Micromax starts manufacturing SmartPhones in India

India’s second largest android maker has now started manufacturing smartphones in Rudraprayag plant, yes this is the latest talk of the town. This news has been verified by the Micromax spokesperson who also informed that the numbers of tablets which are currently sold in India are being manufactured at Rudraprayag plant, Uttrakhand only. The company’s project of manufacturing android phones in that plant is still in the starting phase and Micromax has started carving android phones few months back only.

Micromax Manufacturing phones in India News

Micromax Spokesperson also informed that Micromax is manufacturing their LEDs and tablets in Rudraprayag plant which is located in Uttarakhand. He added that the company already has started manufacturing the android phones, but the procedure is in initial phase only and is started just few months back.

In our previous segments, we already discussed about the Micromax’s plans to start manufacturing their products in India only so that they can further reduce the cost of the handsets they are importing from china. Moreover with their own manufacturing plant, they can keep a track on the quality. So now cost effectiveness as well as quality will be the more prominent feature in the Micromax products.

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Statistical facts about the Indian company:

As we all know, Micromax is the second largest company producing android phones as well as tablets in India and is world’s 11th largest android phone maker. Micromax bears 13% of total shares of mobile phones segments and company had hogged 16% of shares in smart phone market. This data is calculated on the basis of research conducted in the quarter year of 2013 by IDC which is a market research firm.

Talking about the PC and tablet segment, Indian company chalked up 8.9% of total shares which makes up the amount of 4.14 million units of calculated on the basis of calendar year 2013.

This financial year that is 2013-2014, company is thinking to double up their revenues which means the company will try to reach the revenue of 1 billion (Rs 6,000 crore).

Future plans of Micromax:

Micromax is still trying to gain the trust of the customers as Micromax itself know that it lags behind when it is compared with biggies like Samsung, Sony or HTC in terms of quality. Micromax is still considered next to Chinese handsets. Even in an interview to gadgetstouse Micromax co-owner Vikas Jain was asked that whether the company is launching array of products having standard specs at different price tag?

To clear all the bad air, the company is trying to unveil new smartphones as well as tablets, which will help Micromax in raising their standards against the Chinese companies. Moreover as the company has started manufacturing their products on their own, the company can now handle the users’ demand in a much better way which will help the company in increasing their revenues as satisfied customers will definitely result in more profit. Once the company has trusted customers then they will even help them in promoting their products as micromax itself think of word of mouth as the best promotional strategy.

We thank Economic Times for all the statistical as well as latest information regarding this news.

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