Micromax YU Yureka Second sale on 22 January, Register NOW

The news is that YU is all set to start the second sale of its popular Yureka device on 22nd January 2015 along with Amazon. Yu Yureka is quite popular Android handset and is a blaze on internet because of its high-end specs at affordable and cheap tag. First sale of this faddish android handset was kept on 13th January 2015.

Micromax second sale on 22 January

So all the users who were not able to buy a Yureka handset at the time of first flash sales, can buy this time. This is a second opportunity for them, all they just need is to register themselves as early as possible for the second flash sale which is scheduled for 22nd January 2015. Registration is not open as of now (15 January), once it is open register as soon as possible.

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Talking about the response of first sale, then YU Yureka has done a fabulous job. The first flash sale took place on 13th January 2015. YU Yureka received a phenomenal response with about 10,000 handsets were sold in just 3 seconds; it is quite a number I must say. But rumors are high in the market that 10,000 are just the number. Internet is bursting with the grapevines that there were only 2657 pieces which were available for sale on 13th January. It is quite shocking news for all of us.

Yu Yureka flash sales are inspired from the Xiaomi’s concept which it used to put Xiaomi phones on the sale in collaboration with Flipkart. Just like Flipkart, Amazon also had to face many problems which arose at the time of ongoing sales.

Moreover on first day of Sales, Amazon faced many problems. Amazon was not at all prepared for such a huge response. Amazon was not able to cope up with the demand of the users. And even the servers failed and were not up to the mark.

We were hoping that Amazon will take a lesson from Flipkart and will avoid such a scenario in which all its servers will fail. But after looking at the first flash sale, it was like Amazaon was acting as a novice. But Flipkart managed to take the hold of the situation after the first sale of Xiaomi’ss and took all the necessary steps and precautions to avoid the situation of server failure.

We really hope that this time even Amazon will resolve all the problems which it faced. Last time Amazon didn’t have a large stock but we are hoping this time that it will come up with huge stock, though officials have not mentioned the exact number of stock which will be available this time but we will let our readers about the stock details when it will be out.

After the Xiaomis first sale, Flipkart smartly managed all the sales, we do hope that Amazon will also take a similar lesson from the Flipkart and will able to deliver high-end service to its users.

Users who want to register themselves for this sale of 22nd January 2015, can register themselves through this link (Registrations open). Those who registered for the first sale are pre-registered for the second sale as well, no need to register again.


  1. Magesh says:

    Registration not opened for yureka today till now. When it will open? When the product available?

  2. deepak says:

    how can i buy micromax yu yureka? the delivery is not available in lucknow(UP). this is really sad. i want that… when flipkart is delivering products everywhere in india why have u chosen amazon… its partiality… people who are buying this phone …. doing black marketing.. wat will u say about that?
    people r loosing interest in yu yureka now…. plz make this problem solve… how can i get one? m now thinking to buy another mobile than yureka… 🙁

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      There is no update by the officials if the phone will ever become available on any other online store. You can COD to any other address and then collect the same, sounds good?

      • thanx for rplying…
        there is no other adderess.. all my frnds and relatives in UP. if they r in other states.. i have done that already.
        the problem is that those who got yureka, selling it in much heigher prices… i don`t to buy other mobiles…. i jst want to yureka… i love micromax devices i have used 5… Rahul sir u have to do it something for this… 🙁

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          You can get the device from Amazon only and you would have to check with Amazon regarding the delivery in UP as I would not be able to help you in this.

  3. manish says:

    sir mobile off9 aaega ki nhi…???

  4. ashish mishra says:

    is mobile available in bhopal m.p.
    bcaz in news paper I read that yureka available at market

  5. ranjeet singh says:

    How could I get yureka cod in lucknow?
    Is it possible?

  6. m from Uttapr pradesh. when will u allow its sale in up? or when it will be available in retail stores?

  7. nimai says:

    is this phone available offline?

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