How to Install Two Whatsapp on Micromax or YU Android Phone?

Wondering if there is any way to use two Whatsapp on your Android device? Most of the Micromax or YU devices come with Dual SIM compatibility and people often use Whatsapp on only on number as few of them aren’t aware if they could also install Whatsapp for their second number. In this post, you’ll get the details on how you can run 2 Whatsapp on Micromax or Yu Phone.

Two Whatsapp on one Micromax Phone

There are already few Android smartphone manufacturers offering App clone feature, Xiaomi with Dual Apps with MIUI, other with App clone, etc. If your device maker doesn’t offer this feature by default then there isn’t anything to worry as there are still many options to run multiple Whatsapp on a single phone.

Whatsapp is not currently offering this option in their native app hence you would need to use the other way around, I’ve mentioned two methods below for reference.

How to Use Two Whatsapp on one Micromax Phone?

  • Use App clone application available on Play store (Prefered method):

There are few app clone applications available on play store which allow you to create a clone (copy) of an application already present on your phone. So the prerequisite is that the app, in this example Whatsapp must already be installed on your phone before applying this method.

One such application is Parallel space which is quite popular with downloads in 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 range currently.

Download Parallel Space Now

The app is compatible with Android 4.0.3 and above. Just install this app via play store and make a clone of Whatsapp and do the registration for your other number.

If you’re having hard time with this app then try out the other apps such as App Cloner.


  • Use Apps Such as Dual Whatsapp:

This is a clone itself, apps like this are going to show you ads so use if you really want to. I would personally recommend the above method as with that you can clone other apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc. with a single app itself. If you want to use this simple option then download and install it via play store.

Download Dual Whatsapp Now


If you have any questions or would like to suggest anything, use the comment box down below.

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