How to Run Internet on PC/laptop Using Micromax Android Phone

Not many of us have 3G/4G dongals or broadband connections at home so to access internet from the feature phone to the personal computer is sometimes difficult. However in case we have an android phone with us we can easily run internet from our smartphone to our personal computer or laptop without any problem. Although the speed would be less if you’re using a 2G connection but it would work like charm with 3G network.

Run Internet on PC or laptop using Android Phone

Firstly, you don’t require Micromax PC suite for this purpose as running internet through it is quite a long process and the guide mentioned below consist of only one or two steps.

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Use internet on Computer/Laptop using USB Tethering

The first guide which we have listed below is through USB tethering. Don’t connect to Mass storage if you’re trying to use internet with this guide. All you need is an USB cable – Connect your phone with Laptop or computer with your phone with the help of a USB cable and follow the steps mentioned below. We have also enclosed the screenshots for the respective guide.

Settings–>More–> Tethering & Portable Hotspot–> USB tethering–> Turn it ON

Use internet on Computer from Android mobile using USB tethering

Once you turn the USB tethering on it will automatically create an internet connection on the computer and let you access the internet.


Share internet with devices using Bluetooth Tethering

With Bluetooth tethering users can run internet on any other device having Bluetooth. For example, users can run internet from one Android phone to the other. Laptops usually have Bluetooth compatibility so the internet from the android phone can be used on the laptop and the same can be done with the personal computer if Bluetooth compatibility is present there. Follow the below steps to turn on Bluetooth Tethering:

Settings–>More–> Tethering & Portable Hotspot–> Bluetooth tethering–> Turn it ON

Share internet using Bluetooth Tethering


Share your Android Phone internet using Portable WiFi Hotspot

Users can make their phone a portable hotspot and other devices just need to turn WiFi On and connect to the hotspot. If you’re worried about the misuse of it then you can apply a password on it (security like WPA PSK and WPA2 PSK) in Set up Wi-Fi hotspot option. Users can share internet with devices like Smartphones, Laptop having Wi-Fi connectivity.

Follow: Settings–>More–> Tethering & Portable Hotspot–> Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot–> Turn it ON

Screenshot for the same:

Share internet using Portable WiFi hotspot

So, these are some of the easiest ways to use your Android phone’s internet on any other device. Kindly let us know via a comment  if you have any doubts or facing any issue while trying to use internet from your Android phone. Also, Share any other method if you know regarding the same with us.

The guides mentioned above works with every Micromax Android phone like all the canvas phones and Bolt phones as well.

So, Which one do you use the most out of the three guides mentioned above?


  1. Jain Jose says:

    Would you please help me to update the contacts. My contacts are presently uploaded from Nokia in csv format. I am not able to retrieve the same in Micormax.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Convert .csv to .vcf – Google about it and then transfer contacts to your Micromax device.

  2. Jain Jose says:

    I would like to know how to share a PC/Laptop internet with Micromax.

  3. Subhagata says:

    Friend , on my new c2c and hd-plus, I see an option of USB Internet. But I cannot use it for proper documentation. I am using Windows 7. Can you plz provide detailed procedure ?


    Subhagata Bandyopadhyay

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Connect your phone with a USB cable with your computer and tap on USB Tethering present in Tethering and Portable hotspot option.

  4. rupali says:

    I hv put on usb tethrng..n icon on mobile but syill not connected to laptop….no intermet acess icon on laptop

  5. venkatesh says:

    Iam micromax canvas conect pc ln usb cabal more tethering hotsput opstion tethered but no internet not conectd plz help me

  6. Ishan vijayvergia says:

    after turning on my wifi hotspot my pc does not get connect to my android

  7. Dinesh Suthar says:

    Can I use USB tethering on my XP desktop?
    Because I have tried but no internet connection…
    Do this tethering occur in win7 PC only?

  8. Jatin Rawat says:

    I have Micromax juice A 177. I read all information but I am not able to connect my mobile to my PC. Please guide me. I have window 7 ultimate on my PC.

  9. Jatin Rawat says:

    I have window 7 ultiimate on my PC which I am not able to connect with my Micromax juice A 177 smart phone.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Any notifications popping out while connecting your device?
      USB drivers installed?

  10. vinay patil says:

    my micromax unite2 connects easily to my desktop for file sharing but micromax android one doesnt connect.Please help.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Any error, pop up message?

      • Tumpa says:

        I have tried connecting my micromax unite 2 With my desktop(XP) for internet connction via bluetooth tethering, followed all the steps mentioned above, phone is connected to my pc also via usb, but still cant access internet on my desktop. I can easily transfer data, when the usb connection is on, but cant access internt when bltth tethering is on. Why, cant understand. No such error msg pop up is also thr while conncting. Even the 2g is quite fast on my phone, and even when i am connctng that sim to the same pc with modem then also intrnet is working quite good. But connecting phone and pc for intrnt via blueth thethring is only the problem.
        Pls help.
        Do i need to install any additional driver on my phone or my pc?

  11. munmun paul says:

    I am not connect to Vodafone 3g internet in my micromax canvas A1 from 22nd october, 2014, Please tell me how can I active internet in my phone?

    Thank you,


  12. anurag says:

    I have micromax android 1 phone.. And I want to connect my phone internet with my lappy through WiFi.. Bt problem is that after oning portable WiFi hotspot it is unable to connect…

  13. nitin says:

    i want to connect mobile 3 g internet to my pc what i do please suggest me. micromax canvace Juice android to pc campartibility software

    Thanks & Regards.

  14. nitin says:

    I have micromax canvase juice android phone.. And I want to connect my phone internet with my pc through WiFi.. Bt problem is that after oning portable WiFi hotspot it is unable to connect…

  15. tamil says:

    thanks is good

  16. Avinash says:

    can anybody suggest the exact link for micromax canvas juice 2 AQ5001 model PC Suit

  17. Madhusudan says:

    Sir, GoodAfternoon,
    One month back I have procured YU4711, but still I can’t connect USB tethering as above told tips. I also ref micromax service center they told some software need to install & 1 day you have to leave the set for installation.
    Internal memory also not showing with PC.
    Request, please resolve, If possible.
    Thnx & Regds

  18. ramnaresh kushwaha says:

    hi , i have micromax a94 mad mobile other micromax mbile connet net thrugh nokia 2690 bluetooth but in my mbile internet option in bluetooth not show.pls suggest me

  19. vashisht says:

    whenever i use my pc internet on my phone the internet connection doees not work. find me as solution and for your sake of convenience let me tell you that all other platforms till now have worked smooth but not micromax series of smartphones. please find me a solution thank u .eagerly will be waiting

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      How are you using your pc internet on phone? I would like to know the medium first. Let me know.

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