MMXNewsCaster Shutting Down its Twitter Handle Soon

In a recent tweet by MMXNewscaster, the account owner has officially announced that after one or two days he is going to shut down its twitter handle. He has also mentioned the reason behind this on his website. This twitter account has been known for Micromax latest leaks and updates and has got many followers. In fact most of the technology blog owners including me follow MMXNewsCaster.

MMXNewsCaster shutting down

Most of the MMX leaks were sourced from this twitter account. 80% of times the leaks came out to be real. The twitter handle owner has also said he might change his mind but there is a very less possibility of this. MMXNewsCaster has also marked its gratitude towards Evan (@Evleaks).

This is the link to MMXNewsCaster twitter handle.

This is what he has written on his website:

The End of a News Caster – MMXNewsCaster

Recently following the tweets from all of you, I managed to figure out that you consider myself a creator of news rather than a reporter. I sometimes also get to read foul words through your tweets. I leak, yes, I do, but I ain’t benefited with it, still I do it. For whom? For you people. Regardless of the constraints I bear, I do the best I could and sometimes it’s a bullseye or a few times a miss. But I ain’t the one who controls this, it’s that the company who either alters the plan or simply quit it

This is the time when emotions took over my passion and I hereby officially declare that I will shut down my twitter handle (@MMXNewscaster) exactly after two days from now. I might change my mind but this time it seems really difficult to happen.

Source: MMXNewsCaster Website

We are surely going to miss MMXNewscaster this time!

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