Have you updated your Micromax Canvas A1 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

Google had released Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Android one smartphones few days back even before Nexus could get it. The Android One device from Micromax has also received the update via OTA and if you have not received OTA notification on your device please stand by as we would be posting a manual guide shortly. Before upgrading your phone, do read this post.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Micromax Android One Canvas A1

Micromax Canvas A1 devices are currently running on Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system and even the new devices are being shipped with Android 5.1 itself. It is generally advised not to opt for the firmware update within the first few days of the launch, the reason is that the update might have bugs and there is a need of improvement which is resolved in the next update.

It’s been few days that Android 6.0 has been rolled out to the Android One devices and we have seen various users boasting about the same on social media.

Micromax Canvas A1 Android M 6.0 upgrade

There are number of features added with this current version of Android and you people can read all such details on the official Google site’s page of Android Marshmallow.

How to Update Micromax Canvas A1 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

The update is available via OTA hence you would be able to install the update from your phone itself. Your device will receive a notification about the same. If the notification doesn’t appear reboot your phone and follow the below steps:

Go to Settings–>About Phone–>System/Software Update–>Refresh–> Look for the update and download it.

Now getting back to the topic, there are users reporting about the issues. One such issue is the battery drain which was discussed by a lot of people on social media. One can check the Facebook groups about the same, we randomly checked this group.

Heating issue was also observed by a few people, let’s see if the issues is resolved by Google right away or they would be taking sometime to resolve them.

Also, there might be some apps which would not be compatible with Android 6.0 hence try to uninstall them for sometime until the compatibility is adjusted. This could resolve few issues.

If you notice that some of the applications are not working after upgrading your device, firstly try upgrading it from the play store. If still this doesn’t work simply uninstall them.

Now, if you have already upgraded your Canvas A1 to Android M v6.0 we would like to hear from you about all the positive and negative aspects about the same. If there are any questions on your mind, do let us know via a comment below.


  1. Arun D says:

    Have Updated to andriod 6.0 !!

    It has started issue of Battery draining very fast.

    Hope Google helps on the issue really fast.

    Till then carrying charger on the go……….


    Arun D

    • I also faced same battery issue (battery was draining even without using phone) so googled and found one working solution. Wipe cache partition from recovery options during boot.
      For my Micromax a110 it’s like
      1. Press and hold power and volume up while powering off. Boot menu will be shown.
      2. Press volume down to bring arrow to recovery mode. Select it.
      3. In next screen while holding power button press volume up and then release volume and then power button.
      4 You will see a menu with wipe cache partition option select it using volume buttons.

      Problem solved!! Atleast for few..

    • Now I regret buying this phone. I shouldn’t have trusted this company. After M update I can’t have a battery life beyond 4 hours. Really very disappointed by this. They released 6.0.1 update but still battery issue is not solved. Worst company ever. I should’ve bought a Sony instead

  2. Palak Dixit says:

    I updated my Android One to Marshmallow v6.0. I am having so mang issues with thia new version . First of all my Contacts and Phone app are not working properly,battery is draining really fast, phone getting heat up, other apps lIke Opera, gallery, photo editors are not working at all… Please help me in resolving these issues or tell me the method to uninstall this Android version..

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You can either downgrade to Lollipop back or wait till Google releases a bug-fixed update.

      • How can you downgrade?
        I am facing so many issue, sudden reboots, battery draining very fast, few pps are not working.

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Install the stock Lollipop on your device.

          • Anirban says:

            pls tell me in detail step about how to downgrade my A1 from Android M to Lolipop

          • YEs, but How?
            could you please reply back the procees or link where step by step explained this.
            And is it safe to do ?

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            We will be posting a guide on it.

          • “Rahul Mehta says:
            October 28, 2015 at 6:25 am
            We will be posting a guide on it.”

            still waiting for your reply….

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            Hi Anu,

            Yes, it is taking time. I have asked my writer to write on it, once it is posted we will let you know. Subscribe to our newsletter to get informed about it.

