How to Stop Auto-download of Apps/Ads on Micromax Phones?

We have noticed a lot of users reporting about unwanted advertisements being displayed on their Micromax devices and in the notification panel and the installation of applications without their permission. The first thought that came into our mind was related to a malicious apps and we used to communicate the same to our readers however this is something related to an internal software package which Micromax couple with their devices and not due to an external application that users install on their devices from Google Play store.

Auto Download apps and ads on Micromax Phones

See, basically if the ads are popping on your device and apps are automatically being downloaded then we would say that your security is at risk plus your data pack is being misused.
Also, no prior confirmation or approval was taken from you people hence this is not acceptable. Every device comes with an option of Software update which you can check under Settings–>About Phone–> System/Software update. On Google’s own Nexus, Android one devices the stock Google OTA services option is present however manufactures usually replaces it with a third-party OTA service application.

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Micromax has incorporated a third-party software update application which is FWUpgrade.apk from Adups which is a Chinese company. This software package is responsible for the intrusion of those advertisements and installation of applications.

Micromax already provides a lot of bloatware (pre-loaded apps) and this automatic download of apps annoy the users.

Below are the solutions for the issue, try following them.

Disable the software update application:  Although you can not simply uninstall that package, you can try disabling it if your device allows. To disable the app, go to settings–> Apps—> All Apps—> Find the software update package and tap on disable. For more information, refer to this guide. Also, if any update is rolled for your device just enable the app again.

Most of the manufactures have deactivated the disable option on the devices and if you’re unable to disable the app then you’d have to root your device first and then the app can be removed easily.

If your phone allows you to disable internet for certain application then try disabling the internet for this software update application.

A detailed article with solution can be seen on this XDA page.




  2. Ashish says:

    I think this problem is causing to all micromax user….. apps are getting downloaded itself…. keeping uninstalling and the time I unistall the apps another app is ready with download and geeting install…..

    I had done all the possible things….. also followed the given process here……

    my data pack is getting misused and at first I think that some of my app is causing the problem so I uninsatall my fav game…. but problem was not sort out…. I asked few of my friends who are using micromax and the also having this problem…..

    Please sort out the problem at your end……
    its a request….

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Use data tracking apps for sometime, check which app exactly is consuming the maximum data. Once you have the confirmed result either disable that app or stop its internet connectivity.

    • Usman says:

      I’m using Micromax Canvas HD Plus. I was also facing the issue of apps installing without my permission (mostly on WiFi). I even had ghost push trojan installed without permission. Then I started to focus on the issue.
      I am not well aware of rooting via PC, I don’t want to put my device at risk. I installed Kingroot which rooted my device, installed Disable Service app and disabled software updates services and finally noroot firewall and blocked its internet access.

      So far no problem

  3. Harmeet sidhu says:

    This is not proper solution I also face this problem many times I disable software update app but after few minutes it will start again ,tell us permanent solution, brand like micromax its a big drawback.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      For permanent solution, please reach out to Micromax officials at

    • Abhijit says:

      Download ‘No Root Firewall’ app from Play store. Then install.
      Just choose ‘Deny’ when Software Update asks for Internet access.

      No root is required. Disabling Software Update does not work as re-enables itself after sometime. tested on Juice 4G.

  4. gitanshu says:

    unwanted mail download and it was happen when i am not using internet

  5. gitanshu says:

    unwanted apps

  6. Irfan says:

    I have mmx canvas nitro a311 my problem was if I turn the internet on always showing the unwanted ads in all apps and notification how do I stop that help me pls

  7. Arvind Parmar says:

    I hate micromax mobile because my mobile in auto ddownloads app and mmobile and very slow ssystems
    I hate

  8. Avanish sharma says:

    I am Avanish sharma ,
    I have Micromax canvas evok The problem is this when screen is off download is stopped automatically . Please tell me how to solve this problem

  9. Gabby says:

    Hi, just bored using micromax canvas a121. I am just fed up with this phone. Instead of having 2GB of phone memory and external of 8GB the phone shows the memory is full still 7GB is unused. And there is no of option to save my downloading on to memory card. Every time I am connected to internet it downloads app and updates, if I uninstall those apps , later they start downloading over and over again and makes my memory full (only phone) and I cannot download anything not even smallest app and every time I try to it shows me , “memory full” or “shortage memory space”I try to delete some apps and install something new, but if I wait long that memory is replaced by some other update, and I am short again. And the phone is stuck and also apps stop running, so I have no option other than to remove the battery directly and get the phone started again( and the most fucking part is I have to do it everyday, no option, its not even 2yrs for the phone). I had reinstalled it , but the problem is still continued.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      For applications you should have space in phone’s storage and as per your problem you should try factory resetting your device once. DO take a backup of your device first and then perform this. Once you factory reset the device, follow the above guide and let me know if you still face any issues.

  10. Micromax chutiya says:

    No root firewall app.
    Thats the only solution i could find.

  11. Abhijit says:

    Download ‘No Root Firewall’ app from Play store. Then install.
    Just choose ‘Deny’ when Software Update asks for Internet access.

    No root is required. Disabling Software Update does not work as re-enables itself after sometime. tested on Juice 4G.

  12. Hariharan says:

    Hi I am hari in my mobile i am getting to much of ad so I need to solve that give me some solution plz

  13. Kalpesh says:

    How to stop add micromax doodle A102 mobile very big problem please solution

  14. Usman says:

    Easiest way to get rid of software update is by rooting Micromax phone.

    Install kingroot. Open kingroot>uninstall tool>inbuilt>system core>software update>uninstall.

    This will remove software update for good.
    PS: you could also remove inbuilt programs & bloatwares.

  15. Madan Pal says:

    Dear sir,
    Did not Remove ads From screen. Plese give me solution about it.

  16. Sweety says:

    I want remove ads automatically please help me its irritating…

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