After successfully reining the Indian android market, Micromax has now stepped into the consumer electronics market deeply to deliver the best quality of products and that too in affordable and amazing price. We all know that currently biggies like Samsung, Sony etc are the sole companies which are leading in this market with range of marvelous sets with HD or UHD resolution.

Micromax Grande LED TV Range

Though the proclaimed android maker Micromax is not new in this market, company has already unveiled its three products which include 32T42ECHD, 32T1111HD, LED20B22HD.

Micromax LED TV launched under Grande Series:

  1. Micromax 39 inches 39C2000HD LED TV : Model Number 39C2000HD
  2. Micromax Grande 50 inch 50B5000FHD LED TV : Model Number 50B5000FHD

But with LED Grande, Micromax promises the customers exceptional colors and stunning sound quality. It will be available in this range – 50.8cm(20) to 127cm(50). This commercial has come with the tagline, “first we revolutionized the mobile industry and now we we’ll revolutionize the T.V industry.” This tagline is apt for the current situation. We all know the contribution of Micromax in the mobile industry. Micromax always aims at delivering creative ideas and this is the reason Micromax is straightaway topping the charts in terms of mobile market.

Anyways as the name suggests Grande LED TV, it will boast some unique audio and visual entertainment which not only will enhance the audio but image quality as well.

The other advantage which Micromax Grande LED TV have over other LED TV is the cost price. Micromax has always given the equal priority to price as well as specs. Even this time with LED TV also Micromax has made no compromise with its price. We can expect the Micromax Grande LED TV to lie in the range 20,000INR, it is quite less in comparison to that of LED provided by the other companies like Sony, LG or Samsung. These companies offer the similar products at the tag of Rs. 30,000 and above.

Coming to the advertisement, we all know that advertisement has become one of the most important way to promote the products since through advertisement campaign companies are ensured that their product will reach to the mass without much effort.



Micromax has done their job quite well, the advertisement which company has released few days a back focuses on the evolution of television handset since the time it is being manufactured. In today’s time it is through television only families get time to spend with each other together. So it is very important that a television product should deliver startling image and audio quality and Micromax Grande LED TV promises to do the same.

Micromax Grande LED TV coming soon


  1. dr jitendra says:

    Most probably you people will revolution in TV market also. We are waiting for your entire range.

  2. dr jitendra says:

    Is your range available in bareilly city (UP)

  3. Dinesh Prasad Gupta says:

    I am eagerly waiting for the grande series particularly 40 inch tv

  4. ajeet says:

    I m waiting for 50″ micomax grand led…

  5. MANISH says:


  6. piyush says:

    Best of luck micromax.We are waiting for that.An indian brand compete with international brand

  7. Anil Thoke says:

    I use Micromax mobile since from 4 year,
    It was very ruff n tuff, awaiting for 40Inch full HD TV, well done MM

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Keep checking our site for full information. We will surely post about the Grande at its launch.

  8. R B BAROLIA says:

    I am very fashionate when i have learnt about micromax grande led at most attractive price with same features of biggies. I am user of Canvas and most satisfied with Micromax.
    I would like to know more about it and price range of available LEDs. if possible pl post on my email id.

  9. vikram says:

    I am waiting ur LED TVs. I hope that these TVs will best quality of products and that too in affordable and amazing price.

  10. pankaj kumar says:

    I purchased canvas doodle 3 with a fear abt quality but now I am fully satisfied and proud that an Indian brand is doing so well and giving tough competition. Eagerly waiting for grande led TV range. Best wishes for MM and its team

  11. RAKESH says:

    I do not understand why they are not delivering in noida???? when people want to buy by making and upfront payment using their account. this is really bad…many of my freind are unable to purchase it from flipcart, snapdeal, and amazon too.

  12. nayan sinha says:

    When is the micromax going to launch uhd tv

  13. nagaraju says:

    My son and daughter both are using MM HD mobile since two years. They are working well. Now we are eagerly waiting for your grande LED TV. Can we purchase it before diwali ?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Hope so. Expected availability near Diwali. Will be posting the confirmed availability soon.