  3. sabari says:

    hi I download the android 6.0 and I gave restart and install the phone was restarted but it didn’t update the marshmallow please tell me the reason?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Check your file manager and search the update file in it. If it isn’t present there try upgrading again.

  4. Sushil says:

    Battery draining very
    Wifi not working in Battery option shows battery draining but in notificatio n shows wifi off .
    Network reset not working
    Heats up fast

  5. Sachin says:

    Battery draining very very fast, its from 100% to 40% in <2 hrs. Pls Pls pls pls do the needful…

  6. Hi All,
    Hi All,
    I have updated to android 6.0 Two weeks ago and facing battery drain,over heating etc like most of us.
    Question here is any body knows when will be the next patch update from google(Hopefully it will resolve most of the issues)???
    If there is a patch coming up soon I will wait for it rather than downgrading to Lollipop.


    • Rahul Mehta says:

      There should be a patch coming up from Google as there are many who have reported this issue to Google.

  7. I am also facing the same battery draining issue. Upto the Lollipop version, there is no problem for my Canvas-A1. I am using 3G on my first Airtel SIM only at the time of requirement. Main uses are calling, some Whatasapp, etc. No gaming, etc. If normal usage without any more on Internet, I can use the battery backup for 2 days with Lollipop. But Marshmallow, what can I do?. Can we expect an immediate release of bug-fix from Google. Else what are the step-by-step process for downgrading to Lollipop. I am purchased this phone with great expectations. Please help.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Not sure about the next patch release but there is a high chance that Google might roll a patch update shortly, BTW did you try following what we have mentioned above?

      • Thank you Sir. This is my first Touch AWA Smartphone, purchased for my wife as Wedding Anniversary gift of 2014. You launched the set on 15-09-14 and I am booked on 16-09-14 and received on 19-09-14 and working good just before Android-6.0 update. Till this time, I am trying to clear the battery issue and noted some points. It is noticed that, in frequent days the backup are remains without any problem. But other times if it have 50% above backup before going to bed, next morning it shows 14%, 16%, etc. I checked Wi-Fi/Bluetooth scanning under “Location” properties, disabled Auto-Brightness and reduced manual brightness level to low, not tried to install any anti-virus or other third party apps, changed 3G to 2G (bcoz 3G signals have problem in my area). But these steps not solve my issues. Sometimes if all these are enabled, I can use the phone long time and in other times if these are disabled, I am faced the draining issue. As per Google, Marshmallow is coming with ‘Doze’ for more battery backup, but it is failure, battery backup are go down than previous OS.

        If you can, kindly inform Google team to clear the issue immediately. If it take time to get a new update, kindly inform them to give us if there is any manual settings for the issue.

        Thank you once more for your immediate reply.


        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Hello Ashok,

          Basically you have tried most of the things which I wanted to suggest. Let’s wait for the battery bug fix update.

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Looks like there was a patch update rolled out of 1.8MB, try and let me know.

          • Last two days I in search of that 1.8 MB update, but can’t find it. Check for update in my phone also.

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            Please reboot your device and check again, if it still doesn’t appear go to apps section–>All–> Force stop the software updater and clear cache and data and try again. If still the update isn’t available please wait for some more time.

      • vasudeven says:

        Rahul Mehta ji kindly post guide to downgrade to lollipop from marshmallow as soon as possible
        phone is dying with
        1.frequent reboots
        2.battery draining
        even after 1.8mb patch update

  8. Steffi says:

    Facing the same problems. Extreme overheating, overnight battery drain from 60 to 15% and no wifi and data connectivity. Phone has become as good as junk. Will Micromax service center be of any help? Will they be able to downgrade to Lollipop? Going by last years lollipop issues with the Nexus upgrade, google is going to take atleast 2 months to give an update.

    • bbiswas says:

      I saw the heavy battery drain problem. In different discussions people have suggested rebooting phone after charging. It seems to help me. Please check at your end.

