Easy & Fast Method to Root & Unroot Micromax A116 Canvas HD

Micromax Canvas HD is one of the most popular smartphone among Canvas range. It’s quite strange to note even after the launch of upgraded smartphones like Canvas Doodle 2 and Canvas 4 this smartphone is still ranked the most favorite one among all. Not to forget this is one of the smartphone which went out of stock after its release for a long long time. We received lots of queries regarding the rooting guide for canvas HD so here we present the easiest and one of the fast way to root canvas HD A116.

Micromax canvas HD Rotting Guide

Before you start following the rooting guide, do read the FAQs which will help you to clear out some of your doubts.

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Some FAQs:

  • Will I lose warranty?

Yes. You will but You can Unroot it and claim back or flash stock ROM with SPTools. This is a plus point of Canvas devices. 😀

  • I rooted But my Android OS Version is still the same?

Well , rooting wont upgrade your OS , but rooting and installing recovery and flashing an upgraded version of OS will (Stay tuned for a guide of installing recovery and updating through it)

So this is the most easiest way of rooting your Canvas provided by us.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Rooting Requirements

What You need ?

1.Drivers :

You can use the Cynus T1 drivers which can be downloaded from this link.
Or You can install PDANET and connect your phone to install drivers automatically.

Also Some readers reported that ‘motochopper’ does not work. If it doesn’t, then install Moborobo. It installs drivers for MT6589 based devices. Then use motochopper.

2. Phone 😛

3. Motochopper  , this is a script based fast tool for rooting your device.


[Steps] How to Root Micromax Canvas HD Device

  1. Install the drivers and restart.
  2. Then connect the phone to PC as MTP (Media Storage) and enable USB debugging (settings–>Developer Options–>USB Debugging).
  3. Extract the Motochopper tool archive somewhere.
  4. Run the motochopper tool now(Click on run.bat). Wait for it. It will reboot the phone automatically and it’s done.
    *Be sure to run it as admin.*


After this, You will find a Superuser application in your app drawer. Note Your phone is now fully rooted and you have full access over it.

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Now we’ll guide you how you can Unroot your device. Unrooting may let you claim the warranty back iff the officials aren’t able to encounter that you rooted your phone in past.

How to Unroot Micromax canvas HD

  1. Open SuperSU app
  2. SuperSu > Settings > Full Cleanup
  3. Manually reboot.

If You’ve any kind of doubt related to the rooting stuff listed above, kindly comment below this post. We will answer asap.


  1. hardik bhatnagar says:

    does this way rooting work for version 4.2.1 as well ???

    • Not tried. u can try and report back

      • deepesh says:

        i’ve tried for 4.2.1.the process went fine and i can see super user in my app drawer when i click it it asks me recovery install or normal instal…no matter which one i press it shows that some error occured and it cannot be installed..pls tell me a solution

      • deepesh says:

        it is also showing me that “there are no superuser policies!”

    • Devendra says:

      Yes, this method works for Android 4.2.1 also. I have tried and tested.

      • Can u tell me how to root mmx 116
        Bcz in 4.2 jelly Bean developer option is not in settings so usb debugging is not possible

        • The above method is for rooting canvas HD running on 4.1.2.

        • Amit says:

          USB debugging option is inside developer options which is hidden in 4.2. Goto settings> aboutphone> tap build# 4-5 times. this options up the developer options in settings. access developer options and you will find USB debugging option

          • Go to setting then about phone then build number press bulid number for 7 times. Now you are developer and developer option is now available

        • gaurav says:

          click on build number in settings>about phone 8-10 times……it wil activate developers option in settings

    • gaurav says:

      yes it does……i tried.

  2. i am unable to root my canvas hd by any way.

    • Have you tried the method present above?

