How to Root Micromax Canvas VIVA A72 Android Smartphone

Micromax Canvas Viva is a low budget android smartphone like other smartphones present in canvas series . The phone runs on android 2.3.6 gingerbread and has a good specification in terms of storage and processor except the camera which is just 3MP . Today we will discuss briefly how you can Root Micromax canvas viva smartphone . Everyone want to root their android smartphone but only one thing that stops them is the warranty which is gone once the phone is rooted. Yes! Rooting voids warranty . One more thing i would like to state here is that you can unroot your phone anytime .

Micromax canvas viva rooting guide

Lets check out the specifications first – The phone comes with a 1GHZ dual core processor and 512MB RAM . It has a rear camera of 3MP and no secondary (front) camera . The phone runs on android 2.3.6 Gingerbread which isn’t the latest and currently officially jelly bean update isn’t available for canvas viva . A 5 inch TFT display is present .

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Disclaimer : Follow the steps properly unless your phone will get bricked . We should not be held responsible for any kind of damage done to your phone . If you have any kind of doubt just leave a comment below , we will answer asap .


Before we go further read the below FAQs related to Rooting .

Why Root MMX A72 Canvas Viva ?

Well this question may rolling into your mind . Why you should root your android smartphone ? Let me tell you why – There are certain sections of an android smartphone which we users can’t access or we aren’t granted access to them . So Rooting makes this possible . Once you root your phone , all the restrictions from different section will be removed . It will allow the system access to you and you can edit or modify it easily .


Does rooting really void your warranty?

The answer is Yes! But you can unroot your device anytime . Thus you can get back your phone’s warranty iff they aren’t able to figure out that your phone was rooted .


Rooting hurts the phone?

No! Rooting doesn’t have any kind of negative impact on your phone .


Backup :  Well Rooting doesn’t format or erase data present on your phone . But be on a safe side and take a backup of your data first before starting the root process . For backup you can install titanium backup app or super backup to backup your personal data .

Micromax A72 Canvas viva Root Guide


  • Connect your canvas viva device to the computer and Enable the USB debugging mode . To enable the USB debugging mode follow – Menu–>settings–>developers option–> USB debugging mode . Screenshot for more info

Root canvas viva Step USB debugging Mode

  • After connecting the device with USB cable open the tool you just downloaded and choose the MTK tab and then tick on the USB in the Piranhabox tool to tick on the One Key Root.
  • Click on the start button to start the rooting process . Once your phone gets rooted you need to remove the device from the computer .
  • Rooting Done! 😀


Check Whether your phone has been rooted or not with the help of an app called Root Checker   . You can install this app from the Play store and check the rooting status .

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If your phone still doesn’t get rooted , just retry the process as mentioned above .

If you have any kind of doubt just leave a comment below . We will answer asap!

UPDATE: The guide present above is no longer working. Piranhabox isn’t detecting the device. Some of our readers have suggested ERoot through which they have rooted canvas viva. Search for the same on XDA forum.

If you have any other guide in mind you can let us know via a comment.


  1. how backup my data in micromax canvas viva a72

  2. canvas viva says:

    i have a canvas viva a72….after rooting….will i be able to update to latest android versions like ics or jelly bean….
    does rooting have a bad impact on phone like viruses……and is there any other method or software through which i can update my os….plz help…..

    • Rooting makes all those things available which a users can’t access.Rooting doesn’t have any kind of negative impact on the phone .Don’t worry .
      Currently no OS update is available for viva . Once there is any update we will post on our site .

      • canvas viva says:

        and is there any method from which i can root without piranha box…

        • canvas viva says:

          after rooting,,,,will i be able to increase my internal memory….if yes….how much can i do…..plz help….

      • Toto toto says:

        hello guys I need your help…..
        that I have Micromax A72 but I can’t abble to install any application……..???
        so will you help me anyone….?????

  3. device not found , please help me out , drivers installed , but in pirahnabox it still not getting connected , adb drivers installed and verified!

  4. Kashyap says:

    can i upgrade my canvas viva to jellybean?

  5. Suvadip Chakraborty says:

    Respected Concerned,

    I am using Micromax A72 phone and I have downloaded Piranha Box Package to ROOT my phone. But after downloading zip file and unzipping it, I cannot understand in what procedure it needs to be installed. The ICON showing PIRANHA BOX when clicked is not showing any steps as you have mentioned above.

