

    Want to upgrade to 4.2 , visiting to sevice centre he asked me the upgrading charges Rs 250 but my cellphone is under warranty .

    Suggest me what to do ? will it be covered under warranty or chargeable

  114. Subbu Reddy says:

    How much time it will take to upgrade from 4.1.2.to4.2.1

  115. Hi,

    I recently updated my Mmx Canvas HD to 4.2.1.
    Now I’m able to move apps to external SD card. But still Phone memory is same i.e 0.98GB and Internal memory is unused 1.6GB. Is it possible to extend(or allocate complete Internal memory) to be used as Phone memory?
    Please do help me with procedure to how to make use of this memory.

    Thanks in advance.


  116. mayank says:

    Hi ADMIN,

    I am not able to download files at the given links. Links seem dead. Can you please check fast ?

  117. Hi Admin,
    I recently bought the MMX HD 116i mobile. I have a doubt that which is a better way to charging the mobile thru the direct power or thru laptap USB. Is there any problem if we charge the mobile via laptap USB port.
    1. one of my friend told me that laptop USB port power output is very low so it will destroy the batter life.
    2. But another friend told me that nothing to worry. the cable will adjust the power what the mobile requires. if USB output is low then house power sockets are very high made for friedge, TV, AC etc… it will also destroy the battery. So he arguing that every thing will be adjusted by the power cable.

    The second friends argument is right or wrong? and please advise me which is the best way to charge the mobile?

  118. passang says:

    Hello adm I have Canvas hd can you please tell me how to update it by using latest sp tools

  119. PALLAV says:

    hi sir..
    Mr Admin I have followed the steps..but my phone is not able to detected by the SP tool even after i have waited for an hour..plz help..

  120. dear admin .can I root canvas HD 116 by vroot(universel method software ).please reply as soon as possible.if not then send me better option in my mail


    • Hi
      I read on XDA few days back that Vroot can root C-HD. However I’m not able to find that link right now. kindly search this on XDA.

  121. Dheeraj says:

    I had purchased M CD 116 in last feb n not yet updated the OS , can u suggest the details process to updates.

  122. Sunny Sehjal says:

    Hi Admin Bro i will say you my canvas HD is full upgrade thanks for this but there is no option ((Developing Option))how can i see this setting…. please reply me BRo…AND thanks for upgrade my phone.

  123. ganesh says:

    Hi, i tried the above steps and all went fine.. But finally… Both sim cards were not detecting.. Tried re-flashing too.. No error reported and sim cards are not detecting both slots… Please help…

  124. Nitin says:

    I am getting msg when I am trying to start the process
    eboot dill is missing from your computer.
    Kindly reply.

  125. Saravana says:

    I am using canvas 2(A110). Can it be upgraded to 4.2.1 with these files.
    If not suggest me the right files.
    Waiting 4 ur reply.

  126. kuldeep kumar says:

    Hi admin… can you upload a vedio procedure to update the phone OS would be helpfull for me . or can you give me your id so i can directly contact to you.

    because of during doing above process i have lots of doubt

    thnks in advance

  127. tushar ghuge says:

    thanks mate it worked wonderfully …when can we expect 4.3

    • admin says:


      • Tushar says:

        such a “SHAME” canvas hd a116 was the phone which brought glory to Micromax & ppl started trusting local phone manufacturers. this phone changes the whole perception of global & local brands. to let it die & become outdated is not something which we expected from you.

        but the attitude in which you replied tomy query regarding update tells that now “you dont care” after establishing yourself in market.

        May God save you guys

        • admin says:

          I said – I don’t know why Micromax isn’t concentrating on Android Updates.
          FYI This isn’t the official site of Micromax.

          • pranay says:

            i trird but cant open sp tools and cant find scatter files or scatterloading optiono

  128. Murali says:

    Hi admin,

    I have updated to my canvas hd 4.1.1 to 4.2.1 , update success got green circle, but while TP updating got error firmare failed and touch not working. please tell me how to resolve the problem. if not can I downgrade to old 4.1.1.

  129. Murali says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have updated my canvas hd 4.1.2 to 4.2.1, flashing has success but while TP updating got error firmware update failed and touch screen not working. I have done flashing 3 more times but I did n’t get TP update . now I stuck in touch screen issue. please help…..