  9. Abhigyan says:

    hello! Rahul mehta its really good that u r listening to our problems of micromax canvas andriod one device
    since many days but as u know I’m also commenting here facing the same problems with andriod 6.0 update first of all i updated to marshmellow on 8th october and from day one i started facing wifi problem ,cellular problems ,phone app problem n the biggest one <> After some days suffering from bloody Marshmellow
    I got very happy getting a patch update of about 1.8mb i installed it ,, But it only cured the phone app problem not the BATTERY DRAINING one ,after that i reseted my andriod device also with full memory card format but again having the same BATTERY DRAINING PROBLEM,, i tried to downgrade to lolipop also but i wasn’t successful coz i was doing the downgrade process as nexus device but thanks to GOD that my device got saved gatting damaged So will u please give a request to GOOGLE about these problems of andriod one device…..
    And one more thing This is my humble request to you that if you know hoe downgrade my andriod one device to lolipop 5.1.1 then please tell me i m begtinmg you for that coz not i cant handle the battery draining problem coz im a heavy gamer after 6.0 im not able to play Asphalt,NOVA and dead trigger 2 plesae for god sake give my request to GOOGle please RAHUL..

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      You can send the feedback to Google from your phone itself, I don’t have the phone with myself personally so unable to do that. Please wait for sometime they might roll few more updates too to resolve the issues.

  10. Mohamed Adnan says:

    My phone battery drains very fast after update to marshmallow

  11. Ravindra Naik says:

    After installing marshmallow on micromax A1 17 days ago (around 17 Oct), the battery is continuously draining, and draining fast. With Lollipop, it lasted for 35-40 hours, now it lasts for 6-8 hours only. The screen brightness is minimum, wife on only at home, location is off, almost all apps are updated, synchronizations are off.
    Located and installed the 1.8MB update, but it had no impact on battery drainage problem.

    Any further updates on marshmallow from google? Or, rolling back to Lollipop is the only option? If somebody can help how to do this, it will be really useful.

  12. Nil Pihulkar says:

    Hello sir, my mobile is Android one
    I downloaded marshmallow 6.0
    And I am firstreted …
    Problem no .1 ) Camera error 2) no download/uploading on any app
    3) no backups contact
    4) some apps unfortunately stop
    5) not capture scrinshot…..
    6) etc…
    What I do sir… Help sir please…

  13. Murtaza says:

    Bro I have got the update,but when I try updating it shows ‘ retry download’.There is no issue I’m WiFi !! Plz help !!

  14. Naveen says:


    Recently i update to latest version 6 i am facing lot of problems

    1. Battery after full charges it stays hardly for 2 hrs
    2 Automatic restart of Phone
    3 Over hating
    4 Unfortunately app closes.

    Please explain the process to go back to kitkat verson


  15. HARISH says:


    I am facing a problem of hardly draining batter of my canvas a1 it shows 14% and suddenly it become 1% and phone must switched off automatically and many of the application facing problem while running and it is over heating. It is request to get a permanent solution for this. Can i back to my lollipop version of android kindly explain the option available to back to the lollipop

  16. Even after 1.8MB update the battery problem is there.

    The surprising thing is some Nexus users are saying that after Android M update battery is good. While some are saying

    it is draining too fast. My Model is Micromax Canvas A1 [4GB Model]

    Even i Cant afford to update apps as most inbuilt apps are consuming too much space….These inbuilt apps cant be

    moved in SD card also. Dont know when google will fix the battery issue.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      There was a recent update which was rolled out for nexus devices and Android One devices are expected to receive the same, not sure though.

  17. Hashtag says:

    The flawlessness is no longer experienced while using the device. It’s slow, full of bugs, cannot run high end graphics game (e.g. Asphalt 8), all the apps are slow to load. Earlier this device (mmx canvas A1) was something to be boasted about but after the update its ruined. Although the update comes with many handy features but the bugs outweighs those features.