    • anmol d says:

      i m fail to root my canvas hd a116 by both method
      1-by motochopper
      2-by su-bin & recovery file
      please tell me any other method for my android version jelly bin 4.2.1

      • Please install drivers properly and try again.
        The info u provided is so less to help

        • Sir I have same problems driver not found I also installed frm mx official website driver Cygnus t1 but same problem arrived

    • muneet says:

      If u unroot your phone
      Plz tell me
      I also have canvas hd

  3. kamlesh rathod says:

    after rooting my sim is not detecting what should i do please suggest as soon as possible


  4. rooting can never ruin your sim or anything.
    Just restart Your device, change connection ROM 2g to 3g or try another sim

  5. kausik says:

    hey can u say me how to downgrade to 4.1(default software out of the box) as i am facing some issues.. thanks in advance

  6. plz hlp me..i bought a 2nd hand can hd …bt whn i switched off it shows samsung logo…its software has been changed …it hasandroid4.2.2 and almost works like s4 …can i revert it back to factory setting…itz jst 3month old

  7. Piyush says:

    I have rooted my Canvas HD & using ROM of Canvas Turbo. My sim is not being detected & it say, “invalid IMEI”
    Please help me. I wanna use my cell:(

  8. Piyush says:

    Please Sir! Help me unroot my phone! I am not finding superSU in my cell.
    And I don’t have a backup of my stock ROM

  9. Prasanna says:

    What precautions should I take while rooting canvas hd?

  10. Sandeep Sharma says:

    What if while rooting going on,due to some failures like connection failure or power failure,rooting process get interrupted in the middle of the whole process.Will i able to have access to my phone afterward???!!!!

  11. My laptop not connected with my can HD driver problem detected pls help me

  12. Hi there u said this is how to unroot it again

    How to Unroot Micromax canvas HD

    1 Open SuperSU app
    2 SuperSu > Settings > Full Cleanup
    3 Manually reboot.
    In both process rooting n unrooting is there any kind of data loss take place????


  13. Gaurav says:

    Where do i install the drivers in my pc or in my phone

  14. Vyash Rahul says:

    Hi sir, i am planing to buy the micromax canvas HD A116i which is the updated version of A116, so will the rooting method for that will be different form this?? please let me know as soon as possible..

    thanks in advance

  15. Where we have to install the driver in phone or pc

  16. sanket says:

    if it is error in rooting my phone will crash ?????

  17. sanket says:

    my os didnt change is it rooted

  18. utkarsh says:

    i have updated my canvas hd into 4.2.1 how to root it now???

  19. Neha Nidhi says:

    How to save all the applications on external sd card by default in micromax canvas hd a116i instead of internal sd card or phone memory?pls,reply as soon as possible.

  20. neha nidhi says:

    Pls,explain the method to root and unroot micromax canvas hd a116i?all applications are being stored in phone memory instead of internal sd card.i dnt knw y?pls,provide some solution ss soon as possible

  21. Hello sir
    I am install CWM in my canvas hd A116 and manually install su and su bin file. And it is in my cell but my mob is not rooted. I am trying it with so many other method but its not rooted. My mob sys is. 4.2.1 what will i do.
    And also i am trying with motochopper but there is another problem it says mob have already su apk file so setup is failed.
    I really dont know how can i fix it plz help me!!

  22. mallik says:

    Hi, have got 4.2.1 canvas HD. Have tried using PDANET, Moboribo n Motochopper, but not able to root. says adb not recognied aas internal or external command. Is that OK. It also says exploit complete. What shld I do after that?

  23. rajan says:

    i rooted my phone as per direction written here but after rooting my sim is not dectected in micromax canvas hd 116

  24. rajan says:

    after rooting my canvas hd 116 it is showing that superuser is installed but it is not detecting signals .sim is not detected ? i think this problem is related to the drivers given here

  25. Hey don’t worry about the warranty after rooting the person sitting in service center is just connect your phone to computer open sp tools and upload software to the phone his work done, this is how all the problems related to software are solved in my area service center. I actually corrupted my rom by using a font app my phone is rooted then also i get a free repair. Actually they are not going deeply inside the phone they just connect and upload the software for every problem related to software whether you lost your password to lockscreen or your phone is stuck at boot image after doing some font change. at least i seen this in my area service center maybe also applicable for ur area service center too.

