Download Pixel Launcher for Micromax and Yu Phones

Pixel, a phone by Google was recently launched. This phone will be operating on Stock Android v7 and it comes with Google assistant which is awesome. Now, to get the Pixel-like experience obviously you would have to get the device however with a launcher you get a glimpse of the UI. We have been listing launchers on our site for Micromax users for quite a while from Nougat launcher, Best launchers available on Play store, etc.

Pixel launcher for Micromax and YU

There could a couple of times when a user gets bored to see the same homescreen, icons, etc. So, usually users change wallpaper, lock screen however the same look is still there on the device. While others download and install various launchers on their phone to give a new refreshing software front.

If you are looking to download any launcher for your device then make sure that the launcher is light, a heavy launcher might slow down your device as it will be on the home screen. Google Now Launcher is one of the examples of light launchers, you could get the same from play store.

About Pixel launcher, some of the features stated on play store are mentioned below:

  • News and personalised information comes on the home screen if you swipe right while being on the home screen.
  • There is a quick access to Google search.
  • Swipe up to find/search your apps present on your phone. This is helpful for people who install tons of applications on their phone.
  • App suggestions.
  • Read more here.

The app is indeed available on Play store to download however you might not be able to search the same there. This could be due to the reason that it is specifically for Pixel devices. According to the listing on play store, the launcher can be downloaded on Android devices operating on Android 5 and above. If you’re unable to search it on play store then try following the apkmirror link.

Download Pixel Launcher from Play store

Download Pixel Launcher apk from apkmirror

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The image used above is sourced from Google Play store.


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