    Lesson learned: Don`t upgrade your phone until a new version of the update is launched, else you’d be stuck with a buggy OS.

  18. My device is Micromax A1 and i would like to upgrade to latest software Marshmallow. But it seems that my internal memory have only 350MB left. What’s the better option for me? And how i can get more internal memory in my device?

    • sorry, its 411MB

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      Don’t update as of now, let the issues be resolved first and then think on getting your device updated. Transfer your data from Internal SD to external SD to free up space in your internal SD card.

  19. Hi plz help me. . . I have updated my micromax a1 lollipop to marshmallow after this I’m not able to use so many app like camera, gallery which are related to external memory apps i have inserted sd card of 16gb but then too its shows massage like sd card not found or please insert sd card to use capture camera. But its sd card works to move apps to it plz help.

  20. chandu says:

    the same problem with all micromax a1 users battery draining….
    how to contact the google team???

  21. srikanth says:

    Hi I tried to install Marshmallow 6.0 received through OTA but the installation is failing and getting an Error in @/cache/recovery/block.map(status 7) what does it mean and how to rectify it to install marshmallow in Micromax android one phone

  22. Guys…. No update can fix this issue. Just install stock rom.

  23. Your SD card in marshmallow will be used as an internal memory by all apps. You have to format your SD card to use it and then reinstall the apps. It will definitely work. Trust me i am an Canvas A1 user.

  24. NARAHARI says:


    • Akaah sarkar says:

      I just download some updates of mashmellow (Android 6.0 )in my phone (Micromax A1) but I have faced many problems after that.. So I want to go back in 5.0 Lollipop version …this is the best for me.. So ,sir plz tell me how to possible that !

  25. like everyone, battery issues are a big concern. but my A1 upgraded to 6.0 has a camera issue. images look as of looking in fish eye lens. any help on this???

  26. Yuvraj Bajaj says:

    I upgraded to Android 6.0 and then to 6.0.1. After upgradation, the battery is draining too fast and phone also gets hot. Any solutions please? Can I roll back to Lollipop?

  27. Chiranjeeb Gogoi says:

    Hello Rahul Mehta ji,I have updated my Canvas A1 to Marshmallow version.But since yesterday I have been facing a grave problem,the worst ever than other A1 users.My phone if once turned off never gets restarted.I press the power button,first of all the Micromax logo flashes and then you see swirling circles which never rolls into the word Android and starts the phone.These circles keeps on rolling and rolling for hours and if possible would go for days.It doesn’t reach the next level of starting up the phone properly turning it on or you can use it in any manner. In that hanging process,if you press the power button also the phone doesn’t switch off the power supply.Then I have to pull out the battery which is technically wrong. Then I have to depend on my luck whether the phone will start or not.Kindly provide me a solution sir as I can’t afford another snartphone and I have important calls,msgs,mails etc to make.

    Chiranjeeb Gogoi

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Either flash the stock ROM again or go to service center they can advise a solution to this issue.

  28. sandy14s says:

    try this ,
    ITS a copy paste ,may be it works…
    Hlo friends this post for those who have facing battery
    problem on their phone..FOR ALL NON-ROOTED or
    ROOTED users
    1). first of all download battery calibration
    app… forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t
    2). before celebrating charge your phone at hundred
    percent full ..
    3).then celebrate it ..
    4).after battery calibration use your phone till your
    phone’s battery reached 90 % .
    5).then enable developer options and godown…
    6). then select window animation scale and
    …. and animated scale….. and set the value . 5x to all.
    this makes your phone Two fast
    7).then reboot it.
    8). after reboot go back to Developer option and check
    background process limit .
    9).set it to at most 4 processes.
    10). after this charge your phone again at hundred
    11).after this unplug your phone…… turn on battery
    saver ……turn on flight mode…… and reduce brightness
    at 0 % for one hour …
    12). Don’t do anything with your phone in this 1 hour.
    13). after 1 hour use your phone normally and check
    the battery usage now you will get almost 3 or 4 days
    of talk time.
    For non rooted user charge your phone at hundred
    percent …then rest it for 5 minutes.
    After 5 minutes use your phone till your phone battery
    reach 90%
    …. Then follow the steps from. .5).th point. Its working
    for all. ..
    DO IT NOW. IT’S. 102% WORKING..