  26. rakesh says:

    HI Sir ,
    I am using micromax hd 116i.Iam unable to view the developer tools in the setting .what was the problem

    • Sunil Gupta says:

      U just 1st go in Settings=>About Phone=> & then click on “Build Number” at least 4 to 5 times then ur developer option will come in settings

  27. Hi
    How can I install jellybam rom in my micromax A116 HD

    Please help us

  28. Asharaf tadavi says:

    Mera phone recovry ke dono zip file install nahi ho rahe hai

  29. ashish says:

    how to reuse stock ROM backuped by ROM manager

  30. FARHAN says:

    izz tat sumthin in blue # after ROOT ??

  31. Did it!
    It was soo simple and fast. Thanks admin.

  32. Any possibility of brick the device in this method?

  33. sarbeshwar singh says:

    this is nt happening i tried it but same problem it is hanging and if i close the screen then it takes 10 15 min to be displayed

    PLZ help

  34. muneet says:

    Sir i want to root my canvas hd plz help me and tell me

    Is it risky

  35. Vaibhav Rai says:

    Option of full cleanup is not present in settings of superuser

  36. Pavrockkkkkzzz says:

    Is this method valid for canvas 2 jb…..is????
    I wanted to root canvas 2 also…plss tell me…asap…!!!

  37. amrish patel says:

    ek dam assal…………………..jordar bou jordar

  38. harsha says:

    i have rooted my canvas hd by seeing the above steps ………..i insatlled root checker and ckecked its showing root access not found wat to do please please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. hitesh kumar says:

    I m having canvas HD A116 & have rooted my device as per steps given on the app “Rootland” but I haven’t backup my custom ROM with ROM manager actually I don’t how to do it. also I have contact this problem through the app to the developer but they suggest your site through email. the problem I m facing is when i open the device using volume keys & power button & try to go through recovery mode a danger is shown with Android logo with Seth written in Chinese which I cannot understand.so pls.help me how can I back up my existing ROM before rooting (as I have unrooted) through ROM manager & suggest me an app to back up everything before rooting.

  40. How to root my mmx 116
    Bcz earlier i updated my mobile from mmxcare after that developer option is not there so usb debugging is also not .then how i root my mobile

  41. satyendra says:

    I am not able to root my canvas hd (4.1.2), when I run ran.bat file with admin right it thorws below error.

    ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command.

    Please help me as i have tried all option listed in your article.


  42. subrat sahis says:

    It not working on my micro ax canvas HD plz give me some solution…

  43. Somnath Roy says:

    I had rooted my phone.
    I installed a font changing app. I rebooted the phone as instructed by the app. Now my phone is stuck in the splash screen. It’s basically bricked.
    I tried a hard reset, but it didn’t work.
    I left the phone like that for some time. The battery ran out, but the phone didn’t start.
    I thought that I might try flashing the ROM, but, the phone wouldn’t start and isn’t being detected.
    Please help.

    • Connect USB n charge your phone , it won’t show anything but it will charge…keep it for 1 hour and then try SP tools and flash.

      • Somnath Roy says:

        I tried that technique. I thought upgrading the software might do it for me. But, the phone isn’t being detected.
        And when I tried to flash a ROM, the process fails.
        Could you please tell me how to do it properly? I’m fairly new to Android.

  44. Gautham says:

    I can’t see developer option in settings menu. i’m using canvas hd running on android 4.2.1
    pls help me admin

    • locked, you can unlock it by tapping on Build version 5 times.

      • Gautham says:

        Thanks.. i unlocked the developer options. i have an another query. Do i need scratch card for my canvas hd? i heard that chd is scratch resistance..

        • admin says:

          No its isn’t. Get a scratch less lamination or screen guard on the screen.

          • shubham says:

            Hey admin please help
            In my Micromax canvas HD A116 super su and superuser app install then what will be the next steps..
            Reply fast…..

  45. Priyank says:

    1-what will happen if the rooting process don’t complete successfully.
    2-can I use the above method to root my mmx canvas a116i running on 4.2.2.

  46. Rohit says:

    Im using canvas hd a116
    how much time is it required to get the phone reeboted??
    ive been waiting from 15mins it still shows daemon started successfully and nothing else..
    the phone is not rebooting..