  14. jaeem haweliwala says:

    I never own any Micromax product but really fill proud that indian manufacturer competing with populer brands…and i am looking forword to Grande Led…

  15. MAHESH GUPTA says:


    WILL 32″,39″,40″,42″ AND MANY MORE

  16. Bharat Sethi says:

    What will be the price tag?
    Will it be available in exchange with old TV/LCD ?
    Where will it be available – in market/online/both?

  17. Sandeep Potdar says:

    I am a big fan of Micromax and have purchased 3 mobiles including Canvas knight A350 and a 39″ fhd led last diwali. Every thing is working all right. I want to know when are u’ll launching 4k tvs and when are the Grande series tvs launching. I need something in 50+ inches size

  18. Prashant yekhe says:

    What will the cost of 50″ led any idea. Cost of 39″ is given 20990 only.
    When grande led available in the market for purchase. In grande led WiFi connectivity is there or not

  19. ashu sharma says:

    micromax captured d mobile mkt….now its turn to capture tv mkt of luck mm, but the thing is u are lacking behing in advtsmnt ,as ur other competitors are far ahead in advt…bestbof luck n do well…

  20. Sami.Md says:

    Hi,When the LED GRANDE will be launched in Chennai as most of them are waiting to buy LED tv ( preferbaly 40 INCH & above) at the time of Diwali ..So let us know the price & launching date ..We are waiting for a change in televison market too ….

  21. Aditya Jayanthy says:

    Hey Rahul, thank you for the update about the GRANDE LED TVs

    May i know, when they are going to launch this Grande Series. Another query is whether these TVs are going to be the same Full HD TV as below

    Micromax 50C1200FHD 49 inches LED TV
    Micromax 40T2820FHD 40 inches LED TV
    Micromax 40T2810FHD 40 inches LED TV (Full HD)

    Currently i’m seeing them available in flipkart and Snapdeal

    I’m expecting to buy them by Diwali

  22. manglesh rana says:

    I am realt waiting for it at Shimla…. 40 inches led tv.
    One more thing if micromax is unavailable to available it before dewali. Then it can also be a flop…. So work fast for good service ……………..
    hope micromax can do it

  23. Sakthi says:

    Diwali is nearing… MicroMax has still not announced about the launch date!? which makes me to think that it is not going to be launched before Diwali!

  24. g Kumar says:

    Rahul I just ordered micromax 32T2222HD 32″ LED TV. Is this the Grande model?? Else pl provide Grande 32″ model #. Is 32T1111HD better?

  25. MAHESH GUPTA says:

    is Micromax 40T2820FHD 40 inches LED TV is a grande led tv

  26. Abhinav Agarwal says:

    Well, when it comes to the micromax i am speechless all the ways. I am using MMX canvas HD since last 1.5 years and definitely have no problems regarding it. It is overwhelming to hear that MMX has launched new range of LED tvs. I would like to go for the micromax. Even now my idealogy of pronouncing MMX has changed.

  27. Naveen Kumar says:

    micromax now should focus on delivery channel. we are not able to get their TV through online.

  28. Prabhakara Chetty.A says:

    Well.I want know when the product released in market.

  29. sandeep prakash lal says:

    When r u going to launch micromax grande 50 inch led on flipkart or snapdeal. I m waiting for their listing as I want to buy it at the earliest.
    The canvas a110 mobile phone, i purchased 2 years back is working fine and hope this product will also come at par with experiences of that of canvas a110 mobile phone. If u able to give waranty of atleast 3 years on grande led tv, then it will be a great success story for ur company.

  30. ashish says:

    is micromax will launch d 3d led tv…..?when..?

  31. sujit says:

    मैने तो grande 50b5000fhd को आनलाइन खरीदने पर बताया गया की अब ये प्राँडक्ट उपलब्ध नही है…।।
    तो कब उपलब्ध होगा..मैं इसे खरीदना चाहता हूं

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