Rahul Sharma to present the brand YU at the Droidcon IN 2014

Droidcon is the India’s largest Android developer Conference and it is also a part of the various conferences which held in the countries like London, Paris, Berlin, Netherlands, Tunis, Ankara and Brussels. It will be a two-day session which will be held on this 5th and 6th December 2014. The news is that Micromax’s co-founder Rahul Sharma is all set to present YU barnd at the Droidcon India 2014 conference.

DroidCON conference 2014 - Rahul Sharma

This conference is the great platform which brings in together the developers, app designers and content providers to recite their ideas or to let everyone knows what are the latest trends in the Android segment and what all are the challenges which are linked with the mobile ecosystem on the open source system for all kind of hardware platforms. Basically it is a nice way of letting everyone know about the current trend and what all experiments a Company is doing so as to enhance their product. And to launch a brand like YU which is a totally internet brand, Droidcon is the best platform.

Micromax together with Cyanogen will be seen discussing their story on how they are scaling up on the commercially viable entities and what all are their plans about their much foreseen YU brand.

About YU brand:

As we have already mentioned in our previous segments that it is a purely online brand which will mainly target tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers in India. India’s second largest handset makers get its inspiration from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi who have adopted the similar business model.

Moreover Micromax has already taken the domain name and also has started working on establishing the forum with talented leaders like Amrinder Dhaliwal.

Moreover YU is anticipated to build a large ecosystem of connected devices which will let the users enjoy customization experience for the very first time. Here the developer will be in the direct contact with the users and they will have the exact idea what audiences are they targeting.

The Indian Company Micromax promised that they have offered this new brand with “the best value of money in the world”. YU brand will offer smart phones and will also deal in the products like Smart watches, smart shirts, smart brands which is currently far away from the reach of the maximum of Indian audience.

The products will be available online only and the thing which makes this brand different from all other brand is the fact that it will offer warranty on the rooted devices as well. No company offers warranty on rooted devices (except Xiaomi) but this step from the Company is a clear departure from the old legacy. Clearly this step of the company will strengthen the Company’s position in the Android market.

YU in Droidcon Conference 2014:

Rahul Sharma, the co-founder of the India’s second largest handset maker will be addressing the audience at 11.20AM on 5th December 2014. As we have already informed, he will be presenting his first purely online YU brand which will create a vast ecosystem for the connected devices.


  1. Raj aryan says:

    When can we expect Lollipop update for micromax canvas A1

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      The update will be available for canvas A1 however no specific date is known yet.



  3. Abhinav Sinha says:


    This is video of Rahul Sharma showing the phone. He showed for only few seconds.

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