How to Remove Unwanted/Spam Ads on your Micromax Phone?

Are you annoyed with the intrusion of unwanted advertisement on your Android phone? Do you install Android apps from external sources other than Play store? If your answer is Yes to the above two questions then you must start caring for your phone. There are a lot of applications available for the Android devices and Google claims that it scans the entire play store however we can see still there are much Android apps on different arenas that are not trusted and you should NOT install such apps on your phone.

Remove spammy ads by tracking data usage

Have you noticed those errors coming on your browser – YOUR PHONE IS AT RISK?, Your phone has a virus. Your phone is slow, install this app to make it fast. Well, all these are advertising tricks to promote the application and here comes the role of cheap apps whose only motive is to make money and steal data.

How to remove Spam Ads from Micromax Phone?

This post is in relation to the advertisements which are coming on your phone without your consent. In short, spammy ads which are coming forcefully on your phone.

  1. Firstly, you should not install any applications from external untrusted sources, go for trusted sources only.
  2. If you’ve opted to install applications from play store and still the ads are coming on the home screen, etc. then following the below mentioned steps.
  3. Track the data usage, what apps are consuming data on your phone? On some phones this is an internal, feature however if on your Micromax phone this option is not coming up then download apps such as My Data Manager, Data usage monitor to track internet usage stats.
  4. Now, you have got to do some research now. Check the app usages and figure out if any apps actually requires data services or not.
  5. If you see a deviation from normal data usage then try disabling the data for that particular app. For example, if you see any app such as ABCDE using your data and that apps was not installed by you/installed by you but you aren’t using it then uninstall it. If that app is useful to you try restricting its data, clear the cache and data and then restart your phone. To restrict the data go to Settings–> Apps–> Tap on the app and scroll down below.
  6. NOTE: Don’t follow the above method blindly on the system apps. For system apps, you have to be extra cautious.
  7. Check if the spammy ads are still coming up on your phone, if not then you’re all set!
  8. If still you face the same issue then you got to try this method based on your research on any other app.
  9. Also, if this method doesn’t help you much then follow this guide.

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Let us know if this worked for you, if you have any other method to share then do suggest via a comment below.

The image posted in this article has been sourced from Play store listing of Data Usage Monitor.

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