Micromax Yu Yureka Buying instructions for Amazon Flash sale

Yu Yureka smartphone will be available on Amazon on 13th Jan 2015, flash sale starting at 2pm. If you’re guessing the flash sale to be just like that of Flipkart then you might be surprised to know there are some twists in it and no doubt the twists sounds too good.

Micromax Yu Yureka Amazon Flash sale guide

You might get disappointed to know the number of Yureka phones shipped to India (stocks) as per the recent update only 10,000 units Approx. will be up for sale this time but this isn’t confirmed yet because the officials haven’t disclosed anything in terms of stock.

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Follow the below instructions that are being circulated by Amazon so that you could understand how this sale will run. – Buy Now

  1. The sale would start at 2pm so it is generally advised that you should log in with your Amazon account prior to the launch time.
  2. Once you add the product to your cart you will be given only 15 minutes to checkout completely, if you failed to do so the phone will be removed from your cart.
  3. If you’re unable to add the product to your cart, you will be queued to the wait list once you confirm to join it. Now, what is the advantage of being added to the wait list? If the buyer fails to check out within 15 minutes as stated under pt. 2 the product will be made available to the people queued in waitlist.
  4. If you’re on waitlist, an alert will appear on your screen with ‘Add to Cart’ option available.
  5. In total users would have 3 minutes to click on Buy now button and 15 minutes for checkout.
  6. If you see the waitlist to be full, try refreshing the page and wait till the sales last. This could increase your chance to buy the device.
  7. Waitlist option will not be available if you’re logged in via phone.

Yu Yureka Purchasing instructions

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Amazon Flash sale sounding better than Flipkart’s one, How?

Both the flash sales are bit different, Amazon on one hand providing opportunity to every user registered to buy the device by offering limited time on the other hand Flipkart provide checkout time of few hours and some people make use of it in a bad way and sell the devices online by taking commission from others. Play fair, don’t use any buying tricks like we saw browser add-ons to add the device to the cart automatically.

We liked the flash sale mode of Amazon. Did you?

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