[Guide] How to Root Micromax A190 Canvas HD Plus?

Micromax Canvas HD Plus A190 is the first phone by Micromax featuring the hexa core chipset. It packs up quite a good combination of hardware specs including a Hexa-core processor from MediaTek. It operates up on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 coupled with 1GB RAM and 5 inch display with gorilla glass protection.

Root Micromax Canvas HD Plus

Before going ahead, We would like to point out the fact that rooting voids warranty however one can unroot the device to claim it back.

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Why to root?

Our Android devices can do various wonders, but for all those there is a necessity called ROOT. We need to root our device to do all the awesome mods. Rooting is a basic process which helps us to gain administrative rights which are further needed up by specially written apps to do all the different mods available.

Most of the people think that rooting will damage their device, but there is nothing like that. It is true that one loses the warranty, but you can always flash the STOCK ROM and get back your phone as it was on the first boot, also we’ll like to make one thing clear that Rooting alone won’t help, it just provides you the Superuser access which is needed for after mods.

So before we proceed towards the process of rooting you would need to download these few goodies:

  1. MTK USB Drivers For Micromax devices(Only If not installed)
  2. SP Flash Tools
  3. Scatter File
  4. Root File
  5. MTK Droid Tools

And ensure your device has at least 75% + battery and you have enabled USB Debugging. If not go to setting>About Phone>Tap the build number 4-5 times and that will enable developer settings.

Settings–>Developer Options–>enable USB debugging.



We should not be held responsible if you brick your device by following our guide. If you’ll carefully follow the steps mentioned below you can root your device without any problem. Drop a comment below this post if you’ve any questions.

Root Guide for Micromax A190 Canvas HD Plus

  1. Install the USB Drivers If they are not already installed on your PC.
  2. Copy the root file on your device’s internal memory, don’t keep it in any folder just let it be there.
  3. Pull out the device’s battery, and while it’s turned off connect it to your computer via USB cable.
  4. Extract out all the files of SP flash too, and double click on Flash_Tool.exe to open it.
  5. Load up scatter file by clicking on scatter button and select the file you just downloaded and then return back to read back entry.
  6. Click on “Add” and tap on added read back entry.
  7. Select any path or directory to save up the file and then click OK, then write 0x03d80000 in length and click ok.
  8. Now click on read back and take out the battery of the phone and connect it to the computer using USB Cable and wait for it to complete up.
  9. Once you see a green circle on screen, close SP tools and Turn on the phone.
  10. Now Run the MTK Droid tools which you downloaded and it will detect the phone.
  11. In MTK droid tools click on “Root, Backup and Recovery” tab.
  12. Click on “To process file ROM_from Flash tool”.
  13. Locate the file you got from read back and select it and click on make CWM automatically.
  14. Now wait up again, once completed you will get a SP Flashable backup in MTK droid tools/backup.
  15. Now open SP Tools again and click on Recovery tab and select the CWM Recovery made by MTK Droid Tools.
  16. Click on download button there will be a warning popped up, but don’t worry about it.
  17. Now all you have to do is boot up into recovery and you can do that by pressing and holding Volume up+Volume down+power key simultaneously. Then select the recovery mode and select install ZIP from SD card and then use the volume rockers to scroll up and down and power button to make a selection.
  18. Select the Root file you placed in your phone.
  19. Rooted!


Having any trouble following our guide? Let us know via a comment below.


  1. Does it works. Have you tried it.

  2. Samsing says:

    dear sir, how to root my micromax canvas 2 Colour A120 I wanted to root my phone please help me and guide me.

  3. You mention to pull out the battery in 3 & 8,
    When will i place the battery back into the phone in between these steps.

  4. Arun KAdyan says:

    sir as u sad in point
    10. Now Run the MTK Droid tools which you downloaded and it will detect the phone.
    where to run that…..in PC or in phone …..then how to run that because it is a rar file

  5. arun kadyan says:

    sir it means u r saying sp tool as MTK droid tool….
    and also in point u say
    11. In MTK droid tools click on “Root, Backup and Recovery” tab.
    there is no “Root, Backup and Recovery” option in there

  6. Gautam says:

    Option 5. after clicking scatter botton which file should i select?

  7. Gautam says:

    10. Now Run the MTK Droid tools which you downloaded and it will detect the phone.
    MTK Droid tools is sp flash tool v5.1325 right? but im not getting this option “Root, Backup and Recovery” tab. in mkt droid tool . plz help me with this.

  8. victor says:

    Hi please explain step 10 and 11. I downloaded this 23 mb file but inside is sp flash tools v5.13. Which application I am supposed to run after that.

  9. victor says:

    OK brother the links you provided for droid tools is wrong, it is not droid tool in content. Anyway I got droid tool from other place. Now I have a new problem, in step 15 you said to open sp tool and click on recovery tab, but there is no recovery tab in sp tools. Please help.

  10. victor says:

    Thanks for your help admin. Finally I have rooted my mmx a190. Also please note that we reboot into recovery by pressing vol up + power alone.

  11. amit says:

    Copy the root file on your device’s internal memory, don’t keep it in any folder just let it be there. How is this step done?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Don’t add the file to any folder, just let it be inside internal memory.

  12. Subhagata Bandyopadhyay says:

    After rooting A190 in this method, how can it be unrooted ? Is there any such tutorial ? Further , the scatter file used here is for MT6592, not 6591 as of A190. Also, Root file is for Unite-2.

  13. vikram says:

    in step 8 my device is not detecting and no green circle appears at all.

  14. Akshay says:


    I did a format followed firmware+update with the stock ROM using SP tools. Now the phone is all messed up – doesn’t boot. Some weird colors are shown on screen (it appears to be booting but the display is messed up – can’t make out anything). I can hear the sound that plays when logo is displayed.

    Is there anything I can do? I can still use SP tools and flash. Can I flash CM using SP Tools?


  15. usman says:

    I don’t get it when you are turning the phone on and off. In step 3 you said to take out the battery of phone and connect it to PC (i.e without the battery I suppose) then after SP flash tools in step 8 also says to take out the battery of the phone again & wait for green circle.
    Every time you are asking to remove the phone battery I suppose you are turning off by pulling the battery & placing back battery OR are you just connecting the phone without the battery.

  16. link for droid tool and MTK file is not working

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