List of Micromax and Yu Phones with 4GB RAM Launched till Oct 2017

Back when Android debuted, the smartphones that time ran on minimal specs, but with times, Android itself improved and so did the other things surrounding it and the same can be said for our needs. Multitasking became an important aspect of the OS, and for multitasking, we had increased memory requirements, but not to worry as the smartphone OEMs are trying their best to make smartphones that can fulfill the user requirements, among which is the well-known name Micromax.

Micromax and YU Phones with 4GB RAM

Thanks to Micromax and also other OEMs, we now have smartphones that come bundled with 4GB of RAM, and even more for some other smartphones. What you may be wondering now is why do we need such large-sized RAM, the answer is anything more than 4GB is pretty useless in case of a smartphone, what a RAM does is in a nutshell, it helps you to keep all your things running at once. Whenever you open up any app, it does so in RAM, and as long as you have memory, you can get back to it. There were times, when the smartphones came with bare minimum RAM, and now we have 4GB of RAM, that is what some old or even some new laptop or PCs have.

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In other words, 4GB of RAM is more than enough for all your multitasking needs, which being said here are the smartphones that feature 4GB of RAM, courtesy of Micromax and its sidekick—Yu Televentures.

Micromax and YU Phones with 4GB RAM

The list consists of the devices launched in or before October 2017.

Micromax Devices:

5.5-inch HD Display || Octa-Core MediaTek MT6795 || 4GB RAM || 13MP+5MP || 3,000 mAH || 16GB Storage || Rs 13,999.

5.5-inch FHD Display || Octa-Core MediaTek MT6750 || 4GB RAM || 13MP+5MP Dual-Rear + 5MP Front || 3,000 mAH || 32GB Storage || Rs 11,499.

5.2-inch FHD Display || Octa-Core Snapdragon 435 || 4GB RAM || 13MP+2MP Dual-Rear + 13MP Front || 2,730 mAH || 64GB Storage || Rs 19,999.


5.5-inch AMOLED Display || Octa-Core Snapdragon 652 || 4GB RAM || 13MP+13MP Dual-Rear + 13MP Front || 3,200 mAH || 128GB Storage || Rs 24,999.


YU Devices:

5.5-inch FHD Display || Octa-Core Snapdragon 625 || 4GB RAM || 16MP+8MP || 3,930 mAH || 64GB Storage || Rs 11,999.


5.5-inch FHD Display || Octa-Core MediaTek Helio P10 || 4GB RAM || 13MP+5MP || 4,000 mAH || 32GB Storage || Rs 10,999.


  • YU Yureka Black:

5-inch FHD Display || Octa-Core Snapdragon 430 || 4GB RAM || 13MP+8MP || 3,000 mAH || 32GB Storage || Rs 8,999.


5.2-inch 2K Display || Octa-Core Snapdragon 810 || 4GB RAM || 21MP+8MP || 3,000 mAH || 32GB Storage || Rs 24,999.

So, here we have all the smartphones listed, also, as the festive season is ongoing, if you’re lucky you may even find some extra discount on the above mentioned phones. Once again, Happy Purchasing.

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