  29. always shows ‘ not enough space to download’ even though i have internal memory of 830 MB

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Check your phone memory and not internal memory when you’re downloading apps.

  30. Meenakshi says:

    Hi, i just bought micromaax xpress 4g yesterday and got a system update. After the update the phone is stuck with optimising all apps loop and doesnt start at all.

  31. sourav dey says:

    Should i downgrade kitkat 4.4.4 on canvas a1?is it ultimate solution?

  32. sourav dey says:

    Rahul ji .can you tell me why sd card alwys corrupted on my a1 device? 2 sd card was corrupted…. I have to know is it the problem creating by phone?or misused by me…and another pdoblem is battery draining just like others….so what should i do?roll back to kitkat?,or lolipop?
    And what should i do with memory card corruption…

  33. Ajay Tole says:

    Facing problems with software on my Android One AQ 4501. Play store not working. Update shows error. Contact manufacturer massage displayed. Hope to get help.

  34. barathkumarkaruppanchetty says:

    Om Namasivayah…
    I also feeling the Same aslike Mr.Sourav said.
    My sd card gets corrupted bcoz of this worst update of 6.0
    pls help me how to downgrade this version

  35. Sandesh Kedia says:

    With every latest update, Google gives new problems as a gift. Recently updated on 02 March 2016. So many Apps stopped working like Gmail, Messenger, Hike and the list goes on.
    I have started hating Google and Micromax for it.
    Every update of Android after KitKat(4.4.4 was best) version sucks.

  36. Saharsh says:

    While installing the update, my networks stopped connecting. The phone is unable to connect to mobile data or even wifi. I am able to make phone calls but internet is not working. Due to this, Google Play services has stopped and it is creating problem in a lot of functions like SMS, Mails, etc. Please help!

  37. panchal jay G. says:

    hello..rahul maheta…i have diffrant problem for my phone from others.. ..
    actually in my phone the problem is starting first by shoeing the notice about “unfortunatly map(or any other apps…one by one) has been stop” and this notice is shows continously…i can do anything in my phone…and if i swiched off my phone and restsrt it than its doesn’t switch on..its just shows white screen..i tryed reboot my phone by preesing power and volume key..but it doesn’t working .now to solve this problem i have been give my phone in the care..they applying softwere and solving my problem….but main problem is here….when they are giving me phone back by applying softwere it work good for just few days (up to 15 to 20) days…then after same problem start…i have been gived ny phone in care up to 4 times…they are just apply softwere in it..and give me back. they does not have any other solutiin for it..and its costly for me as my phone is out of warranty to give 250rupees every time…can u help me please to solve this problem….??

  38. Lipika says:

    I m facing btry prblm
    But ignoring dat my main prblm is when someone called me my phn rang but display don’t show the caller’s name
    Nd when we go to phn den dere I see three optns in the keypad
    First one is use touch tone keypad
    Scnd one is go back to call Nd thrd one is add call
    How can I fix this issue
    Plzz help

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      I didn’t get you, can you please elaborate a bit more? A screenshot would help more in understanding.

  39. Lipika says:

    M trying to explain u little bit closer about my prblm
    When someone called on my nmbr
    I just listen d music of my ringtone but d display don’t show caller’s name
    Nd when m trying to receive dat call
    Dear I have to go to phone Nd click d keypad
    Den I see three optns dere which I have olrdy explain above Nd secondly when I clk the second optn then I see the caller’s name
    Now u get the prblm of mine or not ??

  40. Vaibhav Rahate says:

    Is after marshmallow Android one device are getting Android N update???


