How To Record Phone Calls on Micromax Android Phones

We have been sharing loads of guides on our site. Few days back one of readers asked how to record the phone calls on Micromax device. I provided him the solution and thought why not to share with everyone out here. Well this is very simple you can record any phone call with just a single tap while you’re on a call. Micromax provides an inbuilt function through which users can record any phone call they want. Generally people record phone calls just to save some proofs if you know what I mean or if they are making a Prank call to their friends and later make fun of it.

Record phone calls on Micromax Devices

I searched Call recording apps on the play store and found loads of apps which are used for this purpose.

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Few months back I contacted the customer care of my mobile connection and frankly speaking I have a habit of recording the phone calls as sometimes without even providing a proper solution they just disconnect the call. In this way I always have a proof of disclosing my issue to the customer representative head.

Lots of people also use this feature to remember their past talks (memories) with special ones.

Coming straight to the point, You can simply record any voice call by following a simple method below. I have also attached a screenshot for reference.

How to Record Phone/Voice calls on Micromax Mobiles?

While on a call simply tap on the left button next to the minimize button and tap on ‘Start Recording‘, that’s it! The phone will record the phone call and the recording will be saved in the preferred storage location.

Record voice calls on Micromax canvas Bolt Phones

Storage Location: Internal/External card–>Recording.


If this option isn’t available in your phone try using recording apps which are available to download from the official play store.

There are loads of apps for call recording and I selected this in random : Call Recorder.


  1. neel says:

    How to take screenshot

  2. johnson mascarenhas says:

    I’ve upgraded to JB 4.1 from ICS on my canvas 2..but now I realized it doesn’t have call recording! How come? What’s the option to put it?

    • admin says:

      The above screenshot is captured from canvas 2 running on 4.1.1.

      • johnson says:

        I asked for call recording, not screenshot, mate.
        It doesn’t work…I tried.. in ICS it was working

        • admin says:

          I said my canvas 2 is also on 4.1.1 and default call recorder is present. The screenshot is just a proof of the default call recorder.

          • johnson says:

            sorry ,man.. i tried…can it be cos i updates with sptools?
            how did u do it?

          • admin says:

            I got my phone updated from service center 😛

  3. Karim says:

    my vedios playing in vedio player suddenly stops what is happening i dont know please send a solution to my mail.

  4. MADHU MOHAN says:

    How do i change the location of storage of these call from internal to external?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Follow: Settings–> Storage–> Preferred Storage location–>Change

  5. Anto Arun says:

    how to lock automatic the phone while attend the calls ??

  6. bikash gupta says:

    Micromax AD 3520 support call recording or not.

  7. paresh says:

    micromax canvas a 120 , but how to recording setting formant change (current .3ggp) how to change forment in phone

  8. How to record phone call android one

  9. Bagiyalakshmi S says:

    how to automatic record find in micromax canvas spark 3 mobile kindly explain or how to record the phone calls in same mobile pls explain

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You can check the option during the call, if there is no such option for recording then app call recording apps from Play store.

  10. Shoaib Quraishi says:

    Where is voicemail option in Micromax Canvas Nitro A311

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