    I need to root my device urgently. So please help.

    Yours sincerely,
    Suvadip Chakraborty

    • Unfortunately the guide isn’t working properly, we need a tester on which we can test a new root method.

  6. plz tell me the method , how to unroot A72

    • Hi Rahul,
      How you rooted that device? Can you Please share, as the guide present above isn’t working.

  7. how l upgrade android 2.3.6(gingerbread) a72 viva canvas …pls reply me..

  8. how can i unroot my MMX72?

  9. iakhan says:

    hey, piranhabox detected my mmxA72. but now I want to unroot the rooted MMXA72, can anybody suggest me something worthful?

    • Sumeet punjabi says:

      how piranha box detected your device mine mmxa72 is not detecting please tell me

  10. rahul says:

    All the information provided above is fake one. b coz you have to purchase the piranha box ($100) device to perform above action,

  11. Aakrsh says:

    hello! I downloaded the package but after clicking on piranha box icon its not opening in windows 8.please help immediately

  12. Shivam says:

    Device not found ….
    Please Help man

    • Shivam
      The above guide has worked for few people. Pirahnabox isn’t detecting the device. Have you installed the drivers?

  13. Siddhi says:

    Once we root micromax a72… Will bbm work???…… N do u have any idea that when the android update for micromax a72 will b released????….

  14. sundar says:

    Hi admin
    Once i get rooted my A72 is there any procedure for getting apps to sd? cause with limited internal space, its not allowing me to install anything on the phone..

  15. Sahil Rathi says:

    Admin I humbly request you to introduce a new anroid version i.e. ICS for my phone(canvas VIVA)!
    Sahil Rathi.
    Rply if possible.

  16. prateek says:

    hey.. i hv cnvs viva. i want to upgrade it to ics n wanna download bbm.. cn u plz tell hw much time its gona take to get an upgraded vrsn of os for viva.. make it fast. as i/we need it..

  17. samrat says:

    Lets just say that I have rooted my MMX a72. After that will its android version upgrade from gingerbread to ics? And will it support BBM?

  18. samrat says:

    And will the rooting process have a bad impact on my cell phone? I mean any internal damage,problems in functioning or something else?

  19. any other option other then pirranah box….app not detecting device….

    • I’ll have to test on canvas viva first. I currently don’t have the device to test.

  20. ketan sharma says:

    hey admin

    i downloaded the piranha box rooting package but its not detecting my device. as some of the others also have the same problem, please post how do we make it detect our device…

    please its urgent

  21. what is this MTK?
    where is it?

  22. samrat says:

    What sort of advantages?

    • Few of the details are mentioned in the post above. Rest you can Google it. Can’t list all of them here.

  23. vamshi says:

    Please test quickly I think first you should test on SRS root application

  24. Rahil Mohsin says:

    I’ve tried connecting my Micromax A72 to the system but offlate the system is not recognizing it (surprisingly, the phone gets charged but the USB option is invisible).
    I’ve tried restarting the android and plugging it to other systems as well but to no avail.
    Could you please solve this problem?
    Please to get back to me the soonest.

    • The guide present above is no longer working.

      • Rahil Mohsin says:

        problem solved! there was a problem with the USB cable.
        So if anybody else faces the same problem, can try using another USB cable.

  25. vamshi says:

    Tell the other rooting procedure for micromax canvas viva a72 rooting

  26. even i am facing the same issue. device not found in piranah box.. is there any other way of rooting canvas A72.

    Please bcoz the memory available o install apps in very very less. i wan to root it ASAP and change the SD card as Internal storage

    • Hi guys spent 3 month just for mmx a72 root by pirabha box and use every software but no result finaly i rooted by a simple software called vroot software it take only 1mt if u vroot from want root ur mmx a72 just download vroot from google install in pc update it and run vroot other driver for pc are same as said in for piranha box ….try this …n just chill

  27. Is there any way through which I can run bbm on my Micromax canvas viva a72 ?

  28. Akshay says:

    Hiiii I am canvas viva A72 blue I want to expand my phn internal memory because whenever I want download any app phone shows a msg not enough memory I had allready moved all the app in external memory but after that there is only 10 mb remaining is it pissible after rooting memory can be increase than plz tell me I will always thankful to you.

