Micromax issues Dummy phones for retail outlets

A laudatory step from the Micromax, few days back Company launched the dummy sets for the retail outlets. It is quite an appreciating step as one can’t see how it will feel to have a particular handset in hand. But now with dummies available in the market, it will be much easy for the customers to opt a handset.

Micromax Canvas Nitro Dummy Phone

Though it is not the first time any company is launching the dummy handsets. Before Micromax there are many companies in the market who made their dummy handsets available in the market. And finally after much long time Micromax has joined the list too.

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Micromax will be unveiling four dummies for now – Canvas Knight Cameo, Canvas XL 2 A109, Canvas Nitro A310,etc. All these phones are quite popular among the youngsters. We all know the problem we face when we want to buy a particular handset. We can compare the specs on paper or on internet but rarely any website or any paper tell us how it feel to have that particular handset in your hand. And generally when we go to shop for any android phone we always get to hear by the shop keeper that the phone is packed, you can’t open it. So it becomes an urge to have a dummy handset so that one can at least get to know about the physical appearance of the handsets.

Currently there are only four dummies which will be launched but rest of the dummy handsets are in pipeline and will be launched soon. Micromax has always follows different ways to gain the customer’s trust, therefore only it is the first company which took the challenge to launch the android phone in the mid range when there was hardly any option available for the buyers in the mid range. And now with Google Android one, it is looking like that the company is determined to be the reigning king of Indian android market.

Micromax issued dummy phones for retail shops

Dummy phones are nothing but just outer shell, which are kept in retailer’s outlet so that customer gets to know about the physical appearance. These dummy handsets don’t work and have no electronic circuitry inside them. Basically these are just available as show piece.

Now once the dummies are available with the retailer shop they can get the exact outlook o the handset which they are considering. It won’t operate but at least one can know how it will look in their hands.

Micromax is rigorously adopting different strategies so that they can keep up their status of the India’s first handset maker. Micromax has tried their hands on both Windows and Android phones. And we hope that soon the company will launch the dummies for all the phones which are now available including both Android as well as Windows based smart phones.

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