Best Selfie & Camera Makeup apps for Micromax & YU Phones

Selfies, the social phenomenon for which people have literally given their lives, and are ready to go to any length to get a perfect selfie. Everyone now-a-days love to capture a good closeup of them and put it on social networks. Millions of Seflies are now a basic part of every social network, this is something truly that impacted the world.

Selfie makeup camera app for micromax yu

From smartphone manufacturers to app developers, a lot of people have considered Selfies a basic point of innovation for their products, there are now exclusive Selfie phones available and special Selfie clicking apps. Whether it is FaceBook or Snapchat or Instagram you use, you are in dire need of some good quality selfie applications as our default Android cameras are just not enough to handle our craze and capture our beauty and so, today we look at some top Selfie apps available for Android which are as following:


Retrica, is a widely acclaimed app with very good positive ratings on the Play Store. It is like a photo editing studio right in your hands. The app provides an easy to use interface and lot of features, some of which are listed below.

  • Filters: Retrica provides you with the capability of real time filters, so you can see how you look and click accordingly.
  • Video Shooting: Retrica is not just limited to photographs, one capture video via just a simple LongPress and video can be edited to GIF too.
  • Collage: With Collage you can combine different of your moments together at one place.
  • Share: Sharing to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc is a lot easier via the Share function of Retrica.
  • Stickers,Texts,Stamps: Retrica offers a lot of different stickers and stamps to be added and you can also add custom text.


Candy Camera

Candy Camera, is an app exclusively made to do one job, i.e take Selfies, you can choose from a bundle of filters available and can take stunning selfies at any place via the Silent mode. Features of Candy Camera are as follows

  • Filters: Candy Camera boasts to provide a filter for your every need, to make you look beautiful at every place. With a diverse range of filters to choose from with real time access, you can click the pic you want.
  • Beauty Studio: Candy Camera not only just provides an app to click Selfie, further you can edit them later on. With options like Slimming, Lipstick, blush etc you can hope for the perfect click.
  • Silent Cam: This app saves you from the embarrassment of taking selfies in public, if you’re a shy person then this perfect, take selfies anywhere without making a sound.
  • Collages: Combine all your photographs and bind them together into a single pic to relive your moments.
  • Stickers: Tons of stickers are there for tons of occasions, so go ahead and choose and apply.


B612- Selfiegenic Camera

B612 is made by the well-known Line Corporation, it is a fully loaded and feature filled application, that is available on the PlayStore. B612 offers an exclusive range of features to select from and is one of the must try apps. Some of the features it offers are as below

  • Live Video: When you’re bored with just photos, you can use the live video feature of B612 that allows you to capture a short video with sound, so that you can relive the moment anytime you want.
  • Filters: B612 brags to provide a wide range of unique filters to choose upon for your every need. It offers trendy filters to make every shot glamorous.
  • Beauty editing: B612 helps you do to the beautification adjustments real time while clicking pictures. So you can make your photos more perfect on the go.
  • Rear-Cam Support: B612 is not just limited to the selfie camera, but also supports the rear camera, so you can click and remember the environment too.
  • Stickers: B612 has their own store of stickers too, so add em, delete em, as you feel.


BeautyPlus Me

BeautyPlus Me is a highly acclaimed selfie app for the Android market, which has a lot of positive ratings and tons of downloads already. It offers you the editing quality of professional studios and has a wide range of features as mentioned below

  • Natural Edits: BeautyPlus Me boasts to offer natural quality edits, by keeping in mind the skin tone levels and other things so that the edit is so subtle and natural that no one can even suspect it.
  • Local Language Support: BeautyPlusMe maybe the only one of its kind app to offer support for lot of local languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu etc so that you never stay far from your comfort zone.
  • Smooth Skin: The app promises to make your skin look smoother, you can easily hide all the problems like Pimples, Blackheads by just a tap and come out as a beautiful edition of yourself.
  • Auto edit: In hurry? Just use the automatic Beautification feature of the app to do a quick retouch in real-time and provide you the best results.
  • Selfie Timer: Ever found your hands fumble while click the pic, via the Selfie timer you can click hassle free picture.
  • Professional Tools: BeautyPlus Me offers a lot of other tools to edit the pictures like Blur, Filters, Slim, Stretch etc.


YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is yet another contender for one of the most used Selfie apps on Android platform. It provides a lot of different built-in effects to make all your photographs even better. Get any kind of image you want with a lot of features to choose from

  • Real Time Edit: YouCam offers to add beauty touch ups real-time and quick so that you can check and click perfect pictures anytime, anywhere.
  • Group Support: Selfies are not just limited to a single person, sometimes they are bigger with lot of people in it. YouCam Perfect offers multi-face detection, so that no one misses out on the editing.
  • Full Editing ToolKit: YouCam offers a lot of extra range of features too like HDR, Vignette, Background defocus and Blur, removes blemishes, acne, etc.
  • Video Selfies: Create short live videos at anytime to revisit the time and moment anyplace you like.
  • Background Edit: YouCam offers you the ability to cut out your pic and put it in a brand new background in case the background in which you took the picture is unwanted.

So to conclude, here we have listed the top Selfie app available to download via the PlayStore with features that are suitable for all your needs. So go on and try them and click as many Selfies as you want, but STAY SAFE too 🙂

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