How to Reduce Micromax/Yu Phone Hang/Lag Issue & Speed it up?

Our Android smartphones are part of our life and it isn’t good when your phone starts lagging. Every Android smartphone whether high-end or low-end can experience lag and most of time the cause of lag is the user of smartphone itself. So in this article we will be discussing how you can reduce the hang/lag problem and optimize your experience. There will be two different methods which We will be discussing, the first one is for non-rooted users and the second one for rooted phone users.

Solve Hanging issues on Micromax or YU Phones

Before proceeding ahead, we will give brief explanation of what can be a reason to cause lag on your device. Lag can be caused due to the following reasons:

1.) Resource Greedy apps: Many kind of different apps runs in the background even if you are not using them. Such apps use memory and if the memory consumption is more then your phone might operate slow.

2.) Lot of apps installed: If you have a lot of apps installed on your smartphone, then that can be another reason why your smartphone starts to lag. More application means more RAM and memory usage which can result in causing lag on your smartphone.

3.) Storage almost full: If the internal storage on your smartphone is full then also it can result in lag. Android system requires some storage free (internal storage) as per to perform basic functions and if it is full it can’t perform its function properly and can cause your phone to operate at a slow pace.

4.) No free RAM available: Most of the apps use some part of RAM of your smartphone, but if there is very less RAM available then it can result in lag. RAM can be also managed and thus lag can be reduced.

5.) Poor Optimization: If the OS isn’t properly optimized with the hardware, the phone behaves abruptly and hangs like hell. For this you can blame the manufacturer 😉


Now we will continue to the resolutions that we suggest to solve the hanging/lagging problem on your smartphone.

For Non-Rooted Users:

If you’re a Non-Rooted smartphone user and don’t want to root your phone for some reason, then you can try the given tips to reduce the lag on your smartphone.

1.) Disable Resource Greedy apps: Firstly you need to install this Wakelock Detecter app from play store. After installing it fully charge your phone and open the app and then let it do its work. It will help you detect the most resource hungry apps and then you can disable them.

For disabling an app go to Settings–>Apps and then choose the app you want to disable, we would suggest you to force stop the app instead. Please note that Disabling the app doesn’t delete it from the phone permanently.

2) Hibernate Apps:- If there are a lot of apps installed on your smartphone, you can try to hibernate some of the apps by installing the Greenify app from the play store.

Greenify will help you hibernate apps which you don’t use and can help up to reduce RAM usage and can help to reduce lag.

3) Free up Memory:- If your storage is full then you may need to uninstall some apps else you can try to move some apps to your external SD card by using Apps to SD app. You can also manually transfer apps to SD card.

You can also clean up the cache memory to boost up you phone by using Ccleaner app.

NOTE: Try not to use any kind of RAM cleaners as it ends up causing LAG on your phone instead of reducing it. Moreover they become battery-hogs and reduces battery backup.


For Rooted Users:

Rooted users can use all the above methods that are for Non-Rooted users, but to an advantage they can further use apps which require Root access and can manage their device properly and reduce Lag.

1) Reseed the Entropy Pool: By reseeding it can help up to cut lag to a greater extent and you can notice a faster performance on your device. For it you can use the app called “Seeder” which you can download from this XDA post and install it.

After you install it and turn it on, enable the following options:-

-Startup on Boot
-Extend I/O queue
-Suspend RNG service while screen is off

2) Install Memory and performance scripts: You can go to XDA and find memory scripts or performance scripts like “PurePerformances X” on your device and it can help you to experience a faster phone with less lags.

As Android is built on Linux, it can be tweaked accordingly to user choice and thus can enable us to get desired performance.

3) Install Custom ROM + Kernel : Custom ROMs are made by keeping in mind to give the best performance on your device along with extra bunch of features. You can try to find Custom ROMs for your device and install it and can thus enjoy a better performance.

NOTE: It is recommended to take a backup of your device before trying the above tricks as per to avoid any problem such as data loss and many more on your device.


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