Buy Micromax Canvas HD A116 Battery Online

One of the most frustrating thing about Micromax smartphones is the poor battery which doesn’t last long. Actually you would find most of the Android phones from different mobile companies coming with low battery capacity resulting into a poor battery backup. Most of the Micromax phones comes with 2000mAh battery capacity which is less taking the specifications into account. Even the newly launched canvas knight device comes with just 2350mAh battery. Today, We’ll let you know where you people can buy the battery of Micromax canvas HD online.

Micromax Canvas HD battery

We have been receiving loads of queries regarding the battery availability of Micromax phones. The common thing which we have been seeing in the comments is that replacement batteries are available (in stock) at the service centers but spare batteries are not available. Irritating thing observed at service centers.

So we searched a bit on the online shopping sites and found few batteries on different sites. No idea whether batteries are the original (genuine) ones but they do offer a 3 months vendor warranty.

The batteries are not the official ones, the original batteries are available at Micromax officials stores and at the service centers. If the batteries are not available there then you can think of buying the batteries mentioned below. Buy at your own risk and yes the batteries (some of them) comes with 3 months warranty.


One of the battery comes with 3000mAh battery capacity which claims to power more backup than the original battery. Some of the reviewers disclosed that the battery produces the same backup as that of the produced by the original one.

The battery is available to buy from Rediff at Rs. 475 with 3000mAh battery capacity here. And the other battery coming with 2000mAh battery capacity is available to buy from Rediff here for Rs. 457.

Review from customers – Don’t buy the battery from Rediff, we’ve removed the links from this page.


From Snapdeal:

El Dorado Li-on battery is available for canvas HD from Snapdeal at a price tag of Rs. 353. The battery is compatible with canvas HD smartphone.

Buy Now – Snapdeal Link


The battery we found on Shopclues claims to be the genuine one but we’re not sure if it is actually the original one. Battery capacity is the same 2000mAh and comes with a 30 days warranty available at Rs. 478.

If you want to increase the battery backup of your device then you must look over some corrective measures which we have already mentioned in one of our post.

Also Check : How to increase battery backup of Micromax phones

If you have any kind of doubt, kindly post a comment below.


  1. sasikumar says:

    Will the swapping of the battery for different amps cause damage to mobile and will micromax assure it wont damage the phone

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      May be. That’s why we have written above that it would be good if users buy the battery of 2000mAh.

  2. abhishek says:

    did you tried these ? i think it may cause damage to the device aas company assigned only 2000mah battery

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      We have not tested these batteries. We have just provided the site’s list where people can buy the battery as the batteries are not available in some service centers.

  3. sasikumar says:

    Can you Test or query anyone who has tested to assure use its safe ?

  4. geopaul says:

    can i use 3000mah battery in canvas hd a116
    in ebay they are showing 300mah battery…..please help me

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      In a recent conversation with a user who used the 3000mAh battery. He told us that the battery is giving the same backup as what is provided by a 2000mAh battery. You can try buying it through Snapdeal – the link is provided above.

    • Pallav says:

      Yes u can use a 3000mAH,U can even use a 4600mAH battery which is available.This is just the rated capacity or one can say the charge capacity of the battery. What actual causes damage to the mobile is the current and voltage. the internal circuitry determines the current drawn and make of battery determines Volts.All Mobile batteries are made at the standard 3.7v. So PROVIDED THE BATTERY OPERATES AT 3.7v Even a 5000mAH battery Wont do Harm (But Probably it wont fit).

      Personally I dont think local manufacturers in india have the technology to produce 3000mAH batteries that actually provide good backup. But Yes i have seen one 3000 mAH battery and its definitely thicker but fits just right. You really Need to just try to give it a test
      I wonder why the moderator did not mention these facts….

      • Rahul Mehta says:

        Thank you for the information, I didn’t know that users would be asking for this information too so didn’t post the above mentioned details above.

        • In5ni8 says:

          Those batteries that claim 3000 mAh are misrepresenting and doing it blatantly so.

          When you have a 3.7 V battery with a capacity of 7.4 Wh as mentioned in one of the 300 mAh battery sites, all it takes is a little division (7.4/3.7) to guage that it is indeed a 2000 mAh battery. I queried one of these sellers and they had no idea about the “technicalities” (or the basics). But then, who checks all this stuff ?

          Buyer beware is the ultimate underlining.

          If you do want a higer capacity battery, they are available for the other “rebranded’ (well, not actually rebranded, but for the lack of a better word) phones like the myphone etc on international sites.
          A simple check will suffice, and the technicalities are correct in them.

          Eg :

          I haven’t ordered one yet from them, but when I did order one for my old Moto, Id did provide more (not double) life until the phone itself went kaput due to other reasons. The customs duties were also nil,luckily… But you cant expect this everytime….

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            Thank you for sharing your views. This is what users provided the reviews to us 3000mAh batteries from ebay or from other online stores provides the same backup as that of 2000mAh batteries. Thank you for clarifying it again in detail.

  5. Uday says:

    I have Canvas HD running absolutely fine till recently started getting rapid battery discharge issue. The battery discharges very rapidly once it reaches 60% – 70% to 15% or 20%, this is within one year warranty period.
    I am not a heavy user of internet or games. Any specific reason for such behavior? I guess it’s a quality issue of battery.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Heavy usage of internet and games often provides less battery backup. If you think the battery backup is way too less follow some battery increasing tips and install a light ROM to your phone.

