Micromax planning to enter US Smartphone Market in 2016

There was a time when Micromax used to be considered equivalent to Chinese phones but the Indian android maker has definitely made its impact in the market. It all started with its Canvas Flagship and today the company is the largest handset maker even leaving behind the giant like Samsung which was the favorite among the youngsters when it was about the mid range and lower range segment.

Micromax planning for US entry

Now the news is that faddish Indian handset maker is eyeing on the US Market and is soon planning to enter into the US market pretty soon. By 2017 India is going to be the second largest smart phones market therefore it is anticipated that even Micromax will become one of the largest firm globally.

But it is not mandatory that if your firm is a success story within the big market like India or China then similar thing is going to happen with the US customers as well. There are already many case studies available like that of the company like Huawei, Lenovo etc which are definitely the largest smart phone makers in the Indian or Chinese market but are still struggling to mark a good presence in the US Market. The main point which Micromax has to keep in mind that US customers have never heard the name of this brand then what is it in them which will compel them to buy a Micromax set instead of already established brand like Apple or Samsung. Even if the price will be reduced there is definitely going to be the trust issues with them about the brand value.

Buzz was all around that Micromax is planning to launch their online only subsidiary smart phone YU in the US Market but Rahul Sharma who is Micromax co-founder and is currently the in-charge of the subsidiary cleared that they are yet to decide whether they should move to US Market or not. YU is the online only subsidiary of Micromax.

But it seems that things are not going to be easy for Micromax as Panasonic is also expecting to raise $2 billion by 2018 through their smart phone segment. So it looks like Panasonic is going to give a tough competition to its contemporary Micromax. Micromax on the other hand is expecting to pull $2.25 billion by the end of fiscal year 2016. It has already planned to launch 48 mobile phones per year which is going to be tagged at the amount of $150. Definitely it has adopted some really aggressive strategy and there is not much choice left for its contemporaries.

It would be worth seeing whether Micromax actually wants to enter the US market or these are just the rumors. And if Micromax steps in the market then it is going to face some major issues as it won’t be easy for them to change the mindset of those people. Micromax will have to work really hard to prompt the US buyers to for the brand which they have never heard before. Not to forget Micromax also entered Russia last year.


  1. Pavneet says:

    Sir I Request Please Improve Your Service Centers repairing Quality

  2. Sairammudhiraj says:

    Micromax entering into us market is good news.but they should provide software update to all devices they will not provide any software updates.see moto,samsung, lenovo devices provides many software updates until now they have not released any marshmallow updates to devices.its waSte of purchasing micromax mobiles.waSte it will never become sucess full in US with this updates facilities

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