Micromax Laptab LT666 10.1 inch 2GB RAM Tablet Launched

Zauba, the site which has got all the information about the export and import details has listed Micromax LT666 on its website. This is the tablet which Micromax is going to launch in few days. Micromax has been teasing about a launch that is subjected to be unveiled on 1st May, the image has been posted below for reference.

The next smart thing is coming soon - Micromax

From the above image it doesn’t look like if Micromax is going to launch a tablet with this as tablet section is already present at second place. What could be the next product that Micromax is going to launch? A LAPTOP? Very less chances for the above mentioned tablet to get launched this time as it doesn’t fit the image exactly.

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Update: Canvas LAPTAB it is and it has been announced today.

LT666 is the next tablet after Canvas Tab P480 which will be launched in Indian market. Remember there were rumors about the laptab which was to be launched by Micromax with both Windows as well as Android OS (Dual Boot). LT might come with the name Laptab however there are very lass chances for this tab to offer dual-boot OS. BTW Elephone has already unveiled their device with both OS recently.

Micromax LT666 Tab coming soon

According to the Zauba listing, the tab will have a 10.1 inch screen and it would feature a single SIM compatibility. A quad-core processor mated with 2GB RAM would compile a good combination. Internal Storage is mentioned to be 32GB. The imported price is listed to be at around 11K.

The tab has not been announced by Micromax yet hence no further details are with us at the moment. Once we have more details we will surely post that on our site.

Here is the Zauba listing about this tab, around 50 tabs have been imported as of April 23 and more to be imported shortly.

Micromax LT666 imported to India

UPDATE: Micromax has launched Micromax Canvas Laptab with Windows Operating system. Vikas Jain has just unveiled it on Twitter and guess what we are again the first to inform you 😉

Micromax Canvas Laptab LT666


  1. rahul shinde says:

    I am waiting for Micromax laptops Indian manufacred

  2. sumeet arora says:

    specs are great but one ! personally i would wait for a laptab with at least 4GBRAM. please inform me when it has 4 .

  3. Vishnu says:

    Hi, is there any chance to install dual OS ( Windows, Android) on this device LT666 .

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