  29. Ajinkya says:

    piranah box is not working to root your phone….
    To root your Micromax canvas viva A72 you just neet a software called Vroot…….
    It really works……
    Recover mode will also open after you successfully root your device with Vroot….
    You must try it
    I am the user of Micromax canvas viva A72

  30. vrishti says:

    ajinkya den il it upgrade to ics..?? n cud v use bbm..????? plzzz replll

    • Ajinkya Pawar says:

      After rooting you any do any thing with your android phone…..
      You can also upgrade to ICS.

  31. dibyendu sankar das says:

    Hi admin,
    I have seen all the comments above related to canvas viva a72 root. I want to know have you checked the phone? If I not able to rooting my phone after completing the above method can I use my phone as earlier. Can I get free rooting from service centre?

    • Root isn’t provided by the service centers. We tried once roted the phone using pirahnabox but now its not working anymore. A guy used Vroot and successfully rooted his phone. You can read his comment

  32. hiiiiii…. Admini my Micromax Canvas A72 is locked because of too many pattern i tried all the possible to wipe like (press and hold vol up+vol dwn+ power button………..OR power+vol up+ home button……..and OTHERS) but still it doesnt give me anythng usefull. HELP PLEASE ADMINI

  33. hy this is vidhi .. i hav canvas A72 i tried to root my phone but it is not happng according to said above .. so any1 can plzs help me personally ? plzs i m in urgent need of it plzs do help … i also want to increase internal memory of my phone .. plzs can any1 help me ?

  34. Shreyas says:

    I want to install ICS in my MMX A72. Guide me with propre steps…
    Reply asap

  35. hey guys if u want to root ur MICROMAX CANVAS VIVA (A72)
    then download eroot software and install ur driver in pc

  36. Rudie says:

    Hi guys , i posted above asking for root four months back still you didnt helped , this page is not helping at all ,

    now my phone is completely rooted! thanks to xda developers forum !

    • admin says:

      We already pointed in our post few months back that the guide present on this page is no longer working. Since I don’t have the device with me so i am not able to test root methods on it otherwise i would have posted a new guide.

      You can share what root method you used with our readers if you want.

  37. ketan says:

    hey i rooted my mmx a 72 with eroot v3.4 .
    yes! it works….!!!!!
    admin plzz tell me how do i upgrade my android 2.3.6 to ics once my device is rooted.

    • Jishnu says:

      hey Ketan can u plz explain how u rooted ur device with eroot…plz i also wanted to root my viva..

  38. Arzan Ashraf says:

    It Worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mayur Bhatt says:

      how to connect micromax a72 to piranhabox ?? i have also check….its show “no device found”

      • admin says:


        We have clearly stated above that Pirahnabox is no longer working in rooting viva. Please read the whole post again.

  39. MD,Kamal Hossain says:

    hi ! how can i get 3G network support in my Micromax Canvas Viva A72 ?

  40. I have downloaded the Piranhabox Rooting package and driver and also installed both in my computer. after that connected a72 to pc and start the software but software did not recognize my mobile and I stuck at that point, please suggest

    • Kindly the read the above article carefully. It is mentioned that Pirahnabox is no longer working.

  41. Mayur Bhatt says:

    please help me..
    how to unroot my micromax viva A72
    i have to rooted my micromax A72 with piranhabox as your root methord but now i have to unroot my device. please help me

  42. shiv kishor agnihotri says:

    sir after rooting my canvas viva it imei 1 and 2 both are invaild and sim is not working in my cell so what i can do now plz help me…….

  43. jishnu says:

    hi…i have rooted my phone using vroot…but superuser is not installed..instead there is a chinese app..plz tell me how to replace it by superuser..plz help me…

  44. Akshay says:

    Is there is any idea, I unable to play gta v on A72.

  45. Jishnu says:

    Anybody hlp me..i hav rooted my micromax canvas viva a72 and installed new fonts and new boot animation..after rebooting ma phn is stuck in boot loop..hw to fix dis..plz help

  46. Utkarsh says:

    I rooted my phone using eroot but now I want to upgrade its os so can you suggest me a method. Any via custom rom or updating stock rom. Please!!!!
    thanks in advance.

  47. nancy rathor says:

    if der any side effect after rooting my ph. ???
    bcoz everybody told me dat dont root ur ph. bcoz dis will harm it…!!!
    so wat can i do ??? plzz suggest :O

  48. pranav dharme says:

    i rooted my device using kingoroot.. .
    reaaly effective than pirahnabox

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