[Guide] How to Root & UnRoot Micromax Canvas Turbo A250

Today we are going to root the latest release of Canvas series, Micromax Canvas Turbo. This is another awesome addition to Micromax Canvas series with some great specs. Canvas Turbo is a 5’ Screen phone with a 1.5GHZ Quad core processor and 2GB ram which makes this device perfect for HD games and for seamless multi tasking. It’s backed up by a 13mp camera and runs on  Android 4.2.2 Jellybean. It boasts a Full HD 1080P display. These are some awesome specs of this phone. Root Micromax Canvas Turbo with the help of the guide present below.
Root & UnRoot Micromax Canvas Turbo

Before you start following the rooting guide make sure you read all the necessary details and the requirements, also we have answered few questions that rolls in the mind of users who look for rooting their Android device.

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  • First of all, Why should you root?

Rooting gives you superuser access, you can delete all unwanted apps(system apps too). You can try special mods , etc.

  • Does rooting void warranty?

Yes it does, but you can unroot or flash stock rom to claim back your lost warranty.

How to Root Canvas Turbo Without PC ?


  1. Phone
  2. Framaroot apk file which is available to download from this link.


  1. Download framaroot and install it
  2. Open the app and select super su
  3. Click on Boromir
  4. Reboot.

If rooted successfully , you’ll find a super su app in the app drawer or you can try Root checker from play store.

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Root Micromax Canvas Turbo [Method 2]

The above mentioned method doesn’t requires a PC but the method mentioned below requires a PC/Laptop.


  1. Rooting Kit Download Link
  2. MTK Drivers Download Link
  3. Enable USB Debugging. Follow : Settings– > Developer options –> Enable USB debugging.

Steps :

  1. Install drivers.
  2. Unpack the rooting kit
  3. Connect your phone to PC.
  4. And run run.bat file from the extracted MTK6589 Auto Root folder
  5. Press any key to root your phone.

Once done your phone is rooted and if you think you have rooted your phone successfully, You will find a super su app in the app drawer. You can also try Root Checker from Playstore to check the rooting stats.

How to unroot Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo?

If you want to unroot , just open super su app and go to settings and swipe down and click on full unroot.

If you have any kind of doubt regarding the rooting process leave a comment below this post. We will answer asap!


  1. Abhishek says:

    Just wanted to know whether anyone has yet tried these steps….and hope it worked???
    Pls do notify whether these methods worked perfectly or not…Thanks…!

    • Umesh Kumar says:

      i have tried the framaroot and i strongly recommend that it is safiest way to root MMx canvas turbo..it works fine and gives full control in owner hand

  2. Muthukishor says:

    You just mentioned that, “If rooted successfully , you’ll find a super su app in the app drawer or you can try Root checker from play store”. I doubt what will happen to my phone if not rooted succesfully? will my phone go useless crap of solid plastic after that.? kindly tell me

    • Abhishek says:

      Dude you can easily updte the firmware again…but yeah even i dont want to take risk thats why even i want to know is this apk working or not

    • Your device simply have no super user..
      if it fails , u won’t get the thing..
      it doesn’t affect your device

    • Umesh Kumar says:

      framaroot doesnt affect device as i know it propt instantly regarding weather its been rooted or not

  3. Sebastien says:

    I just tried and no problem during installation.
    But SuperSU doesn’t work and I got this message “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!”

  4. Prakash says:

    Hi Admin,

    From last two days my turbo is acting nonsense…getting off and on time and again…yesterday night it got switched off and not getting on? Not getting charged and its dead now? How to rectify this thing which is pissing me off?


  5. P-Drugg says:

    hello admin. worked well and good. but when i open super su, it displays a message “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it!”.
    pls help me solve this
    thank you

  6. Jeet.S says:

    how to install roms on the micromax canvas A250
    i have one and i am done with the rooting of the phone
    now i just wanna know that how should i install roms to customise my UI


  7. asif vs says:

    whether the unroot proces can reset counter value to zero…?
    plz reply…

  8. Suyash Oak says:

    please help..what is enable pro feature in supersu after rooting with framaroot

  9. Which version of framaroot ?? As ur link doesnt work now so it will be helpfull
    Is it 1.4.1??

  10. Murugesan R says:

    Can u anybody solve my problem please? In my Canvas turbo camera, Gallery & Flash light aps not working frequently. But after few hours or next day it working automatically. 2 times i was reset my cell. I could not rectify. Pl tell me the solution.

  11. sundeepraj bamboly says:

    hello admin. worked well and good. but when i open super su, it displays a message “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it!”.
    pls help me solve this
    thank you

  12. Dear Rahul,
    bro my phone is successfully rooted thank you!
    Now what is the method to get back to stock so i can sooner or later update to the KitKat official version if its going to be released without anyone knowing i had rooted it… hence avoiding warranty void issues?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Since you’ve just rooted your device only, you need to unroot it again.

      • Yes.. i understood.. one last question.. please 😉

        After i unroot it.. how do i revert back to a MMX A250 stock rom? cz right now im running a custom ROM
        I ask this because… to be able to update to the MMX KitKat official version… (i dont think you are supposed to have a non official ROM present on your device at the time of update)? right?
        any guidance there please?

  13. how to upgraded android 4.4

  14. Aarunya Paliwal says:

    Guys! I need help out here. I downloaded the Framaroot Apk file. But when i go into is and select SuperSU exploiter and tap Boromir it says failed. Try another exploiter. What should i do now? Please help…

  15. mohit says:

    mujhe kuchhh samjh ni aa rha ki kaise karu unroot …… micromax spark 3 q385 h ???? plz help

  16. Charanjeet Singh says:

    Method says: It’ll work by selecting SuperSU in Framaroot Apk (as mentioned above in instruction) and by clicking on exploit- Borormir. It doesn’t work! A PopUp show “Failed.. Try another exploit if available (Error #9)”. But there’s no other exploit available except “BOROMIR”! Same problem in SuperUser also. PLZ HELP!!

  17. Mr. Singh says:

    After selecting SuperSU in Framaroot Apk and then by clicking on BOROMIR a PopUp shows “Failed… Try another exploit if available (ERORR #9)” bit there’s no other exploit availabile except Boromir.

  18. S kumar says:

    Just making fool, nothng is working first u can nvr root android by just downloading some app, go to some best mobile software or service centre they will root. Don’t waste ur time for this app developers bastard, they just want that their app sud be download at any cost even if their mothers are fucked.

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