List of Photo Editing Apps for Micromax Android Phones

Micromax do provide a camera with excellent and amazing picture quality but there are many a times when we don’t get the picture quality which we expect may be due to lighting issues or back ground, there are many factors which can spoil your image or if you’re bored with simple images with no special effects then a photography is one of the apps which should be present in your smartphone.

Photo Editor apps for Micromax

Photography apps have emerged as the great option through which one can edit the pictures to have some special effects.

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How to edit the pictures in a Micromax Mobile?

First of all take as many pictures as you like. Then mark the pictures which you find good or you think has the potential for some technical effect or treatment. There are plenty of Photography apps which would make sure that whatever images you have marked can be edited properly. These apps provides many features like red-eye, various effects like Unicolor, Vintage, defaults etc or let one use borders or stickers.

Android OS provides a built-in image editor but doesn’t includes much feature so for better editing an external app is required.

There are plenty of apps available on Google play store, we are providing here a list of Photography apps which are perfect for your Micromax android phone:


Pixlr Express:

This app is created by Autodesk Inc. to enhance the image quality. Through this app one can use more than 600 effects and overlays to enhance their images. Apart from that one can also add borders, text, Sticker etc to augment the creativity in the picture.

App Size: 6.9MB

App Compatibility: Android 2.2.1 and above.


Picsart – Photo Studio:

Picsart is one of the Top Developer. This app can help in discovering the inner artist and is one of the most popular apps present on the store for Micromax android phones. More than 100 millions of users have installed this app to enhance their pictures. With new features one can add dodger to images so as to change the contrast, one can give a vintage look or a tinted look just by using the effects found in the menu.



PhotoGrid helps one to generate a collage. Through this software, users can create four different kind of collage namely Grid HD, Single HD, Sketch Guru and H&W HD. User can select maximum of 9 images and then can use them to create a collage. Because of its simple user interface it is a hit among all the android users.


Photo editor:

This is the photography app created by Macgyver. It include the features like color adjustment, auto contrast, auto tone sepia etc. to enhance the image quality. With pinch to zoom technology, now applying the effect is now much more easy and fun.


Adobe Photoshop Express:

It is a free photo editor by Adobe . One can now easily crop their pictures, adjust color, zoom, focus, blur the image, use many artistic effects to add on the picture quality. This app can be easily downloaded through Google play store present in your Micromax android devices.


Photo Editor Pro:

This is the photo editor developed by Zentertain. It is one of the powerful editor with numerous of effects and its consist of all the things which one wants in their editor. Key features include:

  • One tap auto enhance
  • Amazing effects and frames
  • Stickers
  • Color balance, adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature etc


So these are some of the Picture/photo editing tools for android phones. Do let us know if you’ve any other app option in your mind.

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