Micromax Microsoft’s new Hardware partner, MMX Windows 8.1 Phones coming soon

Since last year we were hearing about the Micromax plans to expand themselves by trying their hands in windows phone market which is emerging quite well. San Francisco becomes the witness of the Microsoft’s windows 8 phone in its annual developer conference which Microsoft holds every year. This new Windows phone will have the number of features which will be good enough to compete against the biggies like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Microsoft announces Micromax Windows Phone arriving soon

And moreover Microsoft has found his new partner in Micromax and Prestigio. These three companies will work along with each other to give a treat in the form of very first windows phone by both the companies. Along with these companies Microsoft has partnered with Karbonn, Lava, Gionee, Xolo, etc.

Micromax partnered with Microsoft

Image Courtesy : The Verge

The reason why Windows phone is yet to become popular among the customers is the fact that it lack some of the very essential features which we wants even in our windows phone like For take example notification center or virtual assistant like Siri which we are having in apple or Google Now for google.

Cortana: Solution for Windows phone?

To overcome these problems Microsoft has released all new cortana which is also a virtual assistant. Even the name Cortana has been picked from the company’s Halo games in which Cortana is a virtual assistant helping the player to play against its enemy.

Cortana is basically a virtual assistant just like Google Now and Siri. In one point we can say that Cortana is a mixture of both Google Now and Siri. In iPhone user can ask the Siri to set alarm for them or any task like that, similarly Cortana will also detect the voice and will perform the task like setting alarm, reading mail ( with permission only), reminders, notification, messages etc.

Problem with Cortana:

Cortana is still on paper and is yet to be explored. The company can face the problem mainly in voice detection as we all know accent in countries like India is quite different so it becomes quite difficult for the company to collect the data.

Other Features:

Apart from the Cortana we will also have some other options like:

Swype-like keyboard:

Windows 8 will have the special keyboard in which they don’t have to type the words instead they just have to swipe their finger from one alphabet to other to type the whole word. This app is inspired from the Swipe app which is quite popular among the android users.

Home Screen:

As we all know that Microsoft is collaborating with Micromax and this company is known for big screen phones and hence to take advantage of this the company has tried a new option which is known as high Density. In this user can put more tiles on home screen along with the user’s own choice to put any wallpaper which they wants to add in the background.

Microsoft is also planning to introduce a new and better interface for the users along with internet explorer 11 and enhanced comprehensive technique with skype.

Users now have better security options.

With Windows 8, Micromax has step into the Windows market, the deal has been finalized around January. It would be quite interesting to see that how and when the Indian company along with Microsoft will bring in the affordable windows phone.

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