Download Sarahah App for Micromax and YU Android Phones

Android is a widely used Operating System now a days, for those of us who believe iOS is not something suitable for their plate, it is Android all the way for them. Debuted back in the year 2008, Android has grown a lot bigger and so has its other segments which makes it. One of the segments among that is the App market, or popularly known as the Google Play Store. For the common people, Micromax has been one such company that has allowed users to experience the Android OS.

Sarahah for Micromax and YU Phones

The Play Store has over 3M apps on it now, and all of them are available for you to download. While some of the apps are popular and must have, there are other which no one knows about and some which are growing popular with time. One of such app that you must have talked about is “Sarahah”. Only after few months of its coming into existence, the app has about roughly 50M downloads on the play store and still growing fast.

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For those of us, unknown to its existence, the app came from a Saudi developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq and also has a web counter side which came earlier than the application version, but did not become such popular. “Sarahah” is the newest social media fad, and allows user to post up anonymous messages on profile of other users, thus a confession platform. So in case you’ve seen turquoise message screenshots on your social media profile, it is all thanks to Sarahah.

As the developers say, Sarahah allows people to self develop by receiving, constructive anonymous feedback, so in short you can visit anyone’s profile and leave constructive messages. The basic features of the app are:

  • Anonymity : The app brags to ensure your anonymity while posting messages, unless you choose otherwise.
  • Privacy: Sarahah helps you protect your privacy, by only allowing registered people to post confessions.
  • Blocking: The app allows you to block any unnecessary users that may seem to post offensive stuff.
  • Extras: The app allows you to flag or favorite messages you receive as to your pleasure.

Besides its sudden growth, thanks to the internet, Sarahah has also raised up some concerns on how it could lead to online harassment and bullying due to its anonymity feature, as people are free to just about write anything and post it. On the other hand the developer of the app still has encouraged users, to not take it is as a harassment platform and instead make use of it as a self-improvement application.

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Now coming onto, how to install Sarahah app on your Micromax or YU devices, you can use the following procedure and experience the app first-hand and choose your own opinions.

  • Open the Play Store app and search for “Sarahah” in it or use this link.
  • Click on Download and wait for it to finish installing.


Alternate Install Method:

  • Head to the Setting Apps on your phone and proceed to Security and check the Unknown sources option under Device administration.
  • Open the browser on your phone, and search for Sarahah apk file.
  • Once it completes downloading, open the file and simply install the app.

How to use Sarahah on Micromax and YU?

  • Open the app and make your profile and share the link with others.
  • Once someone posts a message, it will show up in your inbox.
  • Flag, Delete, Favorite up the messages and share with the social media if you feel like.

With this now you can too take part in this social happening, but keep in mind, that this could die as soon as it became popular, but it’s too early to say so and you’re free to choose your own opinion of the app.

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