No Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update For Micromax Android Phones

You read that right! According to leaked sources Micromax won’t provide 4.3 Jelly bean update for Existing Micromax devices. Few months back we reported that Micromax is testing jelly bean 4.3 on Canvas HD where we shared its image too. At that time we were pretty much sure that soon this update will be rolled out. MMX users are constantly searching this update on web and on regular basis we too receive lots of queries related to this.

Micromax Android 4.3 Update

Few days back MMXNewsCaster reported that 4.3 has lots of bugs and it will take time for the DEVs to make it run smooth on existing MMX devices. At that time we had a doubt in our mind – Will there be any 4.3 update for Micromax phones? Check out what the recent tweet by MMXnewscaster reveals :


Its says that Micromax has stopped Android 4.3 development for existing Micromax smartphones. There is only thing striking my mind right now is that Micromax has planned to sell their upcoming devices with this jelly bean update. It’s indeed a very clever step taken by MMX. But nothing is confirmed yet, there are lots of DEVs present on XDA who may make this update available to Micromax devices soon unofficially.

There was also a buzz on the web that Doodle 2, Turbo, Canvas 4 and Canvas HD will soon receive this update but the recent tweet ends all the possibility now.

This is the only thing in which Micromax is lagging behind other mobile manufacturing companies. Micromax has everything a massive user base, budget friendly price, Lots of features, etc. Android updates are required too and Micromax should take this seriously now.

There can also be a possibility of Android 4.4 kitkat availability on Micromax phones as Kitkat is specially designed for phones having low specs and mostly all the canvas phones are eligible to run this new OS.

I know you might be disappointed after knowing all this. let’s hope Micromax changes its decision and hears user’s needs.

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UPDATE : Micromax to Provide Android 4.4 Update on Canvas Phones


  1. vinayakumar says:

    It is very bad news that micromax stopped experiment of 4.3 jellybean for existing canvas
    Users. The company disappointed all of us .

    • We just hope that they change their mind and provide the update or provide the kitkat update to all the users.

    • Android 4.4 to be available soon for Micromax devices. Please wait.

  2. Kartheek says:

    Please we need update… If MICROMAX WON’T provide the update then no one will keep keen interest in buying low end company phones. Sanding stops releases new phone and concentrated on giving the updates wish Micromax do the same and overtake Samsung

  3. Ujjwal Pramanik says:

    This is really shocking about Canvas HD users, because we are hope for new update as other smartphone. This may reduce the user and sale.

  4. shirish says:

    The tweet says.. “for unknown reason”..
    if I think +vely , then must be the development is done., testing must be going on.

    I don’t think.. there should be a MUpdate!! , or system update setting in the mobile..(my canvas 4 A210), when its not going to function anytime in lifetime..
    and if it is there.. it will work someday…

    I expect a release to come come soon..

  5. shivakumar says:

    it is quite disappointing to know that 4.3 is no morw available for canvas…my friends suggested me to buy SAMSUNG,SONY but i chose MICROMAX becuse it is an indian comp and indian comp’s are to be encouraged….hope MMX will keep our trust ,if there r some bugs in 4.3 no problem but if MMX anounces kitkat is not availble for canvas my next smart pone will not be MMX….

    thank you

  6. I was waiting 4.3 for my canvas 2 plus a110q but it seems useless . if 4.3 have bugs than go straight for 4.4 , as it is better optimized for canvas series specs. Micromax can do this if only they are intrested in giving users an update.

  7. Dhanadeep says:

    I hope that kitkat jelly beam update will come soon for cavas 4

  8. ramneek singh says:

    It is right mmx should either release 4.3 update or 4.4 update otherwise company will suffer lack of sale and trust of users…this is the reason other manufacturers are leading these days…we all canvas buyers..bought canvas with a trust upon mmx and if mmx had taken such a clever step then they may face problems in market some day due to less sale as no one will buy mmx…

    • Ramneek Micromax has decided to provide android 4.4 update for Most of the Micromax Canvas phones.We’ve provided a link in the end of the post. Do read it

      • ramneek singh says:

        okk thnxxx i will read it…… mmx has to release update because many people are waiting

  9. B.C. Malkani says:


  10. It’s really very sad news that hit n shock all d user,.. Who using mmx canvas device… πŸ™ I was so excited for releasing the 4.3 update because 4.2.1 hv a batter issue on micromax c-Hd. . & I thought 4.3 will bring new features n kill all that bugs but finally no update for c-Hd or canvas series.. But still waiting for updates on mah luvin phone that’s C-Hd… πŸ™‚

  11. RAJESH says:

    IS Micromax serious enough to give Updates on the Phones. I have not recd any updates in my Canvas 4 even after 9 months of purchase (launch)..

    Will defi. loose its share in the mkt. if such thing keeps on going.

  12. Ajay says:

    Actually MMX did good by denying to concentrate on android 4.3 because it is stated that it has lot of bugs and would take lot of time to make it run smooth. Instead they should use their time and should concentrate on kitkat version as it may be introduced with lot of features like “Go Google”. I am quite sure that MMX has something in mind which they would show with the release of Kitkat. Hope so.


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