  47. it says adb not recognized…

  48. shrey says:

    Dont u have any video link how to root canvas HD

  49. shrey says:

    While rooting do we need 2 take out battery and sim card in any process on connecting HD to pc

  50. Sheikh Imtiyaz says:

    superb! just done it within 2 minutes…
    was waiting for kit kat update but micromax will release it perhaps after a decade now…
    thanks dear…

  51. Sathyaveer says:

    I am unable to do tp upgrade on my phone. It is asking for tp upgrade whenever i switch it on. how will i do?

  52. Akarsh says:

    After rooting can i update my mobile when official micromax announces updates???

  53. Talwinder says:

    Hi, After installing SU and doing Clean Up, I rebooted my phone..
    What else I need to do to update to 4.3

  54. garry says:

    I can’t find usb debugging. Where is it in micromax canvas hd a116

  55. Anand Jaiswal says:

    Is there any way to root Mmx C-Hd without pc (100% safe & easy) ..

  56. Devesh says:

    it says adb not recognized…

  57. Sumit says:

    Can’t believe it was just pressing enter two times……………………………
    Thanks man super easy…………………

  58. Shri says:

    Dear Admin,
    i rooted my canvas hd 116, now the fone wont boot up. went to the customer care and they informed me that the mother board is dead. i cross checked and found battery is dead. will the battery charge even if the rooted phone is asleep and connected to charger and will the phone boot?

    please help as the customer service guys mentioned a huge cost involved.

    Thank u in advance 🙂

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You can charge the battery with what we call it a Chinese charger first and put it back in the phone.

  59. Abhinav Nigam says:

    Can a phone brick while unrooting.?
    I need to unroot my canvas hd..

  60. gurmeet says:

    not showing USB debugging mode what will i do plz help?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Go to Settings–About Phone–>Build number–>Tap on it atleast 5 times. Developer options will be unlocked. Open it and enable USB debugging.

      • gurmeet says:

        Its working now thanks fr ur support but there is one more problem whenever i reboot my phone or shutdown and restart whole battery get drained out plz tell me that if battery has damaged or there is hardware problem which action should i take, my phone warranty has over. Plz help!!!!!!

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Reset the battery stats. You can Google regarding the same. If the battery issue has been persisting since long, try using a new battery.

          • Gulshan Arora says:

            I have an issue with micromax A116i, when switch on its not getting charge neither from charger nor from USB option, also not detecting USB when connecting it with PC. hard booted & wipe out option taken but still the problem persist, pl help

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            Charging port needs to be checked.

  61. Sunil Gupta says:

    Hi Rahul,
    I want to Root My Canvas HD plus A190 phone, but I have tried to Root my phone some of this type of method as u mentioned above but wo aaise nahi ho Raha hai,
    Bcoz I think Canvas HD plus root method is something different,
    So plz can U provide me some link with details to Root my canvas HD plus A190 phone ?

  62. aravind says:

    I rooted my canvas hd wit pdanet… it worked n I installed lcd resolution app to decrease its resolution… it worked wen I gave access for super user for 10 mins… n wen I changed it to permanent my mobile didnt turn on… it got struck with canvas hd logo…wen I gave it to service centre they told me to change mother board… I think there was no any problem regarding board.. pls help me

  63. Ganesh says:

    Successfully rooted by this method!!!

  64. Baljinder Singh says:

    I rooted my canvas hd by frama
    root. Is my phone is fully rooted by using framaroot application

  65. Parvej alam says:

    my canvas hd got hard bricked,now it’s not starting ,not charging ,even when i tried reflashing with stock rom am not able to detect with drivers,i know that mtk phones are unbrickable,but surprised that my phone bricked ,help me pls

    • Rahul mehta says:

      Install stock ROM that’s the only way
      Try to reinstall phone drivers and then try

  66. Bonny Sebastian says:

    Hi i got a rooted canvas hd a116. But i cant unroot it. When i click on SuperSU app icon, it shows SU binary needs to be updated and i click to update but it shows installation failed!. Can you please help?

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