  6. Neil says:

    I am looking to buy a battery for my Micromax A116 HD. I went to the service centre but they do not have stock of the battery. I checked online and came across this website. Is it safe and good enough to buy the battery online. The person at the service centre said that it should cost around 1200/-. I am confused. What am i supposed to do? Shall i buy it online (where it is much cheaper)?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You can buy the battery online but they aren’t the official ones but are way too cheap than Rs. 1200. Link

    • pankaj gupta says:

      mr. neil ….
      when ever u r going to purchase the battery from service centre or anywhere in market .u just do one thing that u instaal one apps that name is BATTERY LIFE REPAIR.. this apps wll show the power of battery and when u purchasing the battery that time u can chack that ur new battery is full power or half . because some battery label showing 2000 mah but its not coming in that power may be it hv 1000 mah
      so i suggest u that before purchasing u instaal that apps that will help u for checking the power of battery

  7. K.George Thomas says:

    Another reason for battery discharge could be overtime charging. if the phone is continuously kept for charging the battery gets full and automatically cutts off.and as the charge comes down it starts charging again.So this process of charging and discharging takes place leading to thermal expansion of the ion battery and that outcomes to degrade the life of the battery.

  8. ritesh bansal says:

    Hey service centre say the cost if battery is 1100 but online cost is near by 300 rs which battery is best m canvas hd a116 user pls help me fast

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Obviously original one from the service center.

      • Even the original I got from service center Vijay Nagar Blr did not last half day. MMX shd handle this issue of quality battery or soon it will lose it market.

  9. pankaj gupta says:

    i brought a battery from micromax cervice centre for canvas hd 116 model . they told that its original and also hv 6 month warranty.
    after using the battery i watch that its backup not not like original battery ( its about half backup ) .in my mobile i hv one apps that is battery life repair. in this apps the battery power shown 1000 mah only.and battery label showing 2000 mah. so now i m confused that what i shud do ??????

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If the battery isn’t providing a satisfactory backup then you should go to the service center again to complain about it. Also, ask them to check your phone.

      • Same thing they told me I went to Vijay nagar Bangalore, paid 700. did not last half day

    • sweekar says:

      How much did you pay for it?

  10. jay patel says:

    i wnt to buy a original battery of canvas hd a116…so give me complete and proper link for online shopping…

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Original batteries are available only from the authorized service centers.

  11. nitin kunar says:

    Plz tell me that in canvas hd a116 3000 mah battery compitable with it.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      It depends. 3000mAh battery would be a little big in size so it might not get fit in C-HD. If you’re buying from a local shop check it first.

  12. Dhaval Patel says:

    Did anybody try this Mugen Battery [HLI-iQ451XL] with Battery Door

    I seen this in online search, you can check this link,

    But that is too expansive, int that money we can buy one new mobile.

  13. avinash kumar says:

    i am using micromax canvas hd 116 …and the betry get charged very soon…about in 20 minuts….and it get discharged very soon…and this is the problem…so please tell me ..should i buy new betry…..or is there any other option…please reply

  14. Ashish says:

    Micromax thinks that it will suceed just by launching phones with big hardware specs having low quality. Take the example of canvas hd whose quad core processor is outcasted by a dual core processor!!
    Another one is Canvas Knight (large on resources but dont have the power to use it!)
    I had a Galaxy S II for 4years and gaming and internet and everything else was on a larger side but it was rock solid. I did everything with that phone form overclocking to android upgradtion and it was butter.
    All i want to say is save some money and get yourself a good phone. That being said desi isnt’t always that bad!

  15. vinay says:

    I have purchased el dorado li ion 3000 battery for canvas a 116, i am getting a good backup frm it. But only problem is, it is taking a lot of time to charge (Around 6 hr). Is the previous charger of 2000 mah battery not compatible with 3000 mah battery ? Or it is battery’s problem ?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Do you use your phone while it is charging? Might be due to the usage while charging and since the capacity is more it might take more time.

      • hitesh says:

        All you need is a lodge of complaint into the consumer forum.

        You provide mobile phones and no battery support

        The owner of the service center is giving unpack battery wirhout any bill.

        Is this micromax all about?

        Totally dissatisfied.

    • sameera says:

      hi vinay
      ur post is of july 2014, now its 4 months so, how is ur experience with the battery u purchased el dorado li ion 3000 battery for canvas a 116.

      and to admin- pls tell me should i buy this battery from snapdeal or not

  16. gurmeet singh says:

    Dear admin
    Should i charge my phone using adapter connected to socket or by using usb cable connected via pc or T.V ??
    Is this affect the battery life ??
    Plz tell admin??

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Always prefer charging your phone using the charger/adapter.

      • Gurmeet Singh Bakshi says:

        Dear admin,
        Plz tell me from where should i buy original charger online as i am not able to find it online .plz tell me !!!!

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          You can buy from the service center and check at ebay you might find the charger there.

          • Sachin says:

            I bought the so called “3000 mah” battery for Micromax Canvas A116 from rediffshopping. But, it turned out to be rubbish. When i received the battery it read “2000 mah” and not “3000”. The new battery didn’t last for 3 months from the time I bought it. Suggest you all not to buy these products online (especially for Micromax).

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            Thank you for the review, links for rediff removed from this post.

  17. can v use 3000mah battery for canvas hd plus???

  18. Dileep says:

    And also please suggest me how much mAh battery do i need to use?

  19. amit bishnoi says:

    Very bad battery power o shit

  20. sourav datta says:

    can i use 3000mah battery in my micromax unite 2?? plz rply

  21. Dear All
    hope u guys can help me. I have a Karbon Titanium S 3 , whose battery is damaged. I can’t find a replacement battery anywhere. (Service centre Included). Do i have any chance or option of getting a battery ?
    pleez reply and guide me . I am DESPERATE.


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