Top Launchers (Themes) for Micromax & YU Android Phones

The home screen you see when you unlock the device is a part of the Android Launcher that is installed on your device. The launcher is an integral part of the Android Operating System, it helps us organize and keep our apps in check and classify them as suitable to our needs. Every device comes with a preloaded launcher from the OEM, but as everything else in the Android world, there are a lot of third-party options available.

Download Top Launchers for Micromax and YU

If you find yourself bored with the same old screen everyday, and want to do something different for a change, but are too scared to get your hands messed in all the rooting and Custom ROMs then don’t worry as Android allows you to install Custom Launchers via the Google Play Store. There are at least 50+ different type of third-party launchers available, while some of them offer a huge deal of customization, others are minimal. Some might even make your device slower because of the extra useful stuff that’d be bundled alongside it, while some might make your device faster because of their less RAM usage, so it is important to get decided on what do you want to install.

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Top Launchers for Micromax and YU

So today we look at some of the top options available for you to check out and install on your device, they are as follows:

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is not something new in the market, it has been there long and it has survived and is one of the most popular launcher apps in the market. Its ability to customize is next to none. It provides a great deal of features and is highly positive rated app on the play store with a great dev support too, some of the main features are listed below:

  • Theming: Nova allows you with the option of theming, so that you can further customize as per your needs, it can help you colour code your folders, labels, etc further more it has Icon Pack support so you can easily choose the icon pack that feels close to you and install it.
  • Backup: So in case you somehow accidentally end up uninstalling the launcher app, don’t worry then, with the Backup and Restore ability, Nova allows you to keep a backup of your layout and launcher settings to be able to restore whenever necessary.
  • App Drawer Customization: Nova allows you to choose from a lot of custom effects for the app drawer, you can make custom tabs and even choose the layout as horizontal or vertical as per your need.
  • Widget Customization: Nova helps you customize your widgets, it groups it according to the apps and even allows you to place it in the dock below for quick access.


Apex Launcher

Just like Nova launcher, Apex launcher is also one which has stayed long, it has been there from the early versions of Android and is there now for the latest version. Unlike most launchers, Apex aims to provides at some extra necessary features required by every launcher and focuses on that, so here are some of its main pros listed below:

  • Customize Home Screen: Apex helps you customize your home screen, you can easily change the grid size, have more number of home screens and even have a scrollable dock.
  • Organizable App Drawer: You can organize your app drawer via Apex Launcher, you can edit to your needs and make it sort as per your requirements, you can even make it opaque or style it.
  • Privacy Protect: Apex helps you protect your privacy by allowing you to hide any apps that you don’t want to be displayed on your app drawer. It also helps hide any unnecessary elements like search bar etc.
  • Theme Engine: You can install various icon packs available on the play store and use it on apex, you can even install various skins.
  • Minimalistic: Apex Launcher avoids any bloatware and is a simple and lightweight app.


Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is a recent time launcher, yet again it has proved its worth and is one of the top downloaded app in the Launcher segment. It aims to provide a smooth experience and is a neatly organized launcher, further it is truly free of any kind of purchases including in-app ones. Some of its features are:

  • Quicker Navigation: Evie allows you a quicker navigation to the app drawer, just simply swipe up from any screen and access all your apps easily.
  • Pixel styled simple Design: It has a simple Pixel Styled app launcher, furthermore you can customize your icon and grid size too at ease.
  • Custom Personalization: You can do so much more with Evie, besides the normal app shortcuts, you can even add shortcuts to your most popular commands like looking for a place or travelling to such place.
  • All in One Search: Besides easily searching your apps at one place, Evie even allows you to search more than just that, you can find your favorite contacts, food joints, Movies, Shows etc all at one place.
  • Theming: You can easily customize your wallpapers, app icons, layouts all with the help of Evie launcher, so you can truly make it your own.


Action Launcher

Action Launcher is apparently one of the most perfectly material designed launcher, heck it would be not even a lie to say, if it doesn’t gives competition to the original Pixel launcher by Google. This launcher offers you a whole new deal of customization, you can customize its every segment, and has a lot of features, some of which are:

  • Pixel Integrated: Action Launcher boasts to provide you with all of the features of the Google Pixel Launcher that debuted with Android 7.0 Nougat, so in short it is a Nougat style launcher, from the new method to access apps, to the new folder style, it provides all.
  • App Shortcuts: As you know one of the main features of Nougat was quick app access shortcuts, now they are not limited to Nougat anymore, any 5.0+ device can access it, all thanks to Action Launcher.
  • Shutters: This is a unique feature limited to Action Launcher, it helps you extract out your Inbox or Facebook feed without ever opening the native app itself, so that you don’t ever stay away from your social life.
  • QuickTheme: This is another popular feature, that counts for Action Launcher’s rise in the market, it is yet another unique feature that helps you to customize the look of your device with the help of colours extracted from your Wallpaper.
  • Smart Icon Edit: Most of the apps, come with their different unique icons, now most of us may don’t like to install any custom Icon Pack, for them Action Launcher helps to resize the app icons to Material design size recommendation, so nothing ever looks out of place.


ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher has been with us long, the initial launcher stopped getting updates at some time, but the ADW Launcher 2 is a premium, feature-filled launcher. It has a lot of modern features which has yet again help its take its old place as earlier i.e among one of the top launchers in the market. Some of its features are as follows:

  • Theme Support: You can easily configure your desktop, icon, app drawer experience all with the help of ADW Launcher 2.
  • Quick Search: ADW Launcher 2 helps you provide a Quick-app search option just like on the new Pixel Launcher, so that you can easily find an app in the massive sea of things you may have installed.
  • Icon Shortcuts: ADW Launcher 2 also provides you the brand new Nougat features of App-Icon shortcuts, so that you can get the quick access options of any app by long pressing it.
  • Import: The Launcher not only just provides you with the option of backup and restore, moreover it can help you import your data from other launchers too, so that you don’t have to face the hassle of setting everything up again.
  • Widget and Extension Support: Besides the normal widget support, ADW also has its own range of extensions like for Weather, Gmail etc that can be externally installed and added.


Now above, were the list of some overall use launcher, listed below are some specifically themed launchers:

Launcher 8 

Launcher 8 is a Windows Phone styled launcher, while it may not provide great customization option, but if you are a fan of Windows UI and want to try it, then you can go ahead and install it without any second thought.

ZenUI Launcher

ZenUI Launcher comes right from the popular manufacturer ASUS, it provides the ZenUI experience along with a lot of extra customization options, that one expects from such a big name.

MIUI Launcher

If you have been a fan of the MIUI theme from Xiaomi, this is the launcher for you to get you the required experience.


So, which one did you like from the above listed? Do let us know via a comment below.

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