    Hello guys I have been facing a big problem in my micromax canvas AQ4501 android phone. Phone is not starting after power off it’s keep loading for a long time and after removing battery about 10-15 times some how it’s starting. is there any one have any solution please. current android version is marshmallow 6.0.1.



  43. akash says:

    After update os 6 the phone works good for 2 weeks then suddenly shows Google app shoped unfortunately continually and phone stopped working than move to galary then they downgrade to lollipop after one month I tried to update again OS to 6 and again same thing after 2 week phones stopped working then they downgrade to lollipop then also the same thing happens in lollipop systems all app and OS and setting stopped working and phone is not working what should I do???? this is very good phone but it’s working software very bad

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Please check with the service center about this for a complete solution.

      • Akash says:

        They again downgrading software to kitkat then they send that there is no software of marshmallow in service center official then what should I do

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          The phone might have hardware issues in adopting Marshmallow, Marshmallow updates are still being rolled out on devices. Btw you can stick to Kitkat which is one of the best Android versions that we have. Not at all resource hungry, phone functions smoothly.

  44. Somnath says:

    Sir can I get Android N (7.0) in my Android one (canvas a1) ?

  45. Abhishek M S says:

    My Display doesnot work when I get a call on my Micromax Canvas A1 phone. Please give me some tips.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If the display isn’t working then you should get it checked at the service center.

      • Pratyaksh says:

        Hello Rahul!

        I have updated my micromax canvas a1 android 1 phone to marshmallow. After getting updated, phone went into the rebooting mode, showing optimising 82 apps on screen. This optimising process is going on indefinitely and I cannot start the phone. I have tried to start in recovery mode and everytime same thing, i.e optimising apps comes. After optimisation of apps get over, it again starts same thing again and again. I went to the service centre, hoping that they can put the software back, shockingly guy told me that whole motherboard, around 2000 bucks will be changed as there is no provision of putting back the software back in android 1 phone.
        Please, help me out. I am stuck in a bad situation. My all useful details are stuck inside the phone.
        Thank you.

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Is this solved now? Did you try wipe the data on your phone? BTW you can flash the ROM again but it will wipe the data on your device. It is always advised to take backup of your phone before upgrading your phone.

          • Pratyaksh says:

            No. Its not solved. Could you guide me how to flash the ROM?

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            The guides can be found on various sites, please try looking for the same.

  46. Jeff Martin says:

    I upgraded to Android 6.0 . after that I again got an update. I tried to install it is not getting installed, getting an error during the installation. What should I do?

  47. Hayato says:

    should i upgrade to Marshmallow ? my only worry is about battery backup

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Read all the reviews here and decide 🙂

      • Hayato says:

        I just wanna know .. that .. Google fixed that battery draining Bug or people are still waiting … ?
        if google fixed it i’ll happily upgrade . Thanks

  48. Mayur Savsani says:

    I have updated my micromax canvas a1 to Android 6.0 and it doesn’t support screen mirroring with my Samsung TV. Help me to fix it.

  49. Deepak Vishnu says:

    I updated canvas a1 for lollipop.. amd then for marshmallow.. By the 1st update i lost the sim detection and battery was draining very fast.. so i downgraded to kitkat.. then for the marshmallow update.. phone was restarting and battery was draining very fast..
    Is there any change in the latest update..?

  50. sumit says:

    I try system update but it always say error .how can solve it . I m using micromax canvas a1

  51. deepak says:

    hi, i have downloaded Android marshmellow for canvas A1, but after updating to 6.0 unfortunately google apps stopped working and when i reeboted the phone its doesnt gets started.. and i went to micromax service center the downgraded to 5.1 lollypop and advised to not to go for marshmallow…
    now i am receiving OTA .. what to do…

  52. Ankush says:

    Can I update my aq4501 directly to Android 7 from Android 5

  53. My aq4501 is on android 4.4.4 but showing marshmallow system update pop..but I don’t want marshmallows update….instead I want lollypop update..
    How can I get it..????

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