Teewe 2 HDMI Dongle aka Media Streaming Player Review

Everything is going wireless, we have been using HDMI cables with our HDTVs, home theater systems, video game consoles, etc. HDMI cables basically form a standard connection between audio/video devices and obviously they cast a wired connection. This is one of the easiest ways to form a connection between devices and the configuration is easy as well. But what if you want to form a wireless connection between your phone/laptop/computer and your TV? In such cases wireless HDMI dongles help and today we have reviewed Teewe 2 HDMI dongle which was launched by Mango Man Consumer Electronics Pvt. Ltd, an Indian based company.

Teewe 2 Box

Teewe 2 is a small HDMI dongle that helps in forming a wireless connection with one device and the other. Some webmasters have also marketed this device as the Indian answer to the Chromecast from Google. You can use this dongle with your Android/iOS/Windows smartphone, PC or a laptop with your TV or a projector having a HDMI port. Most of the LED/LCD TVs come with HDMI ports so you really don’t have to worry about it, You can use this dongle with your television. If you TV doesn’t have a HDMI but has a USB port you can try getting an adapter/ converter but since I have not personally tested any converter or so can’t say anything about it.


Design & Build quality:

The device is beautifully designed, the size is more than that of Chromecast but still it is nicely built. If the size could have been more small it would look more good, to be precise in letting you know it is like 2 or 2.5 times than that of a standard pen drive (USB flash drive).

Teewe 2 Design


The dongle uses your WiFi connection and you would need to make sure your phone (if connecting phone and TV) and the dongle uses the same WiFi connection. There are few WiFi settings that the Teewe officials recommend, we were already using the same type of settings so we didn’t have to change any settings to connect this dongle. To know more about the WiFi settings to be used please follow this link.


Easy to use:

The setup is very easy, you just need to plug this dongle to the HDMI port of your TV and install Teewe app on your device and that’s it. We have written the setup guide below for reference.

How to use Teewe 2

Inside the box:

  1. Teewe Dongle x1.
  2. Power Adapter x1.
  3. USB Cable x1.
  4. HDMI extender x1.
  5. User Manual x1.

Use of the contents present inside the box:

Teewe Dongle – This is the main item, this will form a connection between the devices.

Power Adapter & USB cable: This is used to provide the power supply to the dongle, we had tested the dongle without providing power supply to the same and it didn’t work so it is mandatory to give a power source to the dongle. If you don’t have an extra port for the power adapter either you can use the USB port of your TV or a power bank to source the dongle.

HDMI Extender – This came out to be useful for us while testing this dongle on our TV, The HDMI port on our TV was on back side and we were not able to plug the dongle directly as there was less space between the wall and TV so we really had to use the extender and it worked swiftly

Teewe 2 with HDMI extender.

User Manual – You can read the user manual to have an idea on how to set up this stick. It has all the details written.

How to set up Teewe 2?

Please note that we had used an Android phone while testing this dongle.

  1. Install the Teewe app on your Android smartphone and as per the company your Android OS must be >=v4.0.
    Download Teewe from Google play store
  2. Plug the dongle directly or with the help of the extender to the HDMI input of your TV or projector.
  3. Your TV might take few seconds to detect it and show upTeewe UI. Make sure to select theinput as HDMI, by default when we use dish with our TV we select AV input.LCD TV showing Teewe Setup
  4. Open theTeewe app on your phone and get started, follow the below screenshots for reference.Teewe App setup on AndroidTeewe App screenshots


It is very easy to set up and with your smartphone you can watch any Youtube video, you would just have to play the video on your phone via Teewe app and the same would be shown on the projector or television. The dongle uses your WiFi connection hence a good WiFi connection speed is recommended. The officials have stated that a connection with at least 4mbps is must however in India people don’t get this much of speed from their service providers.

Below is the image showing a song being played via the app.

Teewe 2 Setup on TV

What we liked about Teewe 2?

  1. Compact size – The dongle is small and it is designed well.
  2. Wireless streamer: The dongle can have the video/audio played from one device to the other and that too without any wires (cable connection), people now prefer wireless devices as they are easy to use.
  3. Easy to use – Even a newbie can set up this without any problem. This is something which is good about it.
  4. Decent price tag – The dongle is priced decently, most of the other HDMI dongles are available at a similar price tag.
  5. Screen mirror over chrome browser tab using Teewe Chrome extension on laptop or personal computer.
  6. Available on universal platform: This can be accessed from iOS/Android/Windows devices and from PC/laptop as well.


What we didn’t like about Teewe 2?

  1. Heating Issue:  The dongle started heating after just 5 minutes of use, we agree this is a wireless device and  users would not have to keep the device with themselves however continuous heating might malfunction internal parts.
  2. Uses Data: This should not be considered as a disadvantage of using this dongle, since it uses WiFi connection the data has to be transmitted from your device to the projector or TV hence it uses your internet data and if you’re on a strict data budget then this dongle is not meant for you. You would have to keep your WiFi switched on till the time you’re using it.
  3. Few app crashes: The application crashed in between and we had to restart it, the app needs few improvements.
  4. Restricted Content: Users can view the content which is present in the app only, you can watch any video available on YouTube and surf the media content present on your device. You can’t stream any game or anything else from your phone to the projector/TV.


Apart from the data transmission from the phone to the television users can also perform the following:

  1. Users can play videos/photos on the projector/TV via PC or laptop.
  2. With Teewe Chrome extension users can actually mirror chrome browser, so you can mirror whatever you’re surfing on the chrome. Mirroring of a phone screen is not supported.
  3. Screen mirroring is supported by Teewe’s desktop application.


If you have any questions about this dongle, do let us know via a comment below.


  1. snehasis says:

    Par yeh dongle to micromax ka nehi hai, mujhe lagta hai, toh phir yaha kyun post kiya??

  2. Hi Rahul! Thank you for lending your support to Teewe 2 with your review. Teewe 2 is now also available on Flipkart, and can be purchased for just Rs. 1,920/- during the The Big App Shopping Days (June 22-24, 2015) through their app. Once again, thank you for your support.

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