    • admin says:

      Okay, seems tp is messed… flash 4.1.2 rom n wait for tp updte to finish, do not click on anywhere while update is in progress. Then again flash 4.2.1

  130. Udhaya says:

    A Thousand times thanks for you… at last my phone has been rooted by this technique…. thank you so much!!!!

  131. Anish Bhatti says:

    Thank you very much. I have updated my device from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1. now i can play NFS most wanted. but some resolution on pop up is not good. please solve that problem also.

  132. vikas says:

    Hello sir
    I m using canvas Hd and I want to upgrade it to 4.2.1 but I understand all the process which u have mention above but sir first of all I have to installation the .driver of 64 bit for my laptop when I install it my laptop I unable to find the driver and due to this my sp tool firemare option is also unable to device
    Sir what I do plz. Suggest some opinions

  133. Aamir says:

    Don’t get me wrong but the second method you provided seems it will just root the phone and install cwm…

  134. Talwinder says:

    Thanks for help.. Please let me know how to retrieve super user right

  135. prassu says:

    its detecting
    after 3sec it showing an error

    sp tool error 8200

  136. gurpreet says:

    I am facing a problem while going through these steps. The SP Flash Tool shows error code 8200.

  137. Dhiru says:

    Hi admin,

    Please help me with the upgrade. I am facing an issue in step 9
    9. Connect your phone and wait for sptools to find it

    After I insert my battery back on and the Smart Phone Flash Tool is still running, but my windows tries to install some device driver and is unable to install that and message comes device driver is not installed successfully. Also the download option is not moving any further, same 0% where it started.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Google search windows 8.1 driver install. You have to rnable driver installation win 8.1 n then try again

  138. anupam verma says:

    when i try to flash my phone ….the flasher does not find my phone and download bar remain hang on 0%…….

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Make sure drivers are installed, windows 8.1 needs special driver authentications. This is an issue of drivers or older sptool.

  139. siva says:

    sir i am using micromax a116 and it is updated at service center they was installed “a116i os into a116”
    after that doesn’t detected on sp flash tool
    please slove problem.

  140. Aishwarya says:

    I got the green circle, but phone not getting switched on after that!!

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Maybe battery low, keep phone on charge for 30 mins. if still no go, reflash and also check you’re following steps and using correct method.

  141. Arnav says:

    Can’t someone upload this to a decent file-sharing website? Like Dropbox,, Google Drive, MEGA, Mediafire?

  142. criss says:

    hello everybody, i have a problem with my wiko cink five( a116 ), I upgraded from 4.1 to 4.2 and did not work the data roaming

  143. Piyush Jain says:

    Yes yes yes!!! It works. Thanks a lot admin I have successfully updated it. It was my first manual update.

  144. Feroze Khan says:


    I have just upgraded to 4.2.1 as per guidelines from this Blog. After upgrade, when i installed Whats-app, the automatic message deduction and initialization part took a lot of time. Couple of times, the initialization failed. Sometimes, even though my data connection is ON, i am unable to get messages in Whats-app. But at that time, i was able to browse through my internet and also use my Gmail. When i’m connected in WiFi i don’t have this issue.

    Please suggest what has to be done?


  145. jay prakash says:

    hi Admin,

    I flash OS but i facing, metwork problem , EMI No is not working show invilid sp pla help me urgent bassis

  146. Mr. Rupal agrawal says:

    I read your article and I also read all user comment and I found lots of problem so now I decided I cannot teak rick and i am not updating my mobile happy with my 4.1.2 operating system ; if I want to take new look so i use launcher my favourite launcher 3d next launcher and windows 8 launcher : thanks!

  147. Apoorv Kamble says:

    Hi I have canvas HD i also have update 4.2.1 long back its also working fine. I wanted to ask you when will we received 4.4 kitkat upgrade as canvas 2 colour received the update please tell us?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Nothing confirmed as of now ehether the update would be available for CHD or not.

  148. ABHISHEK MISHRA says:

    Superb fantastic dude……everything worked fine and i successfully upgraded my chd to 4.2.1 with no troubles 🙂
    I request peoples do not listen to the foolish comments about risk and fake thing and all……just go for it,…..follow the guide….itz quite easy and enjoy. 🙂

    special thanx to

  149. i can update my micromax canvas a116 hd from 4.1.2 jelly bean to 4.2.1 successfully but i cannot got TP update, plz suggest what can i do?

  150. akshansh says:

    are these inks to be downloaded from pc or from phone. my pc is windows 10 so will it